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League of Legends Build Guide Author DivineGFX

Tryndamere - Crit and AD

DivineGFX Last updated on August 17, 2010
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Hello all and welcome to my tryndamere guide. I'll start off by saying that this is my very first guide, and that all criticism will be taken. This build is something I made up for myself combining 2 builds on this site. It takes the runes from the Tryndamere resource and a partial item build from another one, can't remember the name. So credit goes to the 2 other authors.

Remember this: The skill sequence should be changed according to the other team's composition. If they are melee heavy max mocking shout before you max Spinning slash.

SN: I will not be going over skill rotations in this guide. Trynd is an auto attacker with an escape mechanism and a chasing mechanism. If you can't figure it out don't play him.

First I'm going to explain the item build and summoner spells:

-Most people enjoy getting phantom dancer ASAP with trynd, I'm the opposite. It IS a nice addition to his arsenal, but if you play trynd a lot you'll notice that without any AD those crits lack in damage on targets that have a bit of armor or against a champ that can negate damage. My build focuses on getting the damage out of the way early so that you can finish up your crit later on.

-Last whisper comes after the infinity edge to back up your extra damage with new-found armor pen. Coming after infinity edge makes this easy to build because you should be getting a lot of farming in with trynd after getting infinity edge, or even before that. The attack speed will also help as you'll now attack faster with harder hits, increasing damage output.

-Phantom Dancer is last in my eyes because it really just isnt needed with my current rune build. I make up for the crit with the crit runes, enabling me to sped more gold on infinity edge and overall increase my damage output.

-Infinity edge is self explanatory. The crit damage increase of 50% is a huge one, and the crit strike is just a bonus to that, as well as the damage output.

Summoner spells:

-Trynd is hard to master early-game since he's a carry. Heal helps prevent you from being ganked, and keeps you in the lane longer. Simply put: heal helps out a lot early-game. Hell, it helps for the rest of the game too.

-There is nothing like slowing someone down as they run in fear of your tremendous damage. Use this on fleeing opponents early-game for early ganks and late-game for team ganks. Always make sure you use it when you're DEFINTELY going to get a kill with it. Wasting this cooldown is foolish. Also remember that if it wears off it can be coupled with Mocking shout for an 8 second slow :O. Just use them one after the other.

The Rune Build:

-Personal preference really. I enjoy getting a ton of crit strike chance because of the openness it leaves for AD. Most people enjoy more crit damage, which is good, but if you can't follow the crits up with the damage to support them i feel that they can be a bit weak. The crit damage quintessences are just there to provide a little late-game support.

Portions of the match:


Early-Game is the hardest part for tryndamere. You want to go ahead and make sure you have some health potions so you can stay in lane for as long as possible. Do your math as well, you want to be able to start your mid-game ASAP. By do your math I mean add the item prices together for zeal, Berzerker's greaves, and a cloak of agility. Having these three items begin your mid-game. Laning is also important early-game for trynd. Pick a lane partner witht he ability to harass early, enabling you to get bloodlust stacks and increase killcount. The farming you should be doing will get you to mid-game very quickly. If you HAVE to stand by a tower int he beginning, do it. Don't think that because you hit hard you can rush in, you'll die thinking that way; I've done it many times. If you feel you can gank someone, do it when you have a GOOD opportunity. Usually after you aquire spinning slash is a good time to start thinking. Spinning slash toward them and use mocking shout to slow them, hit em a few times and back away. If you don't kill them, at least they should be low.

*ALWAYS REMEMBER TO HEAL WITH BLOODLUST STACKS ONCE THEY REACH 8 STACKS! DON'T BE AFRAID TO LOSE THEM!* By this i mean use the stacks when you need to, not as soon as you it 8.
-Once you reach level 6 ganking should get semi-easier.


Mid-game starts for you when you aquire a cloak of agility, zeal, and berzerker's greaves. This is also when you want to work on your infinity edge and last whisper. Since you already have the cloak, i suggest saving for the B.F. Sword. the increased damage will help you last hit minions and players and get the gold needed for this section. By this time you have your full arsenal of abilities. Going to town on players should be pretty easy, but do yourself a favor and stay away from tanks until you have last whisper. Mid-game should be about building our infinity edge as a priority, remember that. This part of the game is mostly about ganking with teammates and farming gold for late-game, nothing too special.


Late-Game is where trynd shines. Having the increased damage and crit chance has probably led you to being a killing machine by now. You're also probably the most squishy at this point. If you go in for a gank and you get low, POP UNDYING RAGE as low as possible before dying. Time it right and this will lead to a kill, then spin out and pop your bloodlust stacks to heal and stay alive. If you need to, the heal summoner spell is there for you. You're going to want to upgrade your zeal to a phantom dancer in this phase of the game. By now it should be a good time to do so. Trydn really doesn't need a heavy explanation so I'm going to end the guide here.

Thanks for reading, and please critique me, I've been maining trynd for a few days now, and I've seen a LOT of people that don't really know how to play him. if you have ANY feedback, please post. I want to better know the character myself, so many of you may be able to help. Thanks in advance!