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Tryndamere Build Guide by Mountie

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mountie

Tryndamere Solo Mid

Mountie Last updated on January 24, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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My Build isn't pretty but it sure works!

This build works... period. The other team will be QQing you for feeding on minions. You should be lvl 18 when they are 11.

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Pros / Cons


-High survivability
-Ridiculous Crits
-Can't be stopped


-Weak initially
-Your team will rage you
-There team will rage you

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You will need to farm... period.

Start out in Mid. Keep mobile don't sit in one spot, you will likely have a caster that has way more range than you. Dodge their skill shots. Your ability to heal will keep you in the lane. Let them senselessly push the minions to your tower, then clean them up. DO NOT PUSH! atleast not yet. Focus on getting last hits and then spinning out.

When you hit lvl 5 you can start farming jungle wraiths, the secret is push like mad, as soon as your creep reaches their tower don't worry about focussing the tower, go spin through to their wraiths and clean up, or go get your wraiths, then come back to the lane with full health.

Depending on who your against you can intimidate them with Tryndamere, when you have your Ult people will stay away from you. You can keep them far away by jumping on them a few times. Don't sacrifice yourself, just run up to them use your slow, hit them a few times then spin away. You likely won't be able to 1v1 many champs initially but don't let them know that.

The major point to playing Tryndamere is don't miss even one minion xp. If you can stay ahead of the other champ in xp you win, period. At lvl 10 you should have your boots and be able to clean up red buff and blue buff. Your main goal is xp and gold.

You will want Teleport so you can go buy then immediately get back into battle. Other players won't know what to do.

Generally when you play Tryndamere your goal is to maintain your turret(of course) and Farm! Don't worry about always trying to kill the other champ, they aren't worth a whole lot of gold compared to all the farming. If you see an easy opportunity to kill a champ then do it but don't let your turret go down for it.

If you are 0/0/0 and lvl 18 compared to their lvl 11, who cares that you don't have any kills "Yet". You can now freely go and suppress every champ on the map. You are OP because of your lvl and your gold, not because of your kills.

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Summoner Spells

You want Flash and Teleport, end of story.

Ignite is only useful early game to get first blood, don't worry about it, just go farm.

You don't need smite because your Tryndamere and can clean minions with ease.

Seriously, you will want Flash and Teleport.

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Team Work

Your team will rage you at first, mine always does. Fair enough because you will always be AFK cleaning up jungle, when your strong enough you can even clear their jungle. If your team can hold off the other team without feeding while your feeding like crazy it's a for sure win. Just tell your team to be defensive and not to initiate anything stupid.

They will QQ but don't worry because you will carry them to victory.

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You might be asking why use Glyph of Focus. This is important, it gives you just enough CDR to use your Spin often enough to travel through the jungle effortlessly. Also it doubles up to be able to use your heal frequently.

P.s. Don't just sit there at half health hacking away on minions, HEAL! that's what it's there for, then build up your rage again. You should not have full rage and half health.....who knows when someone will pop out of the bushes.

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I've given a list of items that work well. However, you will need to build to there team. If your afk the whole game just feeding it's unlikely they will even think about thornmail. If you kill them all too early they will think your op and all build thornmail which will suck.

However, if they build armor or high health think about getting a Madred's, Black Cleaver, or Last Whisper instead of 1 phantom dancer or 1 blood thirster.

This build works very well, but the secret is to remain hidden, if you can get 300 minion kills to there 50-100, you will be so OP even with 0/0/0. They won't even see it coming.

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The whole point to this build is to show you that being cautious, not dying and farming like mad will make you op. If you stay out of the limelight so to say they will have no idea what hit them. Don't let them know your feeding, they won't build armor and you will 2 hit them. Don't put yourself in situations you can't get out of. Don't start to harass the other player until you are lvl 4. Stay back, if the opposing caster doesn't focus you then you can get the occasional last hit, but don't sit out there and get owned. <--- not good.

Some people might tell you to get Clense, or Mercury Treads, don't do it, you want the additional attack speed and mobility from TP. Don't worry about stacking armor your ult is all the armor you need.

One other thing to mention, when your ulting and they use ignite on you. Don't use your heal while your ulting. Wait until the last moment before your ult goes off then heal. Use your combination of Spin and flash to escape. This build works extremely well.

Now go and kill.