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League of Legends Build Guide Author Alahric

Tryndamere - More than just a Rapist

Alahric Last updated on December 5, 2010
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Guide for Tryndamere - The Barbarian King
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Table of Contents (CTRL+F)

I. Preface
II. Introduction
III. Main Summoner Abilities
- Considerable Summoner Abilities
IV. Core Item Build Sequence
- Situational Items
V. Skill & Rune Explanations
VI. Laning & Play Style
- Early Game Phase
- Mid Game Phase
- Late Game Phase
- Late Game Summarized
VII. Closing
VIII. Additional Considerations

I. Preface

Tryndamere is the type of champion who sacrifices his early-game to revolve around late-game. It's ideal to not feed the enemy while you are in the early stages of the game, to ensure a steady growth that will be effective in the hands of a skilled player. This way you'll ensure your end-game results as a carry, which can only be done by staying alive, recklessly getting kills, and hardcore farming. If you are a layed back and don't like to overextend, this might not be the build for you.

Abbreviated Terms
AA = Auto-attack (Basic Attacks)
FB = First Blood
AP = Ability Power
AD = Attack Damage
MD = Magic Damage
AS = Attack Speed
MS = Movement Speed
LS = Life Steal
SV = Spell Vamp
MP = Magic Penetration
ArP = Armor Penetration
DPS = Damage per second
CDR = Cooldown Reduction
Crit = Critical hit
MR = Magic Resistance
HP = Health / Hitpoints
HP Regen = Health Regeneration per 5 seconds

II. Introduction

Welcome to my guide on Tryndamere, on how to rage. Our primary objective is to make Tryndamere's manhood drop as soon as possible for an ensured growth of testosterone. "First you get the gold, then you get the AD, then you get the kills!" Yes, that's my official Scarface reference, but not everything is black and white. I mean, this doesn't mean you can't get kills prematurely, you might get lucky. However most of the time you'll just get turned down, but if you ******** that's another story. Just don't go too far or you might get caught red handed as a rapist. Keep in mind that it's ideal that you don't get caught, that's why map awareness is important and know that you always have to face the consequences until level 6. If another champion interacts you'll be done for sure, unless you're able to cleanse and twirl like a little gurl. Desperate situations require desperate measures. Since your core-item is so expensive - Move out of the lane once you've gotten enough last-hits to get the basic items, then just start jungling and look out for opportunities to score a kill.

- Great upkeep with Bloodlust and lifesteal potential
- Insane DPS and almost limitless potential late-game
- Very mobile with Spinning Slash and MS
- Great debuffer / Chaser with Mocking Shout
- Undying Rage's utility in terms of overextending

- May have a hard time keeping up before getting a Bloodlust charge
- You cannot critical hit turrets
- Useless if disorientated by Blinds and Stuns

III. Main Summoner Abilities

Ghost: Increases your MS for a moderate duration, in which can give you time to either flee or chase down a target. Most of the time I'd say chase because you already got Spinning Slash, but sometimes the enemy is just as mobile as you and got range. It will buy you more time than cleanse, and has more mobility than Flash since you already got Spinning Slash.

Teleport: This will add up to your mobility in terms of gaining experience early-game, and your presence late-game by quickly re-assembling with your team. Keep in mind that level advantage is major in terms of increasing the chances of you getting fed.

Considerable Summoner Abilities

Exhaust: This spell will give you an advantage over other champions who overextend early-game, if you combine your attack power with an ally you might get a kill. Be sure to abuse it only when they flee, but since you already got Mocking Blow it's a bit unnecessary.

Cleanse: This will be your ward against stunlocks, and avoid those nasty DoT and reduced healing effects at the end of your Undying Rage. However with the devastating nerf done a few patches ago, you should only use it to negate stun and root effects.

Flash: On Tryndamere this spell only has one use; it's like an extra Spinning Slash for those of you who need it. Rather than simply moving your champion, try to juke your opponent by maneuvering out of the jungle or a cliff. Then again it's very useful to get out of a gank before you get CC'd.

