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Tryndamere Build Guide by DrJaves

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DrJaves

Tryndamere Lion Formation - King of the Jungle

DrJaves Last updated on December 15, 2011
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Hey there, this is my first build/guide for a Jungle Tryndamere!
This is a very noob-friendly build, and focuses on a lot of farm and maximizing on the early damage increase Tryndamere receives from Bloodlust's passive. Everyone believes that Tryndamere is "the easiest champion in the world", and therefore I will show you the basics that lead to an easy success rate.

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Now this is a very controversial subject. I clearly used my Influence Points on runes of Crit Chance, but you can easily swap the seals for armor per level runes, and the glyphs for cooldown reduction runes. I prefer to begin my game with a 19% chance to crit, causing my stacks to raise very quickly.

The Quintessences are recommended to be left at armor penetration. These give you a great bonus damage to those early level jungle minions as well as make those carries even that much squishier.

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Here I take 21-0-9. The nine is of course mainly for the Increased buff duration so that helpful Lizard Elder buff slow will remain for just a biiiiiiit longer. The extra movement speed is also great for early jungle and ganks, because remember, the longer you can keep those stacks up, the better.
The twenty-one is for all purposes making Tryndamere the King of the new jungle. With lifesteal, crit chance, bonus crit damage, and extra damage when the enemy is below 40% hp, you can see why junglers have a blast with the new masteries and jungle minions.

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This is going to be said as clearly as possible. Tryndamere does NOT need the damage early on in the game. I have no doubt that some people have a party with a Blood Thirster on Tryndamere before boots (exaggeration), but my build gives the priority to movement speed, crit, and attack speed for those ganks.

Remember that Tryndamere loses stacks when he does not attack for a small length of time. I purchase lifesteal to survive the jungle the entire game, but my first buy is Berserker's Greaves to allow for faster stacks and movement between lanes and jungle minions.

Next, I rush a phantom dancer, almost ensuring a crit every hit, as well as increasing my movement speed and attack speed even further. If your ganks have been successful, and you remember to farm minions while covering lanes, then this first Phantom will come quickly.

Now, I regularly wait as long as possible before going back to shop for the main purpose of earning gold. With regular crits and such high map movement (speed and spins), Tryndamere is able to farm as one of the fastest champs in the game. When teamfighting, I generally attempt to show how little damage I do, until finally, I die or am forced to return to base.

One death is sometimes unbearable to a perfect game, but when you leave with 120 Damage and return with 230, I think the enemy understands the meaning of pain. From now on, crits deal constant quarters of enemy carry's hp. When the enemy team was not worried about you before, suddenly they lose half of their team in seconds to the invincible Tryndamere.

To finish off, I chose two items that can be replaced depending on how the enemy team is building. A very beefy, well-armored team will require you to use armor penetration such as the Last Whisper. If the enemy has a lot of thornmail, then I would suggest a second Bloodthirster for countering the received damage, and removing the second Phantom Dancer.

Wards, Wards, and more Wards are always helpful to the team. Every chance you get while you have free slots remaining should be used to plot out the jungle, river, and enemy jungle so you know where and when those ganks are coming. A good jungler is aware of enemy presence and dashes into position for that oh too sweet counter-gank.

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Skill Sequence

I don't think anyone can argue me on this topic. Ultimate at level 6, max q first for better heals/damage, and taking the slow at level 4 for ganks. A suggestion might be to swap the level 2 choice for the slow instead of the spin, however I find that the extra aoe damage against jungle mobs is way more important at level 2.

Additional points in the spin are useful for farming minion waves and reducing the cooldown of Tryndamere's most valuable escape ability.

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Summoner Spells

These two are irreplaceable. I understand how useful a ghost or a flash can be, but Tryndamere is designed to be a game-changer, and when threatened to be the target of the entire enemy team's Crowd Control, Cleanse is your only way out. Early game, cleanse is used to ensure a successful gank, as you will likely outrun the enemy champions, but may suffer snares, slows, stuns, etc. With a quick tap of either D or F, you are suddenly hearing an enemy FFFFFFUUUUUUUU..... Late game, Tryndamere is able to take maximum damage from enemy champions all while he runs around tanking damage until he spins away and heals... The only problem is you can't spin or run with that swirling symbol of doom above your head (stun).

Of course, smite is a must on a jungler to ensure the capture of the buff monsters or baron. The immediate true damage is vital when the enemy team counters your dragon positioning.

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Jungle Pathing

Ok, so if you're anything like me, you've just skipped past the rest of the guide (minus the items/abilities) and are looking for the initial start point for Tryndamere.

Well Tryndamere has the ability to jungle and not back until around level 4 or 5. Starting at the small golems, ask the laner (either top solo or range ad, depending on which team you've randomed) to leash the large golem. Ask them not to walk into the bush as the golem follows and you lose vision. This isn't a necessity, but it's faster and not annoying, so why not? take the golem to half hp, allowing the laner to move far enough away, then smite and destroy the small golem while walking towards the next stage between attacks. This closes the distance between wraiths and golems just enough that you can run into the wraith camp without losing any of your healing stacks.

