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League of Legends Build Guide Author Awesome_Dude

Tryndamere Guide and Build

Awesome_Dude Last updated on April 12, 2011
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This is my build for Tryndamere. He is one of my favorite characters and this build seems to work very well for me, I have seen several different builds for Tryndamere using more of his recommended items but I think this one is great for your 3v3 battles and even 5v5 but on co-op battles I would recommend a different build because it doesn't work as well against bots. I hope you enjoy and leave comments about how I can improve this is my first build!!

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The runes I chose were to give you a boost to critical chance and damage which is very helpful with Tryndamere due to his bloodlust. The Greater Mark of Furor gives you a greater critical damage, while the Greater Seal of Malice and the Greater Glyph of Malice give you a higher critical chance. Then the Greater Quintessence of Furor and of Malice give you more critical chance and damage.

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I like to use the majority of the masteries in attack because with Tryndamere you need damage and critical chance and in the attack column there is a lot of that which is very useful. Also the spells that I chose ignite and exhaust are under the attack column. The remaining points I put in defense cause there is no use for them in utility. Another way people might set it up is putting the majority in defense and the rest in attack because that would help in the long run but I think you get more out of them if they are mostly in attack.

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- I recommend this first because it gives you critical strike and damage. You can also start withfirst for the life steal it is up to you!- These are good for the attack speed that they give you some people use boots of swiftness but I think that the attack speed is needed at the beginning of the game.
- Like I said earlier you could get this first but I like the critical chance at the beginning and so I get this after boots so I have a small amount of life steal so with this and bloodlust I have a small chance of dieing real fast.
- Sincewas purchased earlier this is a good item to get because of the high critical chance and increased movement speed. I like this item because it helps me get out of a tight spot due to my increased movement speed.
- This is a helpful item because you need the critical damage and damage when you don't hit a critical. This will lead into a better item later on but it will help while you work toward- This helps with critical chance and gives you some extra money, you could get this earlier for the extra money if your not getting to many kills but otherwise you won't need it.
- This item is great, it gives you critical chance and damage I personally like this item because of that, but not everyone does so in place of it you could get anotherwhich will work as well.
- This item gives you more critical chance and also a lot of damage after you get this item you will just dominate the game because by now you have so much damage and critical chance that you will hit heavy critical almost every hit.
- Now that you have all the damage and critical chance you might as well get more damage and some more life steal which is always a wonderful thing.

On the second team I have chosen a different way to purchase the items this is something I have tried and it works well, some people prefer this one I have seen this one more than the other one but I urge you to try the first one!!!

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Skill Sequence

If you are going against a tank team you might want to start with blood lust it will help you stay alive at the beginning, but otherwise you should start with the spin because it will help with the beginning gank and attacks in general. Now basically just alternate between blood lust and spinning slash until they are full and of coarse at 6,11, and 16 get your ultimate. After that just get mocking shout to slow them.

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Summoner Spells

What to get with Tryndamere:
-,,,,and possibly
-What not to get is everything I didn't mention!!

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Well that is my Tryndamere build, I know you might use something different but go ahead and try it and let me know how it works for you and some ideas on a better build or how I can change this one. Thanks so much for reading and leave comments!!!