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Tryndamere Build Guide by IxFI

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author IxFI

Tryndamere the 3v3, fashionabley late GOD! (In Depth))

IxFI Last updated on September 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Tryndamere steals your Beer

My name is Stephen and this is my first guide for Moba fire. Ive been playing for quite a while and in that time I have learnt how to play from my mistakes. At first I was the noob who would feed and get a 0/11/3 score in almost every game, but now i win 9/10 games i play using my love... TRYNDA!

- this guide is written from my iphone so sorry for the layout
- this guide is written specifically for normal solo-que 3v3


- HIGH mobility
- HIGH dps output
- HIGH game control
- Ability to carry a 1v3 against most champions

- Requires Large amount of Farm (almost tripple)
- Focused in Team fights
- Easily controlled by CC (Crowd Control)


In 3v3 i will always start of with a brawlers gloves, this increases my crit % and allows me to buy an additional pot if i believe necassary. If the team calls for a gank then i will put my first point in spinning slash, this provides some damage and a gap closer if nessassary, if there is no gank then take your first point into blood thirster.

By purchasing a brawlers gloves it gives me two options. These options are determined by how i believe well the game is progressing. The first option is the Avarise Blade, i will purchase this if i am being denyd farm and am being lane zoned. The second choice is the Executioners calling, only purchase this item if you are farmIng extremely succesfully, you will know you are if you are +20 creep kills than your highest oponants farmer at approximately 8 minutes.

Although creep farming is extremely important for Trynda, it doesnt mean Gg if you are beIng denyd gold. In the case that your being completely zoned , play extremely defensiveley, you do not want to feed your oponant early when he is also geting full creep farm.

If you are strugling to get farm even without the oponent being there then you will need to practise last hitting. This is extremely important for Trynda, and once you get the hang of it you will recieve gold from 9/10 minions comming to your lane.

Once you hqve finished either the first or second option you will want to get your boots, i didnt put a specific higher tier boots in the sugested items part as boots are highly controversial. The boots i generally use will be either Mercury treads as it gives a high amount of CC very cheeply or beserker greaves for the attack speed. I will usually take mercury treads in most games unless the enemy has no Hard CC at all.

The next item you will build will most likely be your Infinity Edge, if you got the Avarice blade from earlier then i highly sugest buying a vampiric scepter after purchasing your cloak of agility for your Infinity Edge. Try to complete your Infinity Edge as quickly as possible, ig your presented eith the choice of fsrming a minion wave or ganking bot; then choose the farm, as you will be raking in the kills late game.

After completing the Infinity Edge, start building your Phantom Dancer. Many people claim that Yommus Ghostblade is better. These people are both right and wrong. Although Yommus provides increased stats cheaper than a Phantom dancer it is only temporary. In Twisted tree Line the 60 second cooldown is to long. For newer Players i highly un-aprove a Yommus as you will most likely use it at the wrong times and will eventually need to sell it. Although Yommus is an extremely nice item, i prefer just building a straight Phantom Dancer.

The next item is the Bloodthirster, this item combined with the executioners calling will provide massive lifesteal, you will be healing on crits aproximately 330 on minions. This makes your blood thirst ability almost invalid and allows you to keep a constant 100 rage; this will give you more damage and give you the 100% crit cap.

Finally the last item i build is the famous Guardian Angel, this item is the hope crusher for your oponents and one Of the most troll items in game. This item allowed me to carry a 1v3 easily. Remember, use your ulti before Guardian Angels passive as your ultimate has a shorter cooldown and therefore will provide more sustainability.

Gameplay (EARLY):
Early gameplay with Tryndamere is quite simple until lv 6. Your main goal is to get as many last hits as possible, i often find myself eith a cs of +100 with my team mates still in the 30-40 range. This is also one of the reasons that makes Tryndamere almost impossible to play in ranked games. Tryndamere is easily countered by denying farm early game, and a denyd Trynda is... Useless...

Gamplay (MID):
By now you will have almost completed your Infinity Edge, some Tryndamere players rush Infinity Edge as quickly as possible, this is a No, No. Although Tryndamere does love a good Infinity Edge, it is also extremely important that he has a balance of both life steal, attack speed and critical strike. With your ulyimate up you can tower dive quite easily, but only do it as a last resort, ive seen many nocturnes, tryndameres, etc who believe that because there full health they can take on a sion under turet. They were then astounded that they then got hammered by Sions stun and died. Do not be one of these people.

Remember a creep wave is better than a possible Kill or Death. Remember minions aint gona kill you 1v1 ^^

Gameplay (LATE):
By now you will have your bloodthirster, with his you have the capability of carrying a 1 man show. Always prioritize your Blood thirster, ive seen many buy the item and not fully utilize its passive, as soon as you get it start farming it up. At full stacks it gives you both additional damage and lifesteal to the equivelant of the money you recieed from killing those creeps. You can now buy your Guardian Angel... At this poInt it is pretty much Gg. Dont do anything super heroic and you will be able to most team compositions 1v3...

Tryndamere is an extremely Fun carry to play and even easier to master. Tryndameres only downfall is his extreme lust for gold. Farm creeps, buy items and Win games.

I will be updating the guide later when i get on the computer, sorry for the layout (created on my iPhone)

GL & HF!

I will explain my guide to you first and thrn share some of the tips i use in TWISTED TREELINE