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Tryndamere Build Guide by Shrillex

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shrillex

Tryndamere - Hail To The King, Baby

Shrillex Last updated on September 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Tryndamere is a hard carry who can literally change the game. He is the champ who defies death it self while destroying his enemies. He destroys them like a king.

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Summoner Spells

*- Exhaust to slow your enemies to kill them faster

*- Will clear any CC on you and will save you many times.

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Runes & Spells

*- Gives more chance of critting.

*- A better chance to dodge other melee champs.

*- Helps against AP champs.

*- Makes your crit damage do more damage

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Core Items

*- You will keep this whole game so it is easier to buy the more expensive items but near end game sell it.

*- Helps you move faster and attack more.

*- Increases damage and makes your crit damage do more damage.

*- An overall good item on tryn that gives him invaluable stats


*- Increased damage and gives life steal

*- increased damage and helps with survivability and slow

*- Good to use against tanks

*- if you feel that the enemy team has more AP champs then this should be used

*- Just to abuse your ultimate and to piss off your enemies

Item Sequence

To start off, i go for Brawler's Gloves + a Health Potion depending on who is on your team (no need for a health pot if you have a healer lanemate). You can either go back and get the Avarice Blade or wait until your forced to port back. Next, get the Boots of Speed and the Dagger to turn into the Berserker's Greaves. After that, farm up the gold to get the B. F. Sword. Get this first, because it is the most expensive and also helps a lot with farming up to the other items. Then get the Cloak of Agility and finish up the Infinity Edge with the Pickaxe. After that, just go for the most logical items to help you get kills and to push. The next item i get is the Phantom Dancer for farming and the additonal movement and crit chance. After that, i go for what will help me live. If i need lifesteal or damage i go with The Bloodthirster. If i need health or if they seem to be running away too easily i go Frozen Mallet. If they have more than 1 or 2 tanks i go black cleaver for the armor reduction. At this point, the game should have ended or be close to it. If it is still going on, sell the avarice blade and pick up a Banshee's Veil or a Guardian Angel.

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Skill Sequence


I go spinning slash first, because it is the most helpful for an early gank, both for the extra damage and for the ability to catch up with a fleeing enemy. Next, i go Bloodlust because the stacks help you farm and give you a good way to heal. Next, you can go mocking shout because it both weakens them to help stop their farming and slows them to help chase if you get them low enough for a gank. I then go bloodlust until lv 5, because at rank 1 the stacks dont do nearly enough to help you farm or to heal. At level 6 you get your ulti. After that just max out your bloodlust and then your mocking shout, to help with ganks and pushing.

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Strategy & Tips

Tips for Tryn

* Early game you want to play safe. Tryn shines late game not early.
* You will keep avarice blade whole game so quickly B when you have enough gold to buy it.
* Right before you die use your ultimate right before your health is low just in case your opponent has a nuke skill
* You are a king. Do justice among your peasants!


Lv 1-6
At the beginning, depending on your lane mate, you can go for an early gank. Depending on your runes, if you crit on the first hit, you can easily take them for a quarter of their health first hit. If you have a lanemate that is also dps, or has a stun, wait for them to stun them. After that, if they are still not dead, use exhaust on them and finish them off. After that, if you have a quarter or more health left, stay in your lane and just farm after the creeps come. Your health should naturally come back by leveling up and by using bloodlust counters when you have them. Continue farming creeps and applying pressure on the other team by using spinning slash after getting 3-8 counters, then hitting them a couple times, and when they run mocking shout and hit them again. When they turn around to attack you, spin away (if it has been longer than 9 seconds) and use your counters to heal. Just something to take note, if your laning against some harder early gamers such as Dr. Mundo, try to play passive such as walking over to the minions to last hit only, and walking/spinning back to heal. Another thing to take note is that its only efficient to spin towards an opponent and attack only if your crit chance is fairly high, otherwise your dps is pretty low and you'll easily be pushed back.
Lv 6-11
At lv 6 you get your ulti. This is when it gets good. If they have farmed you up some you should already have your boots and be close to your bf sword. If they are pushing hard, let them get your health down to about a third. Once that happens, let them push up to the tower. Once they start pushing the tower, spinning slash next to them and start autoattacking them. If they sit there and take it, let them continue to attack until you get low on health. by now, the turret should be attacking them. Most likely, they will turn around and run. If that happens, Mocking Shout them and watch as the tower starts killing them. Chase them down and finish them off if you need to. Exhaust is also a good thing to use against them, as it slows them alot more than your mocking shout will. If they decide that they can kill you and get away, pop your ulti when your low on health. They will probably sit there and wonder why you are not dying long enough for you to kill them.
Lv 11-18
Now you should just be a beast. You should have completed your Infinity Edge and have a good start at whatever other items you chose to get. Just remember that you are a "glass cannon" and while you have an incredible damage potential, you also are fairly weak, especially to magic based attacks. Don't be afraid to turn on your ulti, as it is on a small enough cool down that it will probably be up by the next fight you get into. However, this does not mean you should waste it. You should still be saving it for when you fall below 10-20% health. If you turn it on before, they may notice and just back off until it is over.
Summoner spells: I suggest using exhaust and cleanse. Reason for this is because exhaust is a secondary slow and will help you chase and kill people if your mocking shout just isnt enough. Cleanse is very useful for tryn because alot of good players will try to stun/fear/cc you before you can get your ult off, but if you quickly cleanse and ult you will never be denied your ult.