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Tryndamere Build Guide by Twistedmeadow

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Twistedmeadow

Tryn the strongest champion in LoL

Twistedmeadow Last updated on January 2, 2012
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Hello all I am a LoL player who mains tryn at around 1500 elo. I am not the best player however I do believe I am one of the stronger tryn player. I have defeated a 1800 elo player 1v1 with my tryn. I believe he is one the strongest carry in game and almost unstoppable without cc. If you play him right I guarantee you will win (:

Play tryn as solo top that's the best way

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Pros and cons

- Very strong late game and even early game with my runes
- Has a fantastic way of escaping
- Can outlane most champion with proper skills
- can have almost 100% crit chance without any crit chance runes (I think i got 97% with those items)
- One of the most op ultis in the whole LoL
- Has super high burst crit dmg that will instantly within 2 shots shut down any ad carries, e.g. ashe, graves, cait, will be hit down within 2 shots of tryn with just PD and IE
- He is always seen as a threat no matter the skill level. If you see a tryn in the other team you know you need to grab an exhaust you know you need to grab cc or it's gg, that's how much he's scary.
- Not even squishy has naturally high health

- He isn't range and is exposed to attacks
- CC shuts him down so does any blind
- you get aimed hard
- If you don't know how to get creeps or know how to farm early game and outlane the opposite champion you probably won't succeed and become useless (very highly item dependent)

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How to own with him! (Runes explained with items)

I know my rune seems sort of trollish but it's not. Trust me with that you get about 40% crit damage and mathematically early game with crit damage that's already a free BF sword.

Judging from experience I own literally 90% of the times in my lane because of my runes. Most people see me pick tryn and try out nasus, but they get owned. I'm not even kidding 3 SHOTS IS ALL IT TAKES early game and nasus dies (3 crit shots) so strong with that huge crit dmg and moreover your passive gives you the ability to have 35% and the item you have should leave it to a good chance of crit chancing. Learn to use your e at the right time when they are overextended and press w to slow and enjoy by clicking right click. Also I told to level up the q more because beside the fact that it gives more damage it gives the ability for tryn to sustain lane, the healing is incredibly useful, with that they can't harras u unless they totally outlaned you to not even able to creep.

Stay back just last hit and when you see a chance only engage and never should you engage early without having your passive filled up, tryn sucks if he can't crit.

The one thing that I absolutely love with tryn is his lifesteal. WIth bloodthirster you can gain back all your health with about 5 crit hits on any creep that's all it takes. So after you use ur ulti you go back and if you want to fight again just hit any creep 5 times and go back with full health and enjoy your penta (: That's why i recommended 2 bloodthirsters.

Also how to escape with tryn is one of the factors that differ the pro tryns and the noob tryns, learn to e through walls and save your q for any over tiem damage. Also check which champion has ignite and don't stick with them for too long with ur ulti on, if they pop ignite on you 2 seconds before your ulti ends you die no matter if u use your q, learn to back away earlier if they do have ignite. However I did suggest a cleanse which removes all those stupid things in which you can play more offesnively.

In team fights positioning is really important. Learn to come last and go for the carriers, like I said 2 shots is all it takes and you can take em down. Your teamamtes might complain that you always come in last and take the kill but you are tryn the strongest champ, the oen that deals the most so wait for a good distraction and come the latest so you dont' get focused.

Now all of this is idealistic and hoping that you won't run into any trouble. I've suffered many times going against malphite or chogath, these champions just stack crazy armor and counters tryn with cc, in these cases try to go for wriggle lantern first so you can get some lane sustainability and just creep, dont' play offesnively. Just last hit play safe because they can't kill you, they're only tanks that don't deal much damage.

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How to counter CC

There's only a few ways to counter CC, CLEANSE AND QSS!!

I seriously think Quick silver sash is being underestimateed it's one of the best suited items on tryn, the only reason i didn't put it in my item recommendation is because if they don't have much cc go for dmg but if they do have a lot of CC go for QSS because believe me tryn gets shut down by CC. And cleannse is a must because i know from experience you will suffer from exhaust, just one exhaust puts u out of team battle for 3 seconds and that's all the time they need to outmatch you. You need that cleanse.

And as I already mentioend come later and position yourself better.

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1v1's 3v3's and dominnion

Tryn at dominnion is really dominating. I can't tell you how op he gets, because at dominnion you barely have much team fights it's a lot of individual things and Tryn without a group going after him is unstoppable, moreover you can get items at dominnion which is one of the biggest worries gone for tryn. Play tryn at dominnion you will win (:

3v3's is pretty much the same guide

1v1 is the important one. Don't go avarice i prefer a lifestealing item first something like wriggles or executioner then start going dmg and attack speed as listed above, but the really good thing about 1v1 is that tryn is a very strong champ at 1v1. I never lost 1v1 with my tryn to anybody in my Elo or below, i even beat a higher one and he is just so op in 1v1, with his undying rage and high dmg it's almost impossible to beat him, have fun pwning your friends on 1v1. (:

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Start playing tryn I hope this guide helped you become a better tryn player, he is really strong and you should always remember counter cc, position myself better, and learn to dominate my lane.

1. E at the right time through walls
2. Come later in team fights
3. Get cleanse and QSS if they are cc heavy
4. Aim for carriers you burst them down with 2 shots.
5. Actually buy those runes you are so much stronger with them in your lane (i've 2 shotted akali with those runes early game)
6. If you fidn yourself unable to dominate lane go lifesteal and just creep wait late game to own
7. Tryn is the strongest champ in LoL (in my opinnion) enjoy playing him (: