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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rambler

Tryn: An In-Depth Item Guide (unfinished)

Rambler Last updated on June 26, 2010
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Rambling Troy

Tryndamere Build

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-This is still a work in progress-
I've been reading Tryn guides here on this website and I'm noticing that even the highest rated ones are just AWFUL. Tryndamere has a bad reputation and its because nobody knows how to build him right. They always try to build, not one, but TWO Phantom Dancer then Infinity Edge. That's a terrible idea, and here's why:

-Attack speed: No champion needs much of this. It helps for grinding against minions and creeps and whatnot, but in a fight with another player how often are you both just going to stand still exchanging blow-for-blow? PD grants no attack buff either. What good is attack speed if you can't deal damage with it?
-Critical strike: Don't get me wrong, the crit strike helps Tryn, since he IS a crit champion. 30% is great. But why would you need an additional 60% crit chance before the infinity edge? Sure 4/5ths of your strikes are crits now, but once again: YOU HAVE NO DAMAGE. Just like attack speed, with no damage, what good are crits? You'll be hitting 300 crits when other DPS are hitting 275 noncrits.
-Dodge chance: Unless you're dying from autoattacks every fight, you won't need to stack this.
-Movement speed: If you're having trouble with your movement speed, just buy Boots of Swiftness instead.
-Cost: PDs cost nearly 3500 damage to make. 2 of these will run you up 7k, for mostly useless buffing.

Have you ever thought of the Elixir of Agility? These bad boys cost you a meager 300 gold for 5 minutes of +20% crit chance. Not to mention attack speed. This potion is created for Tryndamere and can easily save you tons on other weapons.

So here is a proposed Tryn guide:
Start with the Brawler's Glove and a health pot. Grab bloodlust as your first skill, and whenever you hit 8 stacks and have a fair chunk of health missing, use the heal. Then go back and grab yourself an Avarice Blade as soon as you possibly can. This gives you a nice +12% crit chance buff as well as the money you're gonna need.

Keep this in mind: You're going to use the Avarice Blade to make a Youmuu's Ghostblade. Why? For a total of 2700 gold, you gain a +30 attack damage buff and a +15% Crit Strike buff, AS WELL AS Armor Penetration. There's cooldown reduction, which isn't anything great for Tryn, but still helps for the ult. There's also the activation on it (hotkey will end up being 1 unless you build differently) which gives you an additional attack and movement speed, with a 60 second CD so you should use it constantly. And with that, you've essentially nullified the need for a Phantom Dancer with a reduced cost of 700 gold.

HOWEVER, don't build the Ghostblade yet. Remember that you have the avarice blade? Holding this for a little while will net you some nice pocket change. While 5 g/10 seconds ends out as 30g/minute (Which is roughly 1 minion a minute), its nice to buy it and forget about it.

After the Avarice Blade, you'll want some boots already. Ninja Tabi are nice for a little dodge chance, however PAY ATTENTION TO THE TEAM SETUP. If they have Crowd Controls? Merc Treads. Feel you aren't fast enough? Swiftness, or mobility. Crit speed *****? Berzerker Greaves (However, keep in mindo Zerk Greaves are probably the worst boot choice you can make for any hero. Why? Not because its bad, but because you're losing the important buffs of other items, such as the CC of Mercs are dodge of Ninja. But if it floats yer boat, go for it).

Afterwards a Zeal will be nice. Despite the how aggressive I might sound towards PDs, buy Zeal because the buffs are nice, and the money commitment isn't nearly as heavy. With this, you shouldn't have a problem with attack speed anymore. You should NOT build PDs immediately after zeal though because of the ridiculous cost. It would be a good idea to grab that Ghostblade now.

After the Youmuu Ghostblade, you should have a crit chance of 35% at full health, more if you have crit chance runes (I go up 6% crit chance) . This is a solid amount because once you reach about half health you'll be at 50% crits. Not bad, but we can do better. Its around now you should be buying a couple Agility Elixirs. This will shoot your crit chance up a good 20% or so, and I end up at 55% crit chance, AT FULL HEALTH. Remember, if you get 100% with Tryn, you're wasting his passive skill.

Alright, that's enough of crit chance. Now you'll want to use those crits for something devastating, so get your money up for the Infinity Edge. I like to buy the cape first for a little more crits, then the BF sword because I like to get the hard part out of the way first. Build it up, and you'll be critting most hits and damaging like a beast.

From here, you've got the crits, the attack speed, and the DPS to back it up. At this point you should build what you feel works. You can build those PDs if you're so set on them, or go on to get more damage, or something to give yourself more survivability.

-This is still a work in progress-