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League of Legends Build Guide Author Deluxe Bagel

Tryndamere, The Barbarian God

Deluxe Bagel Last updated on April 26, 2011
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Hey guys! First off, thanks for coming to check out my build. It is my first on mobafire, so don't be too harsh ;). For this build you need some skill. Yes, some skill. Not too much though. You need to know when to run in, when to run out, and try not to initiate a fight as Tryndamere~ a lot of times it just doesn't work out. Also, I advise you try out this build in a Coop vs.AI because I hate seeing people new to a champion trying it out in a real game. Also, please take note that it is very easy to play Tryndamere, but hard to master him. The timing has to be perfect, and if you fail with your ult your team will hate your guts. Let's continue down the build :D.

Hey guys! I have made a second build that is a little extreme. It is all about crit damage, you will auto crit on every attack, and with all the Furor runes and Infinity Edge, you will do at least 1k per crit. When this build works, it is epic victory, but it is a little much unsafe then my other build

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I feel like it should be pretty obvious why I am taking these runes. If your fine with Tryndamere then you know it is very hard for you to die during the laning phase, so too max out your dps, you want dps runes. Most people are very skeptic of Damage runes, and I understand that, but one runes with bring up your damage by 1. 9 damage may not seem like a lit, but it gives you a huge edge early game 1v1. Furor runes are easily the best for Tryndamere. Crit damage...enough said.I picked up the sweet Furor quintessences because that is so much extra damage, you will be doing 10% more throughout the game.

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All out damage! It does help a lot, especially the spec into exhaust. 1v1, or chasing people down, the exhaust gives one of the biggest advantages in the game. I feel like the Spec I chose is pretty obvious in itself. Attack speed, crit, cooldowns, pretty much all you need. I don't see how you could spec differently, unless you wanted to go down the survivability route and spec mostly defense. That would make sense too, but I like going all out with Tryndamere then after getting at least a double kill, getting out of there fast.

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Crit in the beginning. Yayaya, I know it isn't much crit, but with that little amount, and knowing how to last hit minions, you will be able to lane 1-12 without going back, and when you do go back, you have at least 4000 gold to spend.I also don't get full Phantom dancer right away, because zeal+ berserker boots should be able to hold you over till you finish Infinity Edge. Those two items together, Phantom Dancer and Trinity Edge, will make you instantly a carry. You can win any 1v1 no problem, and it won't be a challenge to chop down enemies in team fights. However, once you get a Bloodthirster, you will be doing so much damage, that your life steal will be unstoppable. I left one item slot open because I am usually afraid of getting targeted, so I pick up a Frozen Mallet for durability and to help out in team fights(slows). However, if you are getting destroyed by a carry, pick up Thornmail and you will win 1v1 battles easily.

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Skill Sequence

Getting spin first puts you at a higher dps output at level one then most others, and it is helpful for getting away if an early gank goes against your favor. Also, I have been asked why no Bloodlust at level 1, and I was surprised at it. You don't have high crit at level 1...go for more damage! However, as you can see, Bloodlust is Tryndamere's main ability. It allows more damage, more crit and you can heal yourself for a ridiculous amount once fully leveled up. I get double mocking shout because it allows you to stay in fights with the damage reduction, and it allows you to chase like a pro.

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Summoner Spells

I feel like this is obvious! Although there can be some situational changes here and there Exhaust and ignite are great. I take Exhaust because you can have your enemy constantly slowed. Chasing them will require no tower diving, simply pressing W and exhausting after. Also, ignite is a fun spell to have in almost any game. Many teams have at least one Champion with a healing ability. Take Mundo for example- you seem his health drop low and pop ignite, that will reduce his healing from his ult by 50%, making him easy killings for you. There are also some interchangeable spells instead of ignite. However, ALWAYS TAKE EXHAUST.

Possible Spells~
Ghost- I guess, However end game you will already have fast speed, and with slows there shouldn't be much of a problem.
Flash- This is your best bet instead of ignite. Flashing to get away, to get a final blow, or just to get in range of your slow is always good.
Teleport- If your bad at clicking, take teleport I guess, but I wouldn't recommend to most.

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If you have any sort of common sense, this build will work out perfectly for you, and you will always be a super fed carry. If you like this build, please comment and give me one of those thumbs up, it helps me out a lot.

Thanks for stopping by

~Deluxe Bagel :)