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League of Legends Build Guide Author schnobben

Tryndamere, King of the jungle!

schnobben Last updated on May 31, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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In this Mobafire guide I will tell and show you how to Jungle from lvl 0 to lvl 6 with Tryndamere, The jungle king.

This is my first Guide ever so be easy on me! :D

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Summoner Spells

I jungle Tryndamere with Smite and Ignite, Ignite because this will help you against those tougher creeps and Smite since it gets you extra gold aswell as a helping hand against the bigger things out there. Notice that we pick upgraded smite and ignite over at the Masteries! :)

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The runes are pretty much self-explanatory. Crit chance marks and seals and quints, for extra crit chance, more crits = higher survivability. Cooldown reduction glyphs since this will help speed up the Jungle speed.
Since you are playing as Tryndamere, you Love, i'll say it again, LOVE Critical strikes! Every Critical strike gives you atleast 1 stack in Bloodlust, resulting in higher base and critical strike damage. Crital strikes for the win! :D
Nothing strange here! :)

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In the masteries we will be going for Offense, Offense, Offense! Picking improved smite and ignite aswell as some crit chance and pure damage. Nothing strange! :)

The few points we put down in Utility is only to get 1 (one) point in Awareness, this will make us lvl up to lvl 2 directly after Golems.

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Items then!
Start off with a nice little Vampiric Scepter for 450G. this will give us the lifesteel we need to survive in the jungle.

The next time we're back, upgrade that scepter into an emblem of valor for 350G. Now we will really be able to survive, this item is the key to Tryndamere jungling!

Port back once more, grap some Brawlers Gloves and head off again, they cost 400G and will make a huge change to your damage!

the next time we're back, you'll be lvl 6! Congratulations, drinks all around you managed to jungle to lvl 6 without dying! I'm so proud of you! :D Purchase Avarice blade and a Dagger and head off, why not gank bot!? :D

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Skill Sequence

First of all, lvl up Q, this will give you damage aswell as a !PANIC! heal in case something goes wrong!
At lvl 2, grab a point in E, this will help you initiate on creeps in the jungle aswell as move around faster.
Make sure to lvl up your "Q" attack ( Bloodlust ) whenever you can and if you can't lvl up Bloodlust, then your "E" ability ( Spinning Slash ) Is the second highest priority. Only lvl up "W" ( mocking shout ) when needed. And lvl up "R" ( undying rage ) whenever you can! ;D

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Creeping / Jungling

Okay, now over to the important stuff! How do you actually jungle with Tryndamere!?
Below is a video in which I show you exactly how I jungle and what to buy, when to go B and so on and so forth: Watch in 720p for best results ;D

Grab a "Vampiric Scepter" and head over to where the two golems spawn. Early smite the first and kill it, then ignite the other and kill it aswell. 1: If you have full masteries build You'll be lvl 2 by now! Grab a point in E if you get to lvl 2. then heal using "Q" and then dash over to the Wolves.
2: If you do not have the full masteries build (like i didn't in the video) Heal Yourself with "Q" and head over to the wolves.

Kill the wolves using only normal attacks, kill the smaller blue ones first, and then focus on the big bad Red one! ;D Run over to the wall next to the Wraith camp and "Wall hack" to them using "E". Smite the big one and kill the others, Heal using "Q" if needed.

Teleport back to base and buy "Emblem of Valor" Run over to the Golems and kill them using only normal attacks. They will spawn as you get there! LvL up your "Q" and head over to the Wolves!

Kill the wolves using only normal attacks, kill the blu ones first and then the red one. Wall hack over to the wraiths, smite the big one and kill the tiny. Run over to the Golem with the Blue buff. Kill the lizards first using normal attacks, then ignite the golem and finish him off. Int eh video above I accidently kill the golem before one of the lizards, but You will aurvive even if you get it wrong. After you got the blue buff, teleport back to base and buy Brawlers gloves for 400G.

Head over to the golems once more, kill them with normal attacks. Dash through the wall and then dash once more into the wraiths kill them with the standrad technique: Smite blue one and kill the others with normal attacks. Head over to wolves, kill them with normal attacks. Dash through the wall behind the wolves and attack the enemy wraiths. Dash in and kill them with normal attacks. After that you kill their golems using standard attacks. Congratulations! You just reached lvl 6! Learn your ultimate, kill the enemy "red-buff lizard" and teleport back to base, buy a dagger and then start ganking!

That is how you Jungle from lvl 0 to lvl 6 with tryndamere. I hope that you enjoyed! :D