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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pajamin

Trundle: Where did all of Your Health Go?

Pajamin Last updated on March 28, 2011
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This is my first build on this site so I'm hoping everyone likes it (= I've had a lot of success with it and I hope you all do too. This is a Jungle build that focuses mainly on armor penetration over crits. You will regularly top the charts with most damage done but if you are used to playing a tankey trundle this build may not be for you. Here is a little overview of the build:

  • High Damage Output
  • AMAZING Armor Penetration
  • Fairly High Movement Speed
  • Plenty of Lifesteal
  • Destroys Squishy champs

  • Squishier than other trundle builds
  • Not Great against heavy armor tanks (Rammus)

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Runes and Masteries


This is an important part of the build. I go with armor penetration reds and quints, dodge yellows, and Cool-down/level blues. The armor pen should be obvious. With the armor pen mastery you will be up to 31 armor pen at the beginning of the game. That will help a lot when jungling early on. If you gank the right people with your first few ganks they might as well not have any armor at all. Dodge is mostly for jungling, with the masteries you can have 8% dodge right off the bat. The blues are a big topic of debate but I still go with the cool-down/level. Here is why!: it only take lv 13 for the per level runes to be better, since your jungling you wont even be around people until lv 4 or 5. and uf your ganking effectively you will be 13 in no time! Of course you want per lv runes!


I go 21/9/0 Pretty self explanatory, be sure to get the armor pen and dodge of course. I get the exhaust talent to reduce their armor by 10 more when you use it. I also get the smite talent for the extra gold. the cooldown is about 60 seconds on smite so in an average game if you use it whenever its ready you can get an extra 150 gold or so. Other than that just go for basic offense masteries.

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Summoner Spells

I go with Exhaustfor more armor pen and better ganking.

Also I take Smitefor, well jungling of course.

Other Good Choices:

GhostGood for chasing but I feel like trundle is fast enough without it.

IgniteAlways handy for getting those people who barley get away.

FlashCan be helpful to gank and as an escape tool.

FortifyIf your good at timing it go for it.

Anything else wouldn't be a whole lot of good on you.

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Ill explain the order in the next section but here is why I get each item.

Ninja TabiI get these boots because of the dodge. 19% dodge is nothing to take lightly. Other good boots would be either mercury treadsor even berserker greaves..

Trinity ForceThis is a great item on Trundle. I get it mostly for the enhanced sheen effect, it makes you rabid bite hit real hard. If your team is short on tanks you could get a Frozen Malletinstead and still keep the slowing effect.

Black CleaverThis is the most important item in this build. Lowering their armor every time you attack works perfectly with your other armor pen items. A lot of the squishies will be in negative armor after just a few hits once your build is done. Irreplaceable in the build.

Stark's FervorAnother crucial item, not only does it give you (and your allies) lifesteal, it reduces your enemis armor by another 20! Everything is squishy now!

Madred's BloodrazorsThis item is great for the large amount of attackspeed. The big reason i get it is for the ealier part, madreds razors.Makes jungling a snap. If they have anyone who stacks health turn it into the bloodrazorz after a while for the passive. If they dont though just build it into Wriggle's Lanternto save money. The wards from that are kind of nice too.

Blood ThirsterI get this as my last item because its the biggest damage item in the game. Rarely does a game ever get to this point but if one does I want to be the hardest hitting thing on the map.

Other Niftey Items!

Force of NatureGet this item if the other team is mage heavy. The MR will block a lot of magic damage while the movement speed and health regen will be a nice bonus for you! A lot of people would say to get a banshee's veil instead but with trundles contaminate that really isn't necessary.

Guardian Angelby the end of the game you will be pretty tough to kill with all of your lifesteal and your passive. Why not make yourself impossible to kill =D There have been many games where after I bought this item I didn't die for the rest of the match.

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I know what you're thinking. "Why doesn't he have the experience masteries if he is jungling?" Because you don't need them. You jungle faster if you do more damage and you end up with the same amount of experience in the same amount of time, and you end up with better late game stats this way.

Note: Rabid bite will reset the timer between attacks. Be sure to use it AFTER you use your normal attack, basically giving you 2 attacks in the time it takes to do 1. This will take some practice but after you get used to it you will be doing significantly more damage. Try it out in a few custom games before you move onto the real thing if you are new to trundle.

The Beginning:

Start out at the blue golem buff. If they don't have a jungler I like to take their blue cards right away so I can get the other ones after I finish ganking top. This is where this build differs from other jungle builds. DON'T use a health potion on golem. It's scarry the first time but you don't need it if your runes and masteries are set up like mine. Just use rabid bite whenever its off of cooldown and smite the big guy around 600 health. The extra health potion will come in handy later on when you are jungling. Move from their golem to their wolves and use your first health potion there. by the time you finish you should be lv 2. Take contaminate as your next spell. Next move down to you're own side's wraith camp. use contaminate and another health potion. Since you are still lv 2 at this point head down to the mini golem camp. Same strategy, health potion and contaminate. Once you are done you should be lv 3. Take another level of rabid bite.

Here is the tricky part, red lizard cards. Wait right outside the lizard camp until your potion you used at the mini golems is done. You should have 2 left at this point. Use one of them before you even attack the lizard. You will need the extra health to ensure a kill. When you have only 1 potion left attack the lizard and use the same rabid bite/ contaminate strategy while your last potion is healing you. It will most likely be really close but I have yet to die if i follow all the above steps. I almost had a heart attack the first time I did it this way but I survived, and you will too =D

You should level again, take a point in Pillar of Filth so you can gank soon. Next go to you're side's wolves and kill them real quick. Then for a little extra gold on your way back use smite on one of the little guys in your're sides blue golem camp. you wont be able to kill the golem with this low of health but smite will take down the little guy and give you enough for an extra health potion. Recall after this to go buy stuff.

When you get back buy madreds razors and however many health potions you can afford. (you don't really need them but they might be handy sometime) Your blue buff might be gone at this point so before you gank go and get the other blue cards if someone else didn't already. Then start ganking!

After you are done with the initial jungle be sure to use smite as soon as it is ready every time. This will give you a lot of extra gold over time.

The Middle!

Basicaly mid game consists of two things, getting new red and blue cards, and ganking. Just keep doing it over and over. Push a lane maybe if you kill the two where were laning there. You could even get dragon after you get some lifesteal. Just remember, you may heal a lot but you are not invincible. You may have to go back every once in a while, there is nothing wring with that. This is the hardesst thing to learn about playing trundle. If you stay out too long you will eventually be killed. Help out in team fights when they happen, you can be a game changer.

The End!

End game is after you get your 2 armor pen items, Black cleaver and Starks fervor. At this point you should be decimating anyone who isn't stacking armor. You will probably be focused a lot so stick with your team when you aren't replenishing your cards. You can probably take just about anyone on if they are by themselves but you have to make it quick or their teammates will come and rape you. You do a ton of damage to towers too and with contaminate's attack speed increase you can take out a tower pretty fast so don't be afraid to back door a little bit. If you get to finish you're build there wont be a champ on the map who wont be afraid when they see you coming.

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[*] Trundles ult (agony)has 2 purposes. You can either use it on the squishies to make them squishier yet or use it on the tanks to make yourself more tanky. I prefer the latter but both uses have their place. If the other team has a rammus use it on him every team fight. This will not only make you quite the tank after you steal some of his armor but it will also make him easy for you and your team to kill.

[*] When you are in team fights try to use rabid biteon their dps champs. this will make them do less to you're team and make you even scarier.

[*] It might be tempting to use pillar of filthright away when you are ganking but wait until right when they start to run away. This way you will be closer to them when they get stopped by the pillar, giving you more time to whack on them.

[*] Some games you might not get very many kills since you're armor reduction makes it really easy for anyone to kills with their attacks. But you will almost always have double digits in assists.

[*] This is my first build on this site so please tell me what you think! I hope you have as much success as I have with this build. Good luck and Keep on Trolin'