At the Wraith Camp, attack the blue wraith first, and hopefully you receive a few crits so his damage output is very minimal. After the blue and two red wraiths die, you will level up. Put a point in your spin, and as soon as you last hit the wraith, spin over the wall leading towards the wolves. Use your Q here, to heal the 80hp that should be stored. You should arrive at wolves in the minimal time, and continue to attack the large wolf, then lesser wolves until you have max stacks once again. Use your Q, once full, and spin into all three wolves once while fighting (or twice depending on amount of crits).

Your smite should be coming up within 10 seconds. Now walk to the Red Lizard Elder. Save your spin for initiating on all three lizards as you don't have stacks to keep up at the moment anyway. Clobber the Red Lizard, spamming your spin every time it's up, and smiting the Elder when he has the correct hp. Finish off the lesser lizards and put your next level up point in Q. Now use Q, and spin over the wall of the double Golems and have fun killing. Use q again, and walk towards your lane closest to Golems (again depends on if you spawned Purple or Blue).

Note: You do not have your ability slow.

To initiate, attempt to get behind your target, not using your spin. Allow your team to bait, or withdraw, depending on the positioning currently in the lane. Get at least one basic attack off on a target, and continue to force the slow of your Red Buff upon them. Hopefully your teammate(s) have Crowd Control also and are helping take in this kill (hopefully First Blood). Only spin if the target is minimal health and escaping, as it often takes you into and unwanted position too far ahead of your teammates. DO NOT DIVE.
Tryndamere is the king of the tower dive, but not yet! If the gank is unsuccessful, return to your jungle to earn a bit more gold.

The most wonderful thing about Tryndamere is that he does not rely on any cost for his spells, merely cooldowns. As much as a Tryndamere could hog the Blue Golem Buff for his "important" cooldown reduction, I would suggest pinging or typing to your Mid AP to "come and get dinner". This is great for solo queue games, as your mid receives a boost and also improves morale and their opinion of you. A selfish Jungle Tryndamere is no good king at all!

Finally you can back and buy your boots, and possibly a second dagger. Continue to farm the jungle and maximize on your early speed to get into position and gank FREQUENTLY. Nothing spoils the mood of an enemy jungler entering a lane three times in your absence.

I would suggest buying one or two wards for entry from the enemy jungle into the river. This gives enough warning to the lanes and to you that you can position for a counter gank, or retreat in case of bad circumstances.

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Late game Tryndamere is the game-changer. A good player doesn't lose hope when he dies a few times (though perhaps good players don't do that either ;) ) The mid-late game should consist of Tryndamere running lane-to-lane joining players pushing, farming jungle minions, and taking on mass amounts of minions in-lane. There will be times when you enter a lane with the support, in which case you enjoy that farm, and speed your way to your next item.

Remember that late game about 10 front row minions are worth 1 kill! HEEEELLLLOOOO! Don't miss that farm! I quite often find myself taking damage from an enemy just because Tryndamere can kill some minions then heal off the damage that was dealt.

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Team-Fight Tryndamere

Clearly a King cannot spend his entire life behind the seclusion of his castle. Tryndamere is gonna be vital in your team fights, so make sure you watch the positioning of your team. in any instance you might make the battle a one player advantage.

During the Team-fight, allow the tank to enter first, but quickly follow afterwards. If you're lucky to have a Singed or Malphite, the enemy team will likely be in shambles already. Dash straight for the enemy mage, as he will likely have the most Crowd Control on the enemy team. If it is a caster like Brand, then target the squishiest and largest threat first. The biggest tip I can give is that you do not stop attacking one target until you see the gold. Countless times I have seen teams lose because the carry comes within 100 hp of dying only to be healed by a support or summoner spell. The point of focusing is that you eliminate the damage first, then focus on the lesser surrounding champions. Your focus should be AP, Range AD, Support, Bruiser, Tank. Someone like Gangplank is going to be dishing out the damage, but it is too hard to kill him and allow all of the damage from the first two targets to continue.

The dynamics of Trydamere's fighting style are simple enough, but remember to hold on using your cleanse until the majority of the Crowd Controls have been cast out. Late game is the easiest place for Tryndamere to fail, however. One can take max damage in a mere second, if focused properly. As soon as you notice yourself being targetted, and you fall to half-hp, press R. There is no point in losing a team fight because your squishiest member didn't use his Ultimate. I generally end up getting a kill or two, even when the fight is going badly. If you are in retreat, attempt to spin away, and heal, because that ult only lasts so long.

I have found numerous times that people underestimate Tryndamere. After leaving a team fight, Tryndamere can heal in 3-4 minions for his full hp, and turn around and continue fighting. I have continually escaped a fight only to return from behind and dish out more damage to a carry or support.

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I wish I could post a video to show the early-game jungle and late-game Tryndamere in team-fights, but I am suffering from a very small amount of sleep before my final exam!

Gotta love playing LoL until the wee hours when you should be studying!

Well to all you who think Tryndamere is a noob champ, perhaps he is. The only real statement in reply is, "Why didn't you pick him?"