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League of Legends Build Guide Author defectz

Tryndamere: Competative Play Guide

defectz Last updated on April 2, 2011
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My Tryndamere 3v3 5v5 Crit domination

Well i decided to create this build for people who are new to tryndamere, I tried to make it so you don't need to read my guide, you just need to follow my build order and you can get high scores like mine.

When i see Tryndamere's play they will get items like two zeals before a infinity edge when the infinity edge is ESSENTIAL for tryndamere to get when you have about 50% Crit Chance.

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Which build to choose?

Build 1

This is what i would consider the optimal build. Your doing strong, getting fed, and not having issues with the team getting armor/Thormail.

Build 2

Take this build if your going up against a tank or tanky team. also good if your getting focused and need mroe survivability.

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Skill Sequence

For skill priority it goes..
1. Undying Rage
2. BloodLust
3. Mocking Shout
4. Spinning Slash

IMPORTANT! You need to have Spinning slash atleast at level one early game for so many reasons, to escape, chase or even for a little damage.

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When farming its important to keep bloodlust up as much as possible, and if your going to initiate a fight bloodlust give you a HUGE advantage. what you want to do is if your playing against someone like Nunu or Garren who can escape easier then you want to spin behind them and use Mocking Shout and do as much damage as possible but REMEMBER its fine if you dont get the kill as long as you do a decent amount of damage your fine. even if you take more damage just farm and heal yourself with blood lust.

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Unique Skills

I usually see alot of tryndameres using their ulti to turret dive and I consider that Very risky especially with the nurf to his ultimate. when playing tryndamere if your going to be greedy and dive you shouldn't go in expecting to ulti, but to go in get a solid kill and run because if you ulti to survive the turret your likely low on hp and very vulnerable to CC's.

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For runes I go for all CrC (crit chance) except for glyphs I get CDR becuase having bloodlust or your ulti that much sooner is very useful, there has been many instances were if i had less than half a second i could have used bloodlust and killed someone. when they nurfed tryndamere's ulti they also gave him a 10% base crit chance which i consider more of a buff because now you can dominate early game, get fed, and take down anyone through late game.

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I do something diffrent than when most people do with materies, I dont ever do 21/9/0 or 21/0/9 because having those more points in offence help alot, you can get every mastery that you would want. so i go 24/6/0.

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Undying Rage

First off, DONT BE AFRAID TO ULTI. its best off using your ulti and wasting it than dieing in a teamfight because you waited to long to ult. His ultimate does not have too long of a cooldown and can even be used offensivly be ulting after you use bloodlust because you get more AD and more CrDmg.

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Ranked Play

So for some of the more advanced players who allready know and play tryndamere a bit i decided to give some tips.

First off you want to keep a good zone control of minions so you have the option to get bloodlust to initiate or just to heal.

Secondly you can use your mocking shout to slow them when they turn their back to get some bloodlust if they have zone control.

A good ability sequence is to Spin, Mocking (to Slow, or if a high dps chamption and you have speed you can use for reduced ad). then save bloodlust until your low on hp because it give you alot more damage. and keep using mocking shout during the fight and make sure you have spin to chase or escape.

Another important thing to notice is what your enemy team is getting because if your laning agenst a tank who getting armor early game you should probably grab last whisper for armor pen. otherwise wait of on getting armor pen till around level 11 or until team fights start happening alot.

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Team Work

With tryndamere playing with a teamate who knows how to play can lead to you getting fed easily and quickly.

Anyone with a stun. slow. or knock up is Very useful especially at low level laning phase because with CrC runes your strong early game. So what you want to do is have your teamate take a little damage and bait them and have them stun and slow while your waiting around bushs. then you pop out with our spin and try to get behind them and use mocking shout so you can keep the damage on and probably get the kill.

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Any suggestions or errors that you notice are appreciated if you comment about them.

Thanks :)