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Trundle Build Guide by Struyk

Trundling guide!

Trundling guide!

Updated on July 7, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Struyk Build Guide By Struyk 2,951 Views 0 Comments
2,951 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Struyk Trundle Build Guide By Struyk Updated on July 7, 2011
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Small guide about Trundling ( jungling with trundle ).
Been playing him for ages now, decided to share my experience!I find Trundle one of the best last-hitting characters in the game, mid-endgame I don't miss single last hit, mainly because of pressing Q when lasthit fails :D
With this build I've taken down whole teams myself, it's all about ganking early and relying on your 75% tenacity ( 40% from ground and 35% from boots ) and insane lifesteal.

PS: I suggest NOT to go Trundling unless you are level 20+
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Trinity Force:
Everything you need for Trundle, you mainly want this for the slow and damage proc tough.
Do not get Frozen Mallet, it's not worth the cost.

The Black Cleaver:
Extra attack speed for slow from trinity force.
Stacks apply almost instantly.
-45 armor togather with these runes and you'll HURT.

2x Bloodthirster:
200 damage and 50% lifesteal.
Togather with Wriggle's Lantern thats 70% lifesteal.
75% reduction in stuns/slows etc when your field is up allows you to actually make use of the lifesteal. Most heroes will get stunned/slowed to death, but not Trundle!
Ive had fights 3v1 with me surviving and killing all just because of the lifesteal togather with the extra resists and heal from Trundle Ulti.
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[color=#ff8000]Unique Skills[/color]

Trundle is GREAT in teamfights, you slow enemies so much that they will move backwards! ( would be funny huh?:D ) And if you use your ulti on a carry, watch him vaporize in less then a second :D Can also use ulti on a tank, but only do this when you are getting focused.

Pillar is a great skill, you can block that little gap next to towers, block whole roads, split enemy and a teammate so he can run.

Your task is to take down the enemy carry as fast as possible, he will have to run, BUT HE CAN'T because you slow him to death!

I see alot of people playing tanky trundle, but I don't see why. With this lifesteal I won't die either, and will dish out atleast 10 times more damage. Why would enemy focus a tank trundle? Only thing he can do is put up a pillar and slow, no damage output or stuns whatsoever. If I see a trundle with 4k hp and 200+ resists, I'll let him live untill rest of his team is death, he won't do much anyway, mayby hitting like 100 damage with each auto attack, instead of hitting 400-500 + 600-750 from Trinity Force + 70% lifesteal + insane attack speed + 75% Tenacity + -45 armor + insane slow = death enemy team, and you can't do anything about it!

Always have blue and red buff active! Steal from enemy jungle if you have to!
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1. Start at bluebuff, ask mid to pull him. Finish with smite.
2. Take wolves down.
3. Take wraiths down, use Contaminate.
4. Take rebuff, use Contaminate and use smite to finish.
5. Take down Golems.
6. Go back to base and shop.
7. Go Trundling again.
8. Go ganking at level 4-5 ( need pillar AND red buff ).
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