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League of Legends Build Guide Author iHasEpic

Tryndamere - The Comprehensive Carry

iHasEpic Last updated on April 5, 2011
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Tryndamere Build

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Tryndamere is a carry. He starts out very weak, but as the game progresses, he gets better and better. In this guide i'll be showing you how to effectively play Tryndamere, build him, and some neat tricks for him too.

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I walk down the offensive tree while getting all the critical chance masteries. Even if you decide not to follow my mastery build, there are two masteries that are very important to max.

Deadliness [2% Critical Chance]
Lethality [10% Critical Chance]

This sums up to 12%, plus 10% for Tryndamere's passive, Battle Cry. [22%]

I take Armor Penetration, Attack Speed, and a little more minion damage to help me farm effectively, and to help me get those champion kills mid/late game.

As for my last 9 points, I go down the utility tree getting increased health and mana regeneration, a little bit time less spent dead, and 4% more experience.

This helps me get to level 6 faster.

Greed will give you a little bit of extra gold, if you don't like Greed take

Utility Mastery [Neutral monster buffs last 15% longer.]

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Summoner Spells

I take Exhaust and Ignite, for many reasons. I got the point on my offensive mastery tree, which buffs Exhaust by a little. These two spells are for 1v1 at low levels, running away, and chasing. Since Mocking Shout and Spinning Slash don't come up fast, I use Exhaust to slow them down until Mocking Shout and Spinning Slash come up again, allowing me a better chase.

Ignite is mainly used for getting first blood, since i'm a carry it's very hard to solo other enemy champions. Exhaust takes away 70% of their damage, and Ignite does 70 damage at level 1 and 150 damage by level 5. Very useful for enemies running away, or just some extra damage on your target.

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Follow the build I give. Start with a Vampric Scepter or Cloth Armor. If you get a Cloth Armor, you get to buy 5 extra Health Potions. You want to have some kind of lifesteal item early so you don't need to go back to base a lot. Hopefully the utility masteries helped. Afterward, run down Berserker's Greaves. If the enemy has lots of stunning and slowing effects, take Mercury Tread's. Afterward, start on Madred's Bloodrazors with a Recurve Bow. However, if the enemy has many mages like Veigar and Ryze, take Youmuu's Ghostblade instead. Then, take Phantom Dancer for more attack speed, critical chance and movement speed. Your two last items are Infinity Edge for 250% critical damage and some attack speed, and Black Cleaver or Last Whisper. Both are great choices because they have armor penetration and damage.

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Pros and Cons


-Can easily run in and out of battles with Spinning Slash.
-Has a chasing ability Mocking Shout.
-Can health after battle with bloodlust, and giving him extra critical damage and attack while in battle.
-Less health Tryndamere has, the more deadly he is, and is well paired with his ultimate, Undying Rage.
-Can easily take down entire enemy teams late game.
-Many escaping methods.


-Well weak before level 6.
-While in battle, health is often very low at all times.
-He is usually targeted first.

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Skill Sequence

If you're laning or jungling, you can follow this skill sequence.

At level 1 you take Spinning Slash or Bloodlust, depending on who you're laning with.

Example : If I lane with an enemy Teemo, I take bloodlust to heal from his deadly harassing.
Example 2 : If i'm laning with enemy Jarvan, I take spinning slash to avoid his heavy dps.

Afterward, just take the other skill you didn't get.
Spinning Slash, Bloodlust.
Bloodlust, Spinning Slash.

Then, get one point in Mocking Shout for the slow and leave it.

Alternate between Spinning Slash and Bloodlust, and grab your ultimate when it's available.

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For Tryndamere, since he is a very hard carry, you will NEED to last hit minions or you will lose a lot of health farming. You want to lane with a melee character so generally he doesn't harass too much. If you have Teemo on your lane, ask for a lane switch.

When your enemy is at their summoner platform healing and buying items, this is a critical chance to farm! Spam Spinning Slash whenever it's up and try to get the most out of this time.
Try not to fall behind levels, or you will be useless.

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When you start jungling, take a Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