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Tryndamere Build Guide by Enticize

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Enticize

Tryndamere - Ranked[New RSystem] Domination

Enticize Last updated on August 2, 2011
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I will assume that you are not in champion selection. If you are, go to the Skill Sequence section.

Tryndamere is a character that was remade into the RSystem, causing slightly different game play and building atmospheres. He can carry, farm, and intimidate others better than any other champion. (You have to give a reason for them to be intimidated, though.)

This is my first guide. I felt the need to create this because of the new Rage System, and people are now looking at Tryndamere like release Yorick. I have seen people rage quit games simply because I chose the champion. He is not bad if played correctly, and carries very well.

I literally won 10 ranked games in a row with this guide, making my elo skyrocket from previous game mistakes.

If you think this build is bad, just try it in a normal game without being a cocky bastard. (As I have seen a lot of tryn's are.) You will have good results if played correctly.

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Pros / Cons

-Insane amount of lategame raw damage
-Can solo baron easily after second bloodthirster
-Can stay in lanes forever, when a ranged harasser is inexistent
-Has a great escape spell

-Have to play defensively early game (Recall, a lot.)
-Is vulnerable to CC
-Usually focused in teamfights

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Greater Mark Of Desolation Greater Quintessence Of Desolation

I used to have a full CrC page. The usefulness of a full crit chance page is now very limited, as the new Rage System pushes towards gameplay of auto attacking, rather than critting to gain bloodlust stacks.

Desolation increases maximum damage output throughout the game.
Resilience and Warding allow a slightly tankier Tryndamere early, which lets you stay in lane a bit longer.

I found this to be the most useful set for Tryndamere currently.

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*/21/* is not viable, the runes used will already make you tanker. Another column is more viable.

*/*/21 is not viable. Yes, the movement speed buff, greater cooldown reduction, and fully increased buffs are nice to have, but the first column gives many more benefits.

I go 21/0/9, as it lives as the most viable option.

I take crit chance, exhaust improvement, cooldown reduction, armor pen, attack damage, crit damage, and 4% increase physical and magical damage. The last 9 points go into Utility for the exp increase and increased buff duration.

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The items listed may make you think of what the hell I am doing, but it works.
Again, the new RSystem persists the idea of an auto attacking champion. Large early attack speed benefits the most of the new system, while giving you enough crit chance to do some damage. Most of the damage will exist after obtaining infinity edge.

The multiple elixirs of agility further increases attack speed and crit chance, making you a poking machine early on. I usually win before reaching bloodthirster in normal games. For ranked, I am able to reach the first bloodthirster.

If the game happens to be extremely balanced, you may finish the second bloodthirster. Replace beserkers grieves with either another phantom dancer, starks fervor, or GA in the case that the game continues to persist.

Phantom dancer makes up for the speed loss, and further increases your attack speed. (You already have 100% crit chance at this time.)

Starks fervor increases lifesteal and slightly towards attack speed. The aura released will also benefit your team when other auto attackers exist.

GA allows you to escape a stupidly placed situation or live a suicide dive. Rather not prefer this, as it doesn't give movement speed (allow you to get the hell out of there) or greater lifesteal, and the health given back is very low. If you die in the middle of a teamfight, and it persists... you will die again.

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Skill Sequence

At level 1, you are a great harasser.
Use Spinning Slash to enter in front of a champion, (close enough for the spinning to hit, but far enough to be able to book it without damage) auto attack, and run back.

Enter teamfights when they are midway done. Go straight for the highest damage dealer or squishiest character.
-> -> Auto attackx(X amount of times)

If low quickly -> -> Juke -> -> Get out

If able to damage quickly without getting noticed -> on champion -> autoattack

This skill should only be used in desperate situations, or as a last attempt to kill somebody. It can save your life or get you a kill. Always use before death.

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Tryndamere must be farmed to be able to do anything. Constantly attack something, ask your jungler for red buff at level 5-6, give blue to a caster, overextend lanes in smart situations, (If the entire team is far away, or a lane is getting pushed extremely hard. It makes the opposing team want to go after you.) try to get kills.

A great farming creates a destroying tryn.
A bad farming creates a skimpy tryn.

As Tryndamere, you will need to be an intense farmer. Aim for having more CS than everybody else, and to keep a level advantage over your enemies.

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Levels 1 - 6
Buy a dagger and one health potion. Guard your jungler and leash if needed, then head bot. You should be expecting a stun/support champion to be partnered with you. Sit in the back for awhile and try to last hit minions.


The opposition has an AD carry
-Sit in the back, avoid getting hit by this person as much as possible. Use the bottom brush to your advantage. (Sit in brush, spin out, auto attack, run back in brush.) When this person is <50% health, have your support initiate. Followup with a spin, mocking shout, summoner spells, and kill.
The opposition has two supports
-Seperation is the key. This comp at bot is overpowered, as they can constantly heal each other while harassing all day. If you have a partner with knockback or stun, allow them to initiate and seperate for you. Follow up with a spin, mocking shout, auto attack, and run away. Continue this process until the opposition makes a mistake, runs out of mana, or they get greedy. Snag a kill at this time. (You can also just sit in the back, let minions come to tower, and ask your jungler to gank or intimidate by sitting in a possibly warded bush.)
The opposing team has an AP nuker
-These people are extremely squishy. One stun, one correctly placed move, one screwup on their part, and you can pop the usual combo (spin, mocking, auto attack) and take a kill. Try and harass these people without staying in view for long.

If your health drops low from misplacement, recall and continue with boots. You will need health potions to prepare after 6, and during this period of time.

Levels 7 - 12

These are the levels where you can either farm up a storm, gank, or jungle. I usually jungle at this point. You should have beserker grieves, zeal, 2 health potions, and possibly an elixir of agility. Move through the jungle in this order: Golems, Lizard, Wraiths, Wolves. Ask your teammates of who wants blue buff/golem, ping it, and start attacking.

After jungle is finished head into a lane that is pushed or head towards a possible teamfight. Farm up, push towers if you think its possible, (I had a game where the teamfight lasted so long in mid, I was able to push three towers on top. The other team was blind.) and work on your phantom dancers. Try to enter teamfights when oppositions have already focused someone. Do not enter if your ally is one bar and multiple enemies exist. Don't be the hero. Grab a phantom dancer and zeal after roaming around the map and gathering large amounts of CS.

Levels 13 - 18

This is the point where you're working on finishing the second phantom dancer and getting an infinity edge. Roam, farm, position and enter fights. You should be able to 4 - 5 hit squishies on the other team during this period. Take as much jungle as you can. After the second phantom dancer is complete, grab a BF Sword. Farm some more and finish the infinity edge.

This is the point where you are extremely valuable in teamfights. You can three hit anybody without tank items. I cannot say exactly how to position yourself, but try to get behind the squishies before showing yourself to the oppositions. Tear them off the map. Either try to get away if low or continue slaughtering the other enemies. Try not to take direct hits, but put yourself into the paths of the remaining.

Very Late Game
I rarely get to this point. This is where you have a bloodthirster and working on the second. You can basically take anybody on 1v1, take the entire jungle (discluding baron), and rip their team apart. Farm till you have the second bloodthirster and grab an oracle.

Head to baron to check for wards. If any exist, take the ward and runoff to your team for a bit. If none exists, tell your team to distract the other by quad pushing a single tower. Solo baron, win the game.

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Team Work

Early Game

Lane with a immobilize/support character. This is the best way to dominate your oppositions.
Cooperate with the team, tell them when to stun.
Look at your enemies summoner spells, your partners summoner spells, current skills of the champions in the lane. Check the time if a jungler could be ganking you, check wards and ask for MIA's.

Kill order:

Partner stuns, flashes in and knockbacks, knocks up, or roots.
Spin behind them,and use Mocking Shout in their back.
Pop exhaust and ignite (Assuming you forced the enemy to use their flash earlier, if it exists.)
Auto attack for the kill.
Let your support tank the turret if necessary.

Mid/Late Game

Do not initiate.
Do not be the hero.
Do not tower dive if the enemy champions exceed your allied surroundings.
Do not reenter fights with 10hp.

Tryndamere is a raw damaging carry, and needs to stay alive.
Enter teamfights cautiously.
Kill off the squishies/highest damage dealers first.
You can backdoor easily with Undying Rage.

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Successful games with Tryndamere

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Q: Why the hell do you rush two phantom dancers?
I rush two phantom dancers to maximize the amount of attacks hit per second as soon as possible. This allows full usage of the rage system, which promotes auto attacking to gain additional crit and health recovery. Also, squishy characters will rarely build defensive items early. The amount of base damage tryndamere has, combined with both desolation runes and the high crit chance granted from two phantom dancers, allows a quick and easy kill on squishies. They will be the only ones you want to target until the end of a teamfight anyways.

Q: Why do you get the vampiric sceptor so late?
I only think of the vampiric sceptor as an item to recover faster from large amounts of damage. The damage taken from teamfights will usually force you to farm for a complete minute to get all of your health back. This item will allow you to recover health completely from one minion wave, both quickly letting you to return to a teamfight and avoid recalling from severe damage. Teamfights occur less frequently during early stages of a game, and therefore the item is much more useful after the attack speed items are out of the way.


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Tryndamere is great for ranked games if played correctly. He easily dominates his lane with a stun/support partner, and carries the rest of the game. Anyways, thanks for reading the guide.

Vote/Comment if you like.