Heal: I recommend heal for those who are new to Tryndamere, it can also be used by decent players to abuse Undying Rage's last second combined with Bloodlust to quickly get back in the game after hitting rock bottom. It can really give you that extra boost early-game to ensure your survival and it's also an excellent lure save.

Smite: Twisted Treeline only, mostly to be used on the lizard and other buffs. Don't forget the super minions if you are losing, and keep in mind that every-time you get a kill you also get a Bloodlust charge and 2 if you don't have any.

Rally: I've seen it been used a couple of times, but it's not exactly a grounding totem if you catch my drift. It just makes your opponents flee, which changes your location which means the buff won't affect you. Otherwise it's great for taking down turrets.

IV. Core Item Build Sequence
Sight Ward

This will give you some much needed MS and boost your crit chance as well as your attack speed, while you'll get to build up some AD early on. Also, note that when building items, if you're struggling you should go in the jungle asap. In terms of item, our primary objective is to focus more on damage, capping critical-hit chance and get a sustainable amount of Attackspeed, Lifesteal and ArP. Keep in mind that you should avoid getting a Crit-Chance over 80%, you can check that with C. Sight Ward is a crucial item, place one in your brush when you get back from the fountain at levels 3-5 to avoid ganks from a good mid or jungler.

The Brutalizer: Damage and ArP, it's all good. But shouldn't we just rush Infinity Edge instead? No, no, it's important to get a grip on your current state first. Why slave yourself up to 4000 gold? Youmuu's Ghostblade: This item will give you a ghost to be used offensively, while the rest of the items are still good in terms of Crit-Chance, Damage, and ArP.

Berserker's Greaves: will give you some cheap AS and MS. It's simply just cheap yet effective in terms of farming, killing, and destroying turrets. Many people will tell you those are "n00b boots", but honestly you don't really need anything else.

Vampiric Scepter: is not necessary early game, you already have Bloodlust! Not to mention you won't benefit from it until you have enough damage, and enough of the lifesteal itself. That's why I get after Infinity Edge and pack it up x2.

The Bloodthirster: is your raw damage item, due to your ability to farm minions and creeps you can quickly get all the 40 charges. With the extra life-steal and your insane DPS you can survive only on that.

Infinity Edge: is your holy grail, it's sword in your hand. It's that important! It's the one item that every single Tryndamere has to get, it's like it was made for him. With this in your possession you will be able to hit around 600-1000 per crit. Once you get it, you've entered manhood.

Elixir of Agility / Elixir of Fortitude: are like steroids, they will give you that little extra which can give you an edge over your opponents. I recommend Elixir of Agility once you decide to try and go on a killing spree, and Elixir of Fortitude to get a little extra damage if you have any spare change.

Situational Items

Last Whisper: is my recommended situational item, it will pretty much allow you to effectively attack anyone you want at your own risk. If your team initiates with you should should try to get the squishes, even then it's still effective as it only takes a few hits to finish them off.

Mercury's Treads / Ninja Tabi are situational boots if you need them. You know the drill: Mercury's Treads when you are up against a CC heavy team, and Ninja Tabi vs. an AA-heavy team. You may sell Beserker's Greaves later in the game if you're getting annoyed by the fact, recommended once you reach your cap.

Wriggle's Lantern: can be purchased if you wish to control the jungle, then help other lanes whenever they need it. The extra ward is very helpful in terms of map awareness, and sometimes that in itself can change an encounter and win you the game. This is recommended for Twisted treeline only.

Zeke's Harbinger: is also one of those items that puts your team before yourself, which might happen if you find yourself failing. Hey take it easy, it's not that I don't like health regeneration and auras. It's just that most of the stats don't really help you in terms of damage.

Executioner's Calling: is a situational item that should be bought vs. healers, like Taric, Soraka, and Dr. Mundo. You should use the debuff on targets that you focus down in teamfights, otherwise it still serves as a cheap lifesteal / crit chance item.

