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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xylor

Tryndamere:The Barbarian King

Xylor Last updated on March 23, 2011
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Hey everyone this is xylor this is my fourth build so far and also my fourth dps character guide, i've made a Kog Maw, Xin Zhao, Miss Fortune and now a Tryndamere.
As just about everyone knows and is fairly standard for a tryndamere to get critical strike chance and dps. Whether you want to go all damage or all attack speed or a balance between the two (like me) is completely up tp you.

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Pros / Cons

Tryndamere may not be best suited for some players so heres some good things and some bad things.

-Great Insane Damage
-Amazing laner
-Healing skill
-Easy Escape (i.e. through walls)
-Immortal Ultimate
-More crit as your health gets lower means more bloodlust stacks which means more health
-No mana costs for skills

-Low health pool
-squishy early game
-Physical attack dependant and can be taken down with exhaust/blind
-Can't initiate well

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Skill Sequence

To start off usually depends on how you play/ what map your using but i find it works best to stick a point in bloodlust and play it safe for a bit. You can also get a point in spinning slash for a maybe early kill or getting away fast but now youve got no way to get that missing 40hp back until level 2.
Second i put a point into spinning slash (bloodlust if already level 1 in spinning slash) this skill i only put one point into until later because i have a very agressive style of playing and need mocking shout more. But spinning slash is great for escaping, spinning through walls, chasing and farming.
Next i put a point into Bloodlust (your gonna wanna focus this skill and level it whenever possible because more crits= higher damage).
Fourth i put a point into mocking shout because by now you might be getting ready to chase some champs and need a slowing skill (which only slows when therye turned away)
And as far as the rest of the game goes just focus your points into bloodlust then mocking shout and then spinning slash and of course at levels 6, 11 and 16 your ultimate (spinning slash can be focused before mocking shout if your playing style means you farm minions a lot rather than gank champions).

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Tryndamere needs critical chance above all, why not get some right off the bat. With the runes, the masteries, the passive and a brawlers glove trynd starts the game with about 40% crit chance.Now Cooldown reduction because from the CrC runes you can only get about 2.5 critical chance :-/ thats not a lot so what i do is get CdR so i can jump through walls faster,sooner and heal faster and sooner.

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The first 3 mastery points are pretty easy to explain +2% crit chance and the fourth a point into cripple (to help your exhaust). After that get all 4 points into alacrity because dps champs do need attack speed. I personally put the 3 points into sorcery because i like a little cool down reduction (cdr) certainly helps when youve got people chasing you and 5 more seconds left for spinning slash. Sunder next because everyone has at least a little bit or armor so its like getting extra damage. Brute force is again, more damage! Lethality because, hey your gonna be criting 95% of the time why not hit those crits higher? Havoc is awesome 5% more damage from skills and regualr attacks, AWESOME.
Now i go into the defensive side because i find getting dodge more preferable over getting "mana regeneration" because trynd doesnt even use mana. seems like a waste of valuable points to me.

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I start off with a brawlers glove and either a sight ward or 2 hp pots (sight ward for if theres a jungler on their team) After playing around for a bit and porting back (or dying) I rush and get zeal because crit, attack speed and movement is what trynd is all about... and damage but thats for later.Then i get either berserkers boots or mercury treads depending on their teams ccs (crowd control, like stuns and slows)(usually berserkers though). After this i go for a phantom dancer for the same reasons as a zeal: crit, movement and attack speed.
Infinty edge is a must have it gives more damage, more crit and makes you hit 50% better crit damage!!!! If you get this far buy a vampiric scepter then a bf sword and get a bloodthirster (then another), ya get the chance to get an extra 100 damage and 25% ls per bloodthirster so dont run just keep hitting! :-D If you get this far and ive only ever done so once (hour long game with 20/2/15)Go for a situational item like for example (this works great)last game i played they had 4/5 dps champs so im like hmmmm undying+30%magic damage returned= 4 dead champs :-D got a penta kill on that one.

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Summoner Spells

I get exhaust so i can quite easily subdue any squishy dps chars, makes for easy kills and ignite because sometimes close up characters cant get all their damage in.

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Game Play

Early Game:
get your items and head to either the bottom lane or top (middle usually has a ranged char, no good) and just lane for a bit. Be very cautious early game because trynd is very squishy so just last hit and try to keep your stacks at 8 but its very important to BE CAREFUL!!!

Mid Game:
Now its time to start ganking, easy targets are high damage squishy characters like ashe or teemo, characters that can be put out with a simple exhaust. Be sure to let your team know your going top or mid or bot to gank and ping the character your attempting to kill and decide who is going to initiate first, very important. Also get dragon whenever you can its easy to solo at level 10 and up (possible at 9 but have your spinning slash up incase someone walks by). Participate in team fights by killing off the high damage squishy chars and slowing/ reducing the damage of the whole team.

Late Game:
By now you should have your mind set on winning so farm, push, get into team fights, takedown turrest, get dragon, pick off those dumb ones that overextend and get your team and grab baron too. Now if your not doing so hot you should be more than capable of holding off massive waves of minions easily so do that, farm, get money, get better, level up and hopefully turn the game around.

This is the end of my build, hope you liked it but if you didnt try it out first before voting on it please? itd be much appreciated :-)
Goodluck destroying and making ragers out of everyone and have fun.

Just an update, i looked at my scores i.e kills/deaths/assists and i noticed my best game was 17/0/1 and that in the last 10 games ive gotten 118 kills 31 deaths and 58 assists.
Thats a 4k/d!!!!! now im not the greatest trynd player ever but just goes to show how awesome my build is eh eh eh???? ;-)