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Build Guide by leamese

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League of Legends Build Guide Author leamese

Tryndamere jungle & IE rush

leamese Last updated on May 17, 2011
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Chapter 1

Hello and welcome to my trynda jungle guide.
The basic idea i had for this build is i wanted a champion that can regen a lot on his own AND gank properly. I imidiatly tought at trynda with bloodlust, spin & chicken wooot! As i was testing different builds i came up with this. With this masterie-rune setup u start with a solid 30% crit (18 runes + 2 masteries + 10 trynda) to start your jungle.

I start the jungle with Vampiric scepter, Why? lifesteal on crits = huge! early game it gives +24 hp from a lifesteal crit. Next I'm building IE. We already have enough attackspeed and crit chance early game so lets add some big damage. Now for the IE, if you are low on cash buy pickaxe first, after some crit. if you got big cash, hold on for your bf sword. U don't need more crit since we have plenty for now. After, continue with the build. this endbuild will deal insane amount of damage and regen A LOT of lifesteal. but if you're dying too fast or have trouble chasing, buy a frozen malet. u also can buy starks ferver instead of another bloodthirster, its a great and must have team item!

Now what i think The most important part: Jungling route
You will start at double goloms. Ask a player to pull your jungle, finish them after without using smite.
Go to the Wraits camp and smite the big blue one, finish off the rest. Next take out the wolves. Only use Q when u have 8 stacks AND lvl2 bloodlust for maximum healing.
If enemy has no jungler u can take some off theirs AND gank mid. u are there anyway, so put on some pressure. Maybe make mid lose his flash or whatever.
If enemy has jungle, u can take blue. but this is tricky. Since u dont realy need blue, let mid or someone else have it (because it gives them Huge adventage!) and help u with it, so it is sure too die. Do take the xp of little minions first. OR look for the enemy jungler, he will be low hp and a few crits might take him out!
Go base and buy basic boots, 1x HP potion AND 1x ward for dragon. Return to jungle. take double goloms and warn the lanes that u will gank soon. now go for red buff. take little minion first to gain BL stacks. Hit the Lizard untill 50% off your HP and activate BL. hit the other small one to gain BL stacks and activate potion. u will remain @ 40% hp => have more crits and come out with much hp. Smite at the end. Start ganking!
I somtimes have trouble finding a good moment to go base. There is always some jungle to do or a lane to help out with. and after your jungle your back full hp :).

I don't think i got realy much to add to your trynda play but maybe some little things.
- dont be afraid to stay long in a fight the lower your hp is, the more u crit and trust me, u will. When u see in teamfights there is NO WAY OUT and u are sure to die, just deal as much damage as possible and dont be noob proccing ur endless just to get away (and maybe still die). Most off the time u can deal enough damage so your team can finish them :).
- flash + spin = 100% escape
- can switch flash with cleanse.

I might add some stuff in the future. Sory for if u find spelling errors but english isn't my main language. Thnkas for reading and Have fun!