Zeal: You'll find that being faster than most champions will give you a huge advantage on your aggressive playstyle early and later in the game. Phantom Dancer: is not really worth it, and from what I've heard you need x2 of them to really notice it.

The Black Cleaver: is viable if you are fighting a team full of tanks, be sure to buy Last Whisper, by reducing their armor for the rest of your team. Otherwise it's also perfect to be used on squishes, still I think it's a bit overrated since you're not entirely the AS type.

Tiamat: can be bought to get an AoE effect on your auto-attacks if you are fighting hordes of minions. But I think it's just a waste of potential items, I mean you don't really need this item at all. If you want to have some fun you can always try it though, still I can't really find any justification for it.

Guinsoo's Rageblade: is sort of a mind****ing item, it really focuses on the healing component on Bloodlust and the AP ratio of Spinning Slash. Not only that but it also gives you an edge over turrets with it's +AS per stack and damage component. If you want to try hybrid it's always fun.

Spirit Visage: focuses on survivability, although this does hinder your damage potential it's always fun to try out a hybrid. just like Guinsoo's Rageblade this item focuses on bloodrage while giving a brief cooldown reduction which gives you more Undying Rage and Spinning Slash.

Warmog's Armor: is an item you can easily stack, primarily it'll give you more health so that you will last longer before activating Undying Rage. However I personally think it's better to focus on DPS and lifesteal, this is why I do not recommend the item.

Frozen Mallet: is a preferred survival item, and it also gives a permanent slow. However I still have to use the same argument as Warmog's Armor, if you want slow you can just get a Lizard buff whenever you want.

Banshee's Veil: is your anti CC item, just ignore the mana component and take in all the good magic resist, health, and the spell block. If you are getting sick of stun and snares you can always buy it as a last resort if you feel your damage is good enough late-game.

V. Skill & Rune Explanations

Battle Fury: is a lifesaver since it has a great synergy whenever you get low on health with Bloodlust and Undying Rage. You'll find that capping the Crit Chance is a little trickier with this ability, but keep in mind that this passive gives you 50% crit chance at 0% HP.

Bloodlust: will be your means of survival, by getting a few critical hits and last-hits while laning you can easily recover from any harassment in a matter of seconds. The best part is that combined with your passive you will get a stack whenever you really need it. This is also a real killer with the added AD and Critical damage, just be sure to save this ability at the end of Undying Rage.

Mocking Shout: is very versatile in terms of chasing and fighting opponents that are stronger than you. This is a real killer when fighting any other melee or ranged DPS, the -100 AD is just imba. When it comes to chasing you have to keep in mind that it can only be done if they turn their backs on you, I mean that literally.

Spinning Slash: will be used to wallhack and get you out of sticky situations, many players will complain on this but I guess it's only fair in terms of the many risks you have to take when playing Tryndamere. Not to mention that you need to get away as soon as Undying Rage ends, just spin before it actually runs out or it will cost you your life. You can't use Bloodlust while spinning, keep that in mind!

Undying Rage: is truly infamous for turning Tryndamere into an unstoppable killing machine, this is what makes him his enemies worst nightmare. This ultimate requires a lot of timing and should only be used when you are just about to die, and only when you are just about to die! Keep in mind that it can also be used while CC'ed, your greatest weakness is if you get CC'ed when it's just about to end.
Greater Mark of Critical Chance: are the primary runes I use, they will help out your early-game immensely and almost capping your critical hit chance. With starting item and the Deadliness mastery you will get 30% + Battle Fury which can give up to 50%. This will also allow you to focus more on damage items, this is where Infinity Edge caps it with its 20% Crit-Chance.

Greater Seal of Attack Speed: are runes you can use if you do not have critical hit chance, critical damage, or ArP runes. They are really just inferior in terms of damage, and the issue is usually just fixed by items.

Greater Glyph of desolation: gives you a good early-game in terms of DPS, you can also mix this with greater seals of evasion and greater glyphs of shielding while the rest is ArP. It's for the Tryndamere who likes to utilize his runes fully, but honestly he is just not that type of character.

Greater Quintessence of Critical Damage: seems to be the current faceroll component for almost every Tryndamere player, but honestly it doesn't really help your early-game all that much. I mean you already do insane amounts of damage without them. This is why I think of them more as luxury stats, he is not Shaco.

VI. Laning & Play Style

Early Game Phase

From level 1-2, your main priority is to avoid getting harassed, which will pretty much be guaranteed that you will in every lane-up you do. Therefore it's basically impossible to farm until the enemy minions reach your turret. Don't worry you will get to last in once you can manage Bloodlust, until then you just need to stay put and try to snipe a few minions if you can. As for trying to kill at this level, don't, it will only backfire and you are extremely vulnerable to summoner abilities such as Ignite and Exhaust. Also you do not need to worry about your lane-partner, as long as he can stand up for himself you shouldn't have any problems. However if he offers support you should have no trouble farming. But this does not give you license to be a total douche and try to get yourself killed in every possible encounter. No, that would be silly, you can do all that when you are level 6.

When you reach level 3-5 you should be a little more confident, that's the first step of becoming a man. You need guts, balls, and every other vital organ to really get through with this; otherwise you wouldn't last very long. Your standard combo will be AA, AA, AA and while you cross your fingers for a crit. Just be sure to last-hit to get a free charge on Bloodlust, this also happens to be the most effective way to get gold early-game. Then again you should save Spinning Slash as your "Oh ****" button, just try not to get in over your head. If you can manage the Bloodlust charges and keep yourself up with that then you should be fine, just ignore the damage bonus. If you feel like you won't survive the next encounter, you should use Teleport or retreat and buy yourself Berserker's Greaves, a few Health Potion and a Sight Ward to be placed in the brush by the river~

level 6-8, now you finally got your ultimate Undying Rage. If you did not die during the early-stages of the game, or rage-quit. Congratulations! You can move on with your life. Yay (*excessive clapping* + *whistle*), now get off your ****ing high-horse; the game is far from over. But you've at least managed to do the hardest part, good hunting. You have two choices: commit animal cruelty to feed your lust for blood, or just go murder some people in their lanes. But before you do any of that you should use Teleport and get both The Brutalizer, Berserker's Greaves and an extra Sight Ward. Now have you decided? Of course not, you're not even playing. Anyway let's just assume you're unsure of yourself and just went jungling, don't worry they are not sentient beings. It's just NPC's and pixels getting neutralized, get over yourself.

Mid Game Phase

From level 9-13, You'll begin to feel a bit more secure and you may have +2 on that sword in the top right corner. Now go kill everything you see including your teammates, I mean they still give EXP right? I'll just leave that to you, anyway I find the Lizard buff to be extremely efficient when trying to score. It's kinda like lube, it makes it so much easier to "stab" them with your "sword". Gosh, you are such a closet pervert, I knew what you were thinking. Now let's just continue, just try not to **** your pants already. Ghost can be used in several situations here, however before we begin you have to know the do's and donuts here; Avoid charging in obliviously with ghost as if you were going to give them a hug. They are most likely going to hug their turrets instead, which only gives you about 3 seconds to kill them. Now since that's not possible you should stop right there and continue farming, and act a little more like a real barbarian. Remember you are not a berserker, you are a barbarian! There is a difference, you take the advantage of raping- I mean "ambushing" people and then kill them like a Berserker.

Ehm... levels 14-15, Now you have a higher level on Spinning Slash which will allow you to grind large groups of minions. This is the sort of thing that makes Tryndamere's right hand stronger than his left hand, just "polishing" his "sword" several times a day. I mean think of all the "blood"? I hope you brought tissues, and a cleaner. In terms of chasing down a target, you have to analyze what the best use of Mocking Shout is. "heh-heh, you said anal-", what are you twelve? Listen up / read carefully. If your opponent tries to overpower you, which might actually happen when facing tanks such as Nasus, you should try to use it in front of him. Depending on your DPS, you might get to actually lower his health, if you can't then use Spinning Slash after Wither has worn off. Keep in mind that abilities like that can turn your AS into to 0.3 or something. The second use is doing in from behind, which should be done vs. Champions who feel uncomfortable fighting you 1on1, and would rather file a restraining order on you or lock you up. If you debuff them you fail, so keep your cool. The final use of Mocking Shout is to reduce the amount of damage you take, for example it might be fatal to have that Tristana at your back and it could buy you extra time for Spinning Slash.

Late Game Phase

Finally at level 16-18, Tryndamere is the kind of champion that levels faster than most other champions due to excessive last-hitting and hard-core farming. By now you should have gotten Infinity Edge, and maybe a The Bloodthirster if you got a few kills along the way. This is where you shine, you have the definite advantage and can often just solo a 1v5 and get at least 2 or 3 kills. However if your opponents are skilled enough you'll just be giving them your bounty, and most of the time they can just CC the hell out of you and back up their teammates with heals and shielding abilities, I mean they might as well give each other a wheelchair.

Times wasting, and you should have been pushing turrets throughout the game whenever you had the possibility. Therefore at this point you should be able to snipe inhibitors and push out with your team, if not then proceed to knock-up your favorite target among the opponents group. Then push along the way, if you don't then you will be digging your own grave before long if your allies are allowed to level up. You know what they say; "The younger they are, the better", I mean they are just so easy. Just be sure to bring your lube and you'll have them right where you want them, don't mind the consequences you can always use Undying Rage whenever you need it. If you haven't gotten any tank items, then you should be fine because you don't need them at all. All you need is Crit-Chance, Attack Speed, Attack Damage, and Movement Speed. If you want to last longer I suggest lifesteal and for additional damage against all of your opponents get some ArP. Your only purpose is to charge in, sponge up as much damage as possible (<- do not suck!), and kill everything within a 1-mile radius.

Why did you have to add so many sections? God, oh... hi, you still reading? Ok I guess, *looks at title*, be cocky. If you have a lot of kills, you should cease at nothing to win the game. Keep the gold coming, and make them feel so terrified that even turrets won't comfort them. Gank all you want and show them no mercy, just go in there and be as cocky as can be... is it just be or am I starting to sound like the ultimate warrior? (Wrestling reference). With your team backing you up there should be no problem, even if you die you still put some effort into it. By going after their supports, casters, and squishy DPS you'll make it to most wanted in no time. You don't need anything but damage, mobility, and all of your vital organs, limbs, and balls. Avoid stacking charity items like Avarice Blade, you don't have the time or space for that. If you do you will lack mobility and attack speed until you get your precious Infinity Edge.

VII. Closing

I hope, scratch that, I know my guide has shown you the sinister darkness that drives your heart's desire to just rape some nabs online. I mean that's what Tryndamere known for being, just go with a one-track mind. A few things to keep in mind are blinds and CC, this can really be a buzzkill for Tryndamere. However I would just ignore it and be cocky but if you think it's too much or you might get ********ed you should back off. You have to focus on the gold to get the AD, to get the kills. Just don't spend precious minutes in the shop. This Tryndamere is apparently more than the rapist that he is known for being, so hide your wife, hide your kids, and hide your husband. 'Cause he is raping everybody out there~

For those of you who use Furor runes, it looks good on paper but not in digits. You may use ArP runes but then you might as well balance out the usage of runes with Dodge and Magic Resist. Then again Tryndamere is just not that type of character, he's only there to do damage. Just have fun and try out new things along the way, just focus on damage and you'll do fine.

In-depth Analysis: Sixsonatas for his awesome template
PS: Major props to PFP for his recommendations on Youmuu's Ghostblade instead of Zeal