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Tryndamere General Guide by gerbii

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League of Legends Build Guide Author gerbii

Tryndacat - 9 lives are better than 1

gerbii Last updated on December 8, 2012
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Why Tryndacat?

Because 9 lives are better than 1. The longer you are able to stay alive, means the more time you can spend winning. Let's face it, winning is something you will do naturally, the only thing in your way is the enemy team killing you. If you have nine lives to waste away, then that's 9 times the amount of time you can spend winning, isn't it?

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    ~ You have 9 lives
    ~ You live 9 times as long
    ~ You can do 9 times as much damage
    ~ You can soak up 9 times as much damage
    ~ You're Tryndacat

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    ~ The enemy team may ragequit or surrender preventing you from your full victory.

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Your team

Now, to have a fully successful Tryndacat game, you need a compliant team. As much as I would like to go over the entire ideal potential team compositions, all that matter is two things.

Zilean and Yorick.

It doesn't matter where they lane, as long as they are in there somewhere, and as long as they level up their ult every level.

Zilean can bust out his ult at any time, as his ult procs before the GA. You can let your newbiest teammate play him. Yorick is harder, as his ult will only proc once all the GA's are down, therefore your next best teammate(other than you) should play him.

Both Yorick and Zilean are required for the full Tryndacat experience.

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The general idea is to only engage in fights when both your Zilean and Yorick and close enough to get to you before all your GA's are used up. This applies no matter where they are on the map. None of your other teammates matter, so forget about those guys.

If you use your ultimate first, it will probably be back up before all your nine live are gone. This is suggested, but not necessary, as they probably won't get through all of your lives by the time you have finished destroying all turrets, inhibitors, champions and nexus's you encountered on your way.

Once all your GA's, Zilean's and Yorick's have been used to their full potential, you may then proceed to use your Summoner Revive and Summoner Teleport to get back into the fray, if they even get to that point.

If you can do all of this, then congratulations, you have mastered the fine art of Tryndacat! You may then proceed to go to MLG or whatever pro league you feel like and win.

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Matchups / Counterpicks

You win every time.

You counterpick every other champion and you are impossible to get counterpicked. The only equal matchup you have is another Tryndacat.

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Q and A

Q: But won't you have 10 lives if you include Tryndamere's ult?

A: We don't include Tryndamere's ult because he is just innately amazing. Your nine lives come from GA + GA + GA + GA + GA + GA + Zilean + Yorick + Revive/Teleport = 9 lives

Q: But what about anivia? Wouldn't she be even better, on account of her egg giving her 10 lives?

A: No, if we plot out amazingness as a function of number of lives, we see an exponential decay as we go past 9 lives. This is because cats have 9 lives, not 10. This effect can be clearly seen by the following graph:

Q: What about if, on anivia, we substituted one of the GA for boots, or removed one of zilean, yorick, or revive/teleport? Then anivia would have 9 lives, right?

A: Anivia is a bird, not a cat. Duh.

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Final Remarks

Enjoy Tryndacat! In time, the world will know of Tryndacat's power.


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