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Tryndamere Build Guide by Dragon4Athene

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dragon4Athene

tryndamere 2shotting beast

Dragon4Athene Last updated on June 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is how I and everyone should play Tryn. By the end of this build you will be doing 1400+ at almost a 100% crit rate. when you do that kind of dmg there is no needs to worry about defense. if you build him diffrently you are doing it wrong

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Early game- tryn is really squishy and cant really harass at all. avoid conflicts unless you know you have a strong advantage and are going for the kill. his early game squishyness is why i unlike most guides recommend getting bloodlust at lvl 1 for the bit of healing use it often keep it on cd so long as you are not over healing. early game is very important for tryn. he needs to stay in a lane and stay alive getting gold and xp as fast as possible. if you get out lvled and out geard you will become useless and will be hard for you to catch up because they will probably be trying to gank you often if they are smart. final words on early game, avoid conflict and make sure you last hit minons!!!!

Mid game-tryn should start to be getting pretty strong hitting like 600s should be 2 shotting most minions by now. now is when you start to **** with the enemy team, talk with your team and set up ganks, catch lone enemy champs overextending. tryn is a great chaser if you can catch an enemy over extended you have a high chance of getting an easy kill. in ganks target the enemy with the lowest hp dont go after the tank (obvious right? apparently not going by how many ppl i see focusing tanks still even in the recent championships some pros got ****ed up for targeting a tank).

Late game- by now you should start noticing you are doing a bit more dmg than every1 els hehe. now you can start rocking the enemy. if you are playing right even groups of 3 enemys should be running from you by now and you should be able to kill at least 2 champs b4 your ult wares off. by lvl 18 and once you get all your items you should be able to kill nearly all 5 enemy champs. be careful with the occasional lag you might want to make sure you ult when you know you are still safe instead of try and wait for just b4 that very last blow, once you get to about 10% hp pop your ult and wait until its almost over b4 you pop your bloodlust heal. that heal if timed right has given me enough time to get me that last kill after my ult wore off. if you got the 2nd bloodrazor you will now be even better 1v1 than a fully geared Warwick w/o even using your ult.

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Pros / Cons

PROS- you get to do 1600+per hit that should be enough right there for anybody but since you're greedy
-you have a guaranteed 5 seconds to rape as much face as possible. lets see you will have about a 1.5 attack speed 1.5x5=7.5 hits during undying rage, being low of hp your passive will make you at 100% crit so 7.5x1400=10500dmg you will be guaranteed during your ult this is not including the dmg you do b4 you pop your ult or the dmg you do after your ult is over if you manage to regen a bit of hp.
-great farmer can kill minions really fast and nearly take out an entire wave of them with 1 spinning slash

CONS- really squish early game untill you get your ult
-high chance of being the target of lots of ganks
-if you get harrased too much early game and dont lvl and get gold fast you will do poorly for most the game
-a well timed cc can prevent you from ulting and dying easily

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if you get all the rues i say to your crits will do 50% more dmg plus infinity edge you will be doing 300% more crit dmg (for those of you who are slow, thats a lot of damage). just do it, get the crit dmg runes

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Summoner Spells

this is where im kind of lenient,i wont say there is any perfect spells but my favorite for tryn is exhaust to make his chasing even better and ignite to finish off guys who just escape you. because try nhas low hp its not advisable to tower dive so if they are running to their tower you can ignite them and lol. it also makes a good harass early game so you are not so bad. ghost is ok but the enemy will probably reach a tower if you need ghost to catch them, id think its much better for tryn to slow them instead of out run them. teleport can be ok because mainly because tryn can kill towers fast so if you see a wave of your minons close to a tower you can port in and kill the tower easy. i think its cd is too long to be too effective. flash a lot of people like but i dont care for it kinda the same reason i dont care for ghost on this champ also you have spinning slash to hop walls. any other spell is kinda garbage for tryn.