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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jake7410

Tryndamere Crit Damage vs. Crit chance

jake7410 Last updated on February 4, 2011
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Introduction- Crit damage vs. Crit chance

This build is based on tryndamere's first skill and passive ability. most tryndameres focus on how much they crit with thier runes and items. this completely wastes his passive "which gives aproximately 39% crit when he is at no health using "UNDYING RAGE." building crit chance with runes makes this passive ability more useless later on in the game. without using runes that give crit chance, you can still achieve 100% crit with much more damage. this build is to explain and show how this is possible.

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Skills- Sequence and Explanation

First skill----When playing competative play, it is necesary to make sure and prepare for it. early ganks, and high damage early game are much more common in ranked matches then normal games. for this reason "spinning slash" is my first ability. if i feel confident that i will not get harrassed to the point of death right at the start, then i will start out with "Bloodlust." usually only in normal games i do this.

Sequence. Bloodlust- After getting Bloodlust at level 2, continue to get it whenever possible, unless you can put a point into Undying Rage of course. Bloodlust is your damage dealer and healer, by far tryndameres most important skill to upgrade.

Mocking shout should be first gotten at lvl 3. it is always useful to have a slow early on. continue to put points into mocking shout before spinning slash. keep 1 level of spinning slash until everything else is maxed out. spinning slash damage output is much much lower than tryndamere's physical attacks, and should only be used for chasing/excaping for the most part. the cooldown reduction based on critical strikes, so only one level is needed. the slow however, is greatly increased each level. (Level 1=30%/ Lvl 2=37.5% /LVL 3= 45% / LVL 4=52.5/ And finally 60%). much more usefull.

Finally the skill everyone overlooks, "BATTLE FURY". Lets be honest, pretty much every fight, tryn is going to be low health attacking at some point. with 1hp tryndamere's crit chance is increased aproximately 39%. .4% per 1% health missing. this means that at half health tryndamere gets about 18%. lets play it safe and say the average health of tryn is half or below durring battle. this means that with runes, items, and masteries, ONLY 75% crit is needed to cap out at 100% crit. Keep this in mind it is the key to this build.

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For your mark runes get "Greater Mark of Furor." with all 9 runes crit damage is increased by 20.07% (thats 1 extra damage for every 5 damage dealth while critical striking.)

For Seals i get "Greater Seal of Furor" with all 9 the crit damage= 7.02% increase

Glyphs were a tough decicion for me. i chose not to use "Greater Glyph of potency" Finally "Greater Quintessence of Furor" for my Quintessences, all 3 adding up to 13.38% critical damage.

WITH RUNES ALONE (not including Bloodlust) Critical Dmg is increased by 40.47%
!!!!!!!!!!!!People might argue that you dont crit enough with these runes, however look at the crit chance at lvl 18 above. with all items crit chance is 75% and with Tryndameres passive "Battle fury" you will be around 100% crit chance most of the time.!!!!!!!!!

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Explanation of Greater Glyph of potency

Tryndameres "heal" scales very very well with ap. to be exact he heals 1.5 times the ammount of ap per stack. so with 10 ap to start, he can heal an extra 15 health per stack. with all 8 stacks he heals an extra 120 health at lvl 1. without the ap, you only heal 80 total. with the runes your total heal is 200. priceless

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1. Berserkers Greaves- attack speed is most important of all the other options.

2. Phantom Dancer- the core item for tryndamere. gives him movement speed, attack speed, and crit. all vital to tryn. Also with the stacked critical strike damage from runes the damage output early game is incredible.

3. Infinity Edge- increases base damage by alot, critical strike chance, and finally critical strike damage. this item helps you get closer to the 700-1000 crit range.

4.Trinity Force- increases movement speed to 502 (very close to max possible move speed) increases critical strike chance, and give tryndamere a slow on hit which helps chase. finally the 150% damage buff after casting a spell is incredible stacked with your crit damage.

5. The Blood Thirster- lifesteal is needed vs those tanky champs, also helps when fighting people with "Thornmail" a very common item to counter tryndamere.

6. Your 6th item should be based on your spacific game and the champions you are fighting.
- get "Force of Nature" if champions consist of strong AP champs
- get "last whisper" if enemy champions have lots of armor, and you find yourself
fed and unkillable.
- Guardian Angel is also a very good item for a 6th to enable longer fights.

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Offensive tree obviously. for increased critical strike dmg, and overall damage.

what people will argue with
1. no points in attack speed.
- i did this because 4% is not much attack speed compared to losing what i gain in the defensive tree. i am unable to get "Nimbleness" if i add any more points into offensive. Tryndamere needs to run A lot. people target tryndamere automatically first. a 10% move speed increase could save your life, or even get you that final hit for the killing blow. 4% attack speed wont matter in a 5 man team battle compared to dodge and Nimbleness. 4% is the same as 1 extra attack for every 25 attacks..... battles dont last that long for 1 extra attack to be worth it.

2. No points in extra damage to creeps.
- i left out points in this because tryn has high base damage with his "Bloodlust" i have no trouble creeping right off the bat, or ever. leaving points out of this lets me further finish my defense tree (Nimbleness).

3. No point in "Archaic Knowledge"
- Tryn has no magical damage spell.

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Summoner Spells


1. Flash - i feel flash is absolutly needed. more unpredictable= more dangerous, chasing/escaping are tryndameres specialties. flash is the best skill for tryndamere.

2. Clense- when Tryndamere is doing well, the opposing team will ALWAYS target you first, casting all their stuns/slows to try and keep you from ulting or attacking, or in order to keep you still. clense allows you to not only escape, but also increase the damage output by a lot disabling enemy champs from kiteing you.


1. Exhaust- this is good to help slow enemies, some champions are FAST. also can save your life if casted on an AD champ in a close battle.

2. Ghost- with my build movement speed should never be an issue, however early on it can get some kills.


1. Smite- you forest easy at lvl 5 no need, jungle tryn is stupid
2. Ignite- helps prevent heals not very useful to tryn compared to others.

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1. Move speed 502
2. Critical strike chance 75% at level 18 (not including his crit% from Battle Fury) which totals to about 100%
3. critical strike damage buffed to 290.47 PLUS 36% he gains from "Bloodlust" totals to 326.47% critical strike damage.

WITH A BASE DAMAGE OF 280, and your trinity force buff of 150% attack damage, with the extra 40 damage from "Bloodthirster" your critical strike damage would be about 1200 damage.
With last whisper as your 6th item. armor pen would prevent champs that stack armor from being a problem and the 40 damage from last whisper would increase your critical damage to about 1400.