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Tryndamere Build Guide by DaKurtzz

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DaKurtzz

Tryndamere: I think i Crit myself

DaKurtzz Last updated on July 24, 2012
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Um wait how did i 2 shot you?


Jungle trynd? Who knew

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Greetings! This is my first guide ever so please comment why if you dislike. But I've played Tryndamere a lot and I was wandering why I never made a build for him so... I DID! So please enjoy!

Tryndamere is a champion highly dependent on criticals. He can do almost 700 crits every 1 or 2 hits with this build! So get ready to do some damage.

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Using tryndameres ult.

Most people can't use a tryndameres ult correctly and it causes them to die. So what I do and its never failed is Stacks fury wait till you get to like 300 hp. Ult Kill them if you can if not spinning slash away use bloodlust. Also if you have a tank on your team try o iniatiate first then when you almost are dead use ult spin or flash away q and fight some more.

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Summoner spells

I use Flash and Ignite for escape and guaranteeing a kill. Other honorable mentions are Ghost. Exhaust. Teleport, Heal,. You wont need anything else as Tryndamere.

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I chose the runes I did for the fact that the extra Attack Damage helps all through the game the higher crit chance of course helps you crit more which is where your damage is coming from.
And the attack speed will help you get rage faster resulting in more crits.

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Pros and Cons

+ One of the best endgame dps champions
+ Great healing ability (Bloodlust)
+ Great escape/tanking ability (Ultimate)
+ Can go through walls (Spinning Slash)
+ AoE Slow ability.

- Squishy early game
- Requires good timing and some skill for good use
- Vurneable to DoT's, Blinds and Thornmails :)
- Dependable on only physical attacks only.
- VERY item dependant
-Is often focused to make him run and ult early in a team fight!
-Can jungle but will be horrible early game.

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I choose these masteries for that you get more AD you can take some melee damage in team fights and you can ignore that armor that that Nasus or Rammus (or any other character stacking armor) is building. Another mastery idea is go utility but I tried and didnt like it myself. Also a lot of people ask me why didnt i use Havoc truth is I was reading another guide and the damage bonus isnt enough at level 1 it is like a whopping 1 point extra damage so I dont think that mastery is needed

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence I choose is for that you can use Bloodlust to stop an enemy champ from getting first blood and major survivability. Spinning slash can hit hard and help you catch and escape from people and everyone you hit with it will give you fury. Bloodlust is a very unique ult making your person not be able to die for 6 seconds! Finally I level mocking shout for all I ever use it for is the slow.

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I start you off geting boots of speed and 3 health pots for the extra speed and being able to recover from that attempt at first blood. Next I get you building towards your Tier 2 boots and I choose Berserker's Greaves for that attack speed will help you out a lot early game with fury building and even late game with more crits. After that I get you going towards a Phantom Dancer which is a great item for Tryndamere I mean what dont you need from it the Crit is all your damage Attack speed helps you get those crits and ha even movement speed can help you escape/ catch people. Now when you get the Infinity Edge is when the damage comes in you get more critical strike damage and a huge AD boost. The next item is a warmogs for the major surviability = more damage = more rape Next another Phantom Dancer for the same reason as the first. And finally a Bloodthirster for the extra lifesteal and AD

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Jungling route

1st off is you are going to need some help at red you dont need blue but still kill it for the exp. after having a leash from red go and get golems. after that get the wraiths and finish up with wolves recall and buy items. go back and start at golems again up reaching lv 4 gank any lane that needs the help ganking as much as possible and picking up a few creeps in a lane everyonce in a whhile