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Tryndamere Build Guide by Valavar

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Valavar

Tryndamere Solo Top, Bring on the Sustain

Valavar Last updated on November 4, 2011
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Top lane is all about being able to sustain and farm as long as you can, avoid ganks, deny farm, and be able to exploit a junglers gank attempts from anywhere possible. Trynndamere has the tools to do all of these things.

With the ability to cut an enemies AD down to nothing with his mocking shout, Tryndamere has many abilities that makes him a cut above the competition in top lane.

With his ult, it makes him damn near ungankable in many situations unless you really get yourself over extended, and even then you can escape at times. (Even when I play like a ****** and push to far I sometimes get away thanks to Tryndamere's escape abilities).

So this is my guide! Top Tryndamere!

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Pros / Cons


Powerful if built slightly tanky early game

Building Crit can make you able to push enemy out of lane quickly and early, dominating the lane

Self heal ability allows for powerful sustain even before life steal comes into play

Ultimate can allow for massive tide turning use in team fights

Master tower diver thanks to ultimate

Impossible to tower dive in many situations because of ultimate

Did I mention his ultimate is super sweet?

Inherent steroids from abilities allows for building somewhat more tanky stats and abilities to become a well rounded character.

Easy to avoid being snowballed thanks to ultimate and inherent ability to crit. RNG can save you on this guy if you get a few lucky hits, even when things start to go bad


Needing to build fury to be competitive can cause lane to push early, putting you in danger

Counter champions that keep you back and control you can make ultimate go to waste

Slows, stuns, and heavy armor can make you be easy to beat.

Tanky / Defensive top laners can be hard to poke (Such as Jax with his dodge, but still beatable if you build proper items).

Summoner abilities such as ignite and exhaust can be a strong counter to your ultimate

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Some may look at the item build I show before you and say "what in the hell is this? Why not make that infinity edge sooner! Tryndamere is a crit machine! why not take advantage of that?"

Pure and simple, people build tryndamere wrong -all the time-. He is best built as a well rounded character, balancing decent defenses, attack speed and life drain to make his sustain and damage become somewhat of a bruiser status. Able to stay in and keep punching, spin out when things go wrong, and use his Q's to top him off after an engagement is won and the enemy has to step back for a bit, allowing Tryndamere to regain momentum once more.

What you don't want as Tryndamere is to be just a DPS monster who has to rely on that 5 seconds of fame to do well. The basic strategy to beat Tryndamere is to blow him up quickly, and run away as his ult ticks down.

Building a slightly tanky, well rounded Tryndamere, allows you to stay in, keep swinging, and force your enemies to make some decisions they don't want to in order to force your ult. This quickly can cause the tables to turn in your teams favor.

Are there better items for Tryndamere? Sure in some situations things call for a different approach. This is a basic outline that I find my Tryndamere build turning out to be 90% of the time.

At the end of the day, you should build how best to suit the situation. Need magic resist? Get that wits end out quick! Is the guy locking horns with you a lot? Life steal and attack speed! Guy hitting hard and has a lot of armor? Brutalizer and wriggles asap!

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How to play the Barbarian King

In top lane as Tryndamere, you need momentum in order to win. What I mean by this, is you have to play a careful game of sustaining your fury. Learning when to use fury to heal yourself when necessary is essential to being a good Tryndamere. You can screw yourself real fast if you keep burning your fury to heal, and then when your enemy jumps on you, you find yourself unable to get a solid lead in damage and have to retreat, losing precious farm, unable to rebuild fury, and possibly dying from this as well.

Depending on who you face, you need to consider how to use your abilities, and in what order.

What do I mean by this?

Well because we are maxing our life heal and damage reduction ability first, we want to save our spin for mobility and positioning.

If you are facing a champion who leaps in to attack and use their abilities, you either want to wait for them to commit to a harass and weaken their damage and immediately begin swinging in to them, spinning after them when they flee, landing a few more hits to put them behind, and then Q to heal yourself before quickly returning to farming and rebuilding Fury.

Wukong is a good example of this type of champion. If you time it right, you can weaken Wukong
before he lands his two hit combo, spin after him as he comes out of his clone, and land a few hits. This will put you above in damage and Wukong will have to run. Heal yourself up, quickly rebuild fury, and be ready to meet them with this same exchange, or if you got him low enough, be the one to initiate.

If you are facing a more defensive champion, be aggressive, push them back constantly by spinning, chasing, landing hits, and healing yourself and quickly rebuilding fury.

If you over push your lane, you can always try to help out mid, coordinate counter jungling, or B to buy. Also remember you have Teleport to help out other lanes, so learning map awareness with teleport can really create some powerful gank opportunities, especially if bot lane positions wards well.

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Runes and masteries

Armor and magic resist, armor pen for damage against tankier laners, split masteries for supporting this as well. Pretty self explanitory. You want to be tanky through this plus your slightly tanky items so you can take a few more hits and hold out for your ultimate as long as possible.

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Team battles

Basic job here is to get on to the enemy squishies, and slow down the enemy tanks / anti-carries.

A good way to do this is be the first or seconds person to engage. If the enemy focuses you and blows CD's to burn you down quickly, your ultimate will keep you alive. Once the enemy tanks/anti-carries start heading for your squishies, this is when you use your mocking shout. Hopefully you didn't have to ult before this, because then you reduce all damage incoming by quite a large amount from the AD carry (100 if you have lvl 5 mock) You can clean up any carry pretty quickly with fury built up and a decent amount of crit, and if you can get off a heal and spin out of the battle before having to ult, you can reengage knowing you can survive whatever you drop yourself back into.