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Tryndamere Build Guide by Radarsu

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Radarsu

Trynda SoloTop (Fizz Patch)

Radarsu Last updated on November 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Tryndamere is an easy champion to play on low elo games. But when it comes to games at higher elo (I mean 1500+) I find him pretty hard to play with. As everybody says he has low team utility (in teamfights he can only slow enemies if they run away and whole his job is to do as much damage as he only can, then run away before ulti ends).

Jungle Tryndamere for me is DEFINATELY BAD. Tryndamere is one of "all or nothing champions" what means - he has to be farmed to own game well. That's why in jungle he is not doing well at all! Tryndamere at 25 minute of game should have at least 200 minion kills, then he can chase and kill enemies easiely, even under towers while he has ulti. If you are jungling with tryndamere - your only chance of getting farmed is doing many succesful ganks, what on higher elo is nearly impossible (until 10-15 minute there is often still 0-0 score).

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As marks, armor penetration runes are undoubtely best. You deal a lot more damage to enemy on your lane what let's you to harrass him sometimes.

As seals, i find armor better choice than dodge. You get a lot less damage from enemy and minions so you can stay on lane longer. Dodge doesn't helps this much and other seals are not even worth to take into consideration.

For glyphs magic resistance gives you biggest chance to survive. I don't see any alternative. Attack speed? +6% attack speed is nothing. Magic resistance per level? Well, it can do, but tryndamere is laning solo top and there - resistances are most important on the beggining.

When it comes to quintessences, there are few options there. If you are having problems top - flat HP are wise decision, but for melee carry like tryndamere I choose movement speed quintessences. That works great and helps you a little in running away and chasing, what is very often "job" of this champion. Also, armor penetration quints would work great, but actually tryndamere always has very high damage output, so... Does he really needs such a boost? I don't think so.

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I am not sure about my masteries at this time, but after few games with Tryndamere after Fizz patch i find them pretty good.

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Skill Sequence

People used to max mocking should just after bloodlust, but I don't fully agree with that. If you are running away more often than you are chasing enemies - then putting one or two points into spinning slash is better than putting all of them into mocking shout. You do this especially to decrease cooldown of this skill, not to increase damage.

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Cleanse and Ghost

After patch cleanse became a lot better spell. It is cleaning your champion from ALL debuffs. It is especially usefull on tryndamere now, as it takes off all ignites and exhausts from you, as well as other debuffs. What more, if u take this spell and enemies haven't got too much cc, then you can buy something instead quicksilver sash. I recommend guardian angel, as extra life is always nice, especially when you have team, that can take advantage of it. But if you feel that you need extra damage - get bloodthirster or last whisper (if enemies are stacking armor).

When it comes to second summoner spell - ghost is essential. It allows you to chase enemies much faster and to run away from catch 22. That's all you need to own in teamfights.

And what about "power increasement"? I don't know, but I'm gonna check how this spell works on tryndamere as soon as I can.

When it comes to other spells - ignite worked on tryndamere very well, as he is leveling pretty fast. But now, taking +5% exp mastery is not profitable due to new masteries, so tryndamere levels up a bit slowlier. I find it a right reason to change ignite into cleanse.

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Farming and Laning Enemies

Beggining: I usualy stay at top lane AS LONG AS I CAN. If I'm able to run from all ganks (with cleanse and ghost it's not hard at all), then I try to outfarm enemy whole time. Lasthitting is essential for tryndamere, as he has a very costy itemisation.

When it comes to enemies like renekton, yorick, rumble, etc., who are hard harrasers - you have to stay behind minions and lasthit using spinning slash BACKWARDS. So you run to minion you would like to lasthit (avoiding harrass) and then spin back to tower. What's more, it's better to buy doran shield instead of boots and 3 health potions on beggining.

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Pros / Cons

- High damage output,
- Great ultimate,
- Fantastic escape mechanism,
- Easy to play with at low elo games.

- All or nothing champion,
- Low team utility,
- Hard to play with at high elo games.

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To sum up: tryndamere is a very strong solo top champion, that can also do very well at mid! He has amazing mobility and with cleanse (and quicksilver sash) is not easy too counter at all! Especially after this patch. Also, his high damage output is greately boosted by 3% lifesteal from masteries. That allows him to stay on lane for longer.

I reccomend tryndamere to all players that have GOOD TIMING and who like a feeling of being like a "rambo". Also, it is very important to be good at lasthitting (lasthitting with tryndamere is pretty easy, so make a use of it!) and to farm all time. Stealing enemy wraiths, golems, red buff etc. is one of your jobs. If you don't like staying in one place for longer than 10 seconds, just learn to play with this awesome champion!