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Trundle Build Guide by Entrox

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Entrox


Entrox Last updated on February 23, 2012
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Trundle Build

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I am a fond user of underused champs such as orriana, gragas, and well trundle. Usually when you buy a champ you use him for like 3 games then move on and start saving for another one. With trundle, after i figured out his build, i played him nonstop. I will cover tips for his skills and when to level them and the best items for you to use. Masteries and Runes are let to your personal choice. This is a traditional tanky dps build

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Items. They are essential to how you plan to build trundle. In this guide i show you how to build him as a tanky dps laning trundle. Now i usually start off with a dorans shield and as this gives you good sustain in lane which is trundles main purpose. A cloth armor and health pots are also viable but i still recommend the shield. Right afterwards you get merc treads for the speed and more importantly the tenacity. This is the ONLY good choice for boots as the tenacity is extremely useful to negate ccs. after this fratmogs is the way to go: frozen mallet, atmas impaler, and warmogs armor, not necessarily in that order. You get warmogs first to start beefing yourself up as a tanky champ. then afterwards you help your damage with atmas impaler which goes excellently with warmogs. afterwards a guardian angel is good to raise your defense and gives you the option to charge in deal tons of damage and when the enemy kills you, your team comes to finish them off. Next a zeal is good to raise your as which combined with contaminate and rabid bite will destroy opposition. then you finish of your fratmogs with frozen mallet and get phantom dancer to finish the punch with a wicked attack speed boost. Now many would debate that trinity force would be an obvious item on trundle. I tried it but figured out that with this combo it covers all of TF's pros and adds some more.

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Skill Sequence

Now skills are hard with trundle as they all seem essential, but the thing you have to realize is some of his skills require ranking to reach good work while others work well at rank 1. That said rabid bite is maxed first. It is an extremely useful spell in giving you attack damage and stealing it from enemy, but needs some early ranks to help it along. Contaminate however could also be a good spell to max first as early on the attack speed buff is a bit weak. but get a point in each spell early to be able to reach trundle's special ability:Gank proof. Also pillar of filth is a wicked awesome spell even at rank 1 so its maxed last.

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Skill Usage

Trundle's skills have a few tricks to them so listen up


It can be used to deny the ad carry some punch but early on its main function is farm. Because of this trundle is made a viable 2v1 champ as well. this spell helps tremendously to last hit even under the turret, making a turret hugging trundle still gain some steady gold, which is key to sustain. once you have enough gold for a worthwhile item (not part of the recipe) you can recall if the lane is pushed and use contaminate to return to lane quickly (best to save teleport for ganks, be it yours or the enemies or emergency turret defense). Again once Trundle has his full build he is practically invincible so early farm is important.


Debatably trundles best skill it provides huge help in many situations. One of the most important things about this skill is that when combined with pillar of filth, it makes trundle absolutely 100% ungankable. It provides a solid buff to your attack speed, movement speed, and cc reduction(when combines with merc treads makes all stuns last like 0.5 seconds) it can be very useful to escape or chase or get back to lane. Also your best bet when your fighting is to lure your enemies into the existing contaminated zone or shoot it down when things are starting out a fight. Contaminate is a spell to use when tanking the enemy team to reduce ccs. Everone wastes them on you when they do near nothing and rest of team is left unimpaired. This skill has a kinda high cool down so use wisely. Very useful to kill turrets. If placed right you get attack speed buff for attacking and cc red. and move speed for escape. It is a very good spell over all and extremely useful to help line op pilar of filth.


This seems like a pretty straightforward skill but it has some hidden complexity to it. With the pillar it is essential to hold it until the time is right. You must try not to fall for jukes as the pillar has a rather large cooldown. It grants sight so it is good for checking and slowing possible gankers. Also if used in right passageways or right place in a chase can force the enemy into the slow or block off a path completely. With this you can save yourself and allies from ganks. It is essential to aim the pillar right to prevent chase or help catch up with an enemy. Also instead of using it in neutral lane poking use it when you or an enemy has committed to a fight.


Ah the tank killer. This is basically THE thing to use on enemy tanks. It is also very useful for pointing out a target for your team to focus. This skill actually is pretty simple as it can be used in defense and offense quite simply and obviously.

For example lets set up a scenario with all the abilities. Rammus is power balling your poor low health master yi. You aim the pillar perfectly so he is forced to go around it and get the full slow. Seeing yi gone he turns to focus you. Plant contaminate under yourself. The taunt lasts .5 seconds and you get big attack speed buff. He begins ult and defensive ball curl and starts auto attacking. You use rabbit bite and agony. Agony destroys effect of ult and defensive all curl and the with rabid bit you can finish him off with basic attacks, with the last seconds of contaminate to chase if he runs. Total time elapsed:7 seconds
As you can see trundle is very useful if you know how to use him.

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All in all trundle is one awesome champ that is very fun to play. If you use him right and get used to him you can get an awesome experience from him even if you lose (I personally have only ever lost with this build when there are leavers). The best part about trundle is the fact that you can early enjoy playing him. Of course the fact that he can own most everyone in the game is good too :). Thanks for reading