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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tyranomaster

Tryndamere Push the World

Tyranomaster Last updated on October 30, 2010
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This is my first build so bear with me. Okay, So this may seem weird considering how I have my items and runes set up, but let me explain. The Items go in order of how I buy them, I've only had one game that lasted long enough to bother buying the last three, and selling my first three. And the rune set up at end game is a little redundant but early game Tryndamere needs all the help he can get. Now onto the build.

I always have Teleport and Flash with Tryndamere, but you could substitute: Heal, exhaust, ignite, or ghost for flash. The key one is keeping teleport. It gives you a lot more pushing power, and the ability to leave your lane to buy items without having to worry about having it massively pushed.

Always remember that Mocking shout can be used Defensively as well, if you get ganked by a physical DPS character, using mocking shout will lower their damage output.

Early game, you start off buying brawlers glove and waiting until you can afford avarice blade and berserker's grieves. You shouldn't push yet by any right, you are extremely easy to kill early and should just be getting exp. However if you get pushed your passive will help you out on damaging anyone dumb enough to hit you on turret. After minion killing, and possibly a few early kills, you should be able to buy the Executioner's Calling, and have your ultimate, this brings you to mid game.

Middle Game, now your damage output is starting to lag a little behind on what it could be, so now is when I focus on getting yourself an infinity edge. You should easily be able to jungle anything, minus baron, for gold, and should be able to solo any character on their team except for a select few with long stuns or blinds. You should try and stay on your lane as long as possible and let your teammates gank, you need your gold because your next items are expensive. After infinity edge buy a zeal. This lets you outrun many characters and gives you more crit chance, at this point you could pull off most 2 v 1s or turret dives fairly easily, and should be making plenty of money, Buy your Phantom dancer and welcome to late game.

Late game, This is where I think Tryndamere really shows his stuff. You should be able to 1 v 1 any character in the game, and should be doing major dps, your healing in battle will be crazy because of lifesteal, but you can improve damage, so I work towards buying the Bloodthirster, with its large damage and lifesteal, I've pulled of 3 v 1s and come out of it with full hp. But the bloodthirster isn't the end of it. If the game last long enough, which more than likely it won't, sell the Avarice blade and work towards a trinity force, the Ability power and mana is a bit of a waste, but the movespeed, damage, and crit, plus chance to slow means GG. Only once have I been past this point in a game, and it lasted 70 minutes. But I feel its worth mentioning that after Trinity force, you can sell Berserker's Grieves and buy another phantom dancer, you'll still have great move speed, and attack speed, but you gain dodge chance, and with the extra crit, you can sell the Executioner's calling and buy a second bloodthirster. If you ever get to this point, you can pull of 5 v 1's and basically end the game single handedly because you can solo a turret kill like 2 minions and be at full health again.