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League of Legends Build Guide Author neotoky0

Tryndamere: A Build Fit for the King!

neotoky0 Last updated on October 6, 2010
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Hey everyone,

First of all I'd like to thank you for taking the time to read this build. It's my first ever attempt in creating a build on Mobafire, so I hope you enjoy it!

Before we get started, let me go over a quick description of Tryndamere and how/why you should use him.

Tryndamere falls under the "carry" category in League of Legends; which essentially means he is expected to pose as the greatest threat on the team as he has potential to do the greatest damage output if built properly. More specifically to this "carry" category, Tryndamere is a late-game carry because of his inability to do enough damage quickly enough to start off. Don't let that fool you however, as Tryndamere can easily turn the tide of any grim-looking battle.

Tryndamere is NOT a tank. Despite his Undying Rage ultimate, people who expect Tryndamere to build lots of HP and/or armor don't fully understand his value. While it might seem like a viable idea to stack lots of HP on top of his Undying Rage, it is necessary to grow Tryndamere's critical %, damage and attack speed in order to find true success with him.

Tryndamere is NOT a fight initiator. In fact, he's likely the opposite-- a devastating finisher. I generally leave fight initiating to heroes who can survive the first barrage of attacks without suffering in their survivability. If Tryndamere is burst down too quickly early on, he will lose his effectiveness in that fight. Trying to stay alive as long as possible is Tryndamere's secret.

1. Excellent melee fighter
2. Excellent chaser
3. Excellent built-in escape mechanism
4. Excellent critical strike percentage
5. Good movement speed
6. is a King

1. Is useless when Exhausted
2. Is useless when Blinded
3. Is useless when Stunned
4. Is useless when Snared
5. Is useless against any CC type, really.
6. His right arm is a lot stronger than his left arm.

Explanation of Masteries:
Tryndamere is generally a 21-9-0 hero, but I like to put an extra point into "Ghost" especially since it was nerfed two patches ago. Doing so will allow you to easily chase down your opponents, or vice versa, to help you escape enemies when things are looking sour. In addition to your "E" to slide through walls, Ghost will ensure that you get where you want, quickly.

21 points into offense is necessary because of it's value for critical strike percentage and damage. As I said earlier, Tryndamere requires lots and lots of critical strike percentage, so it's a no-brainer on this one.

Explanation of Runes:
Your Quints should be Critical Stike %. In fact, all of your Critical Strike runes should always be % as opposed to damage.


Because in order for Critical Strike Damage runes to be even the teeniest bit valuable, you only benefit from them if you land a successful critical strike. Therefore, having low percentage to high damage is irresponsible and ill advised. Having a higher crit percentage is more effective because it ensures your ability to land those hits, despite what might seem a "lower" damage.

I use Seals for scaling Armor runes because Trynd can always use more armor. Especially against other carries, that extra armor can be particularly useful if you are in a team fight, plan to backdoor, or need to do some jungling to catch-up on low income or experience.

For Glyphs, I turn to Ability Power. This is where I lose most people. But stay with me.

Tryndamere's "Bloodlust" healing is amazing when it comes to AP-ratio. With those 9 scaling AP runes alone, a level 5 Bloodlust heal can restore up to 500-600 HP at full stack. That's an awesome combination, especially if you use it after Undying Rage. I have found great success with this rune set-up, but feel free to add more Crit % if you feel unsure about this tactic.

Okay, this stage of the game is absolutely critical for Tryndamere. It can make or break your game, easily.

The first items you want will be: Brawler's Gloves and 2 Health Potions.

With the combination of runes that you now have and these Gloves, you will start at almost 25% critical strike percentage (CSP henceforth). In addition to Tryndamere's passive which feeds you more CSP the lower your health is, it's not completely unfathomable to land a kill or two and even score first blood if you have a strong laning partner.

On that note, try and stick with a tank. Mostly because they provide beefy defense for you, and also because you can farm minions faster than they can which is key to getting your damage items early and often.

After laning and playing a pretty standard lane (not too aggressive, not too passive), your first trip back to heal should reward you enough gold to purcahse Berserker Greaves in one buy.

Additionally, you can choose to skip Zerk Greaves and go for Mercury Treads if the enemy team is CC-heavy, or go to Boots of Swiftness if they are escape-heavy. Up to you. Zerk is good for my build because we won't have a lot of Attack Speed to start with.

So at this point, you should have your Brawler's Gloves and Berserker Greaves, which is more than enough to hold a lane and also farm most jungle creeps (avoid Red and Blue buffs for now). By farming both lane and jungle minions, you can ensure that you get the most experience and income as fast as possible. Don't overextend yourself in a lane. If your wave has pushed the enemy to a turret, take the time to slip into the jungle and farm the neutral creeps.

Your next purchase should be a Dagger, then Zeal. Zeal with Zerk Greaves will give you 420 movement speed, which is fantastic for a melee hero. These two items alone make you scary for ganks and teamfights because of your attack speed, movement speed which work in combination with your slow (W) and Ghost.

By this point, you should be looking around the map for any trailing enemy heroes who have gotten lost in the jungle or are moving around often unaccompanied. These are easy prey for Tryndamere, especially if you Exhaust them early on. In team fights, try to stay in the back for a few seconds before Spinning into the fight and picking off enemy squishies.

The whole point in getting Zeal and Zerk Greaves early is so that you have enough Attack Speed, Movement Speed and Crit % to last you for a while.. Because your next item is....

A B.F Sword.

On average, I usually purchase a B.F Sword at 20 minutes in. This will give you roughly 150-180 damage in addition to your Bloodlust stacks and obviously makes your Crit Damage a very serious threat. Try to work with your Support hero at this point and initiate Ganks and/or Teamfights in order to harvest more gold.

After getting my first B.F Sword, I opt between saving up for a Cloak of Agility, or purchasing two different Elixirs: An Elixir of Agility and an Elixir of Strength. Elixirs are highly underrated in my opinion and are scarcely used in the matches I play. They provide so many benefits that at 300 gold each, I think they're undervalued! But a bargain for what I call, "4 Minutes of Fun."

IF you decide to get the Elixirs, enjoy your bonus 300 HP, 30 damage, 30-40% increased Attack Speed, +15% CSP and party time! Use these 4 minutes wisely; be aggressive and participate in ganks and teamfights. Also be sure to get the Dragon and Red Buffs. Also help your caster out and help them get Blue Buff. =)

If you decide to skip the Elixirs and go for the Cloak of Agility, you're riding on a pretty high CSP as it is and you should be able to toss out some serious damage against all enemy types. Afterwards, the remaining 1350 gold for the Infinity Edge is pretty quickly farmed in lanes. You should notice that by now, most minions are killed within 1-2 hits depending on if you get Critical strike or not.

After you've built your Infinity Edge, the enemy team can't ignore you at this point. But in order to aggravate their headache even more, quickly buy a reasonably priced Vampiric Scepter and enjoy your survivability factor skyrocket! Now not only do you have your built-in Bloodlust healing, you now enjoy 12% lifesteal, which is significant if you're piling up to 500 damage critical strikes!

The Bloodthirster is what you're aiming at next, particularly because Tryndamere in mid-to-late game is a terrific pusher. After purchasing your Bloodthirster, you should have no problem piling on 40 minion kills and getting the maximum benefit from your new item: +100 damage and up to 35% lifesteal! Unreal.

At this point, the game should be quickly coming to an end. If not, you should be able to take down most heroes within a few hits and so a Phantom Dancer is a relatively easy buy. If not, purchase an Avarice Blade and turn that into a Ghostblade to ensure you can get some kills in teamfights.

The last two items on my list are Starks and Atma's Impaler. Both are self-explanatory: Stark's increases your attack speed, life steal, HP regen and is an aura so it helps your teammates as well. Sometimes you may notice someone else on your team with a Stark's already, but I would purchase it anyway because the additional +20% increased attack speed is more than enough to justify that buy.

Atma's isn't necessary, but at +45 armor, and +18% CSP, you're basically ensuring that you're always hitting a Crit Strike and that you've got more armor for ganks and teamfights. You can't really go wrong with that, especially since you're doing bonus damage at a % of your Maximum HP.

I will tidy and make this build a lot easier to read once I do more final editing, but for now, I hope you've enjoyed this build and find success as Tryndamere!

This'll be a slaughter!