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Tryndamere Build Guide by robb11

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author robb11

Tryndamere the BUTCHER

robb11 Last updated on June 21, 2011
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Hey welcome to my 2nd guide on the site. This is the way i play tryndamere and it normally works out quite well for me. while i might do stupid things and feed at the begining just cuz i go in without my ulti, i always end up with a positive score with him and slaughter everyone. so i hope that if you use this guide you will slaughter like i do. now i know what your thinking, you cant really stray from a trynd build because hes all based on critical strike. this is true but the way you approach the items and the chance of criticals in the begining in cucial. in the end though, they all end up pretty much the same.

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Pros / Cons

Pros for trynd

    Has a healing spell
    can slow
    has easy chase spell with his spin
    his ultimate. enough said.
    doesnt use mana
    his ultimate can cast during stuns, snares, ect.
    the lower his health the more chance he can crit

Cons for trynd
    if someones smart enough to get thornmail, it can shred you
    hes melee so in the begining its kinda hard to farm against ranged champions
    his slow only works if the enemy is turned away from him
    sometimes, spin can glitch and not work

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ok, as i said in my last build, i personally do not use runes. not any reason why i dont i just havent gotten any really. but my runes here are pretty basic for trynd. some might argue with the attack speed but thats their choice. ALSO, the runes dont help you much in the end its more for begining game which gets you to the end.

i use all critical strike marks for obvious reasons. this helps early game on the critical factor and also mid game. towards late game it doesnt really do anything since you have infinity edge and phantom dancer and the other crit items.

i put once again critical runes but only half of them are criticals. the criticals are for obvious reason but if your attack soo slowly theres not much reason to have so much damage if you only get one attack off in a fight. if you have some attack speed runes you can land afew more hits on in the begining and have a better chance of getting a kill 1v1 or the first blood gank attempt.

glyphs are just all crit for begining. they dont give as much as the others and only having about 3% crit increase doesnt seem like much. but when it adds up with everything else you get 38.57% chance at lvl 1 with the brawlers gloves.

i thought about putting in critical damage runes for quints, but then decided against it because with infinity edge you go to 250% and with your bloodlust stacks that also goes up so if you can already do it passively but need to actually crit to do it, having a higher crit chance seems like the right thing to do.

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the masteries i chose are pretty self explanitory. crit chance for crit chance, lower cd so you can ulti and heal more, up exhaust cuz thats what i use as a spel and it makes it more effective, crit damage for crit damage, some experience increase doesnt hurt either

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the items all work together in some way, making you the ultimate killing machine.

Avarice blades- the avarice blades give crit chance and gold, which helps you build up to the BF sword for infinity edge.

Berzerkerz Greaves- standard lvl 2 boots with increased attack speed to get your shredding attacks out there faster.

Infinity Edge- Tons of damage, crit chance, and increases to 250% damage for crits. this item was made for trynd.

Phantom Dancer- Faster movement, always nice for chasing down, faster attack speed, to well, attack faster obviously, and crit chance, which will go great with that 250% increase from infinity edge. Once you get to this point, you have a 109.57 crit chance at full health with everything added into it.

Bloodthirster- Big damage, life steal, makes your damage and lifesteal amount go up each time. this makes for a very big hit.

Ghostblade- that purple ghostblade thing that no one actually knows how to pronounce. since avarice blade goes into it, why not upgrade? faster attack speed and some CD reduction.

Trinity Force- faster movement, faster attack speed, chance to slow on hit, and whenever you spin, heal, or attempt to slow you can do massive increased damage. quite a good choice if you actually get that far into the game. it also adds more AP so when you heal you get more per stack.

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Summoner Spells

I use Ignite for the reason of killing a champions you just cant reach and is close enough to dying and to stop healing affects by mundo, gangplank, other trynds, ect.

i use Exhaust for slowing people and catchin up to them. also decreases their damage output which is very nice.


as an alternative i would take out for exhaust, not ignite, i would say either flash to either catch up or get away, or ghost, for that same reason. i would not recomend any other spells.

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so thats the build. plz vote and comment only after you have tried the build. and dont mark it down or spam about trynd being a noob charater, or how i dont use runes. actually give feed back about the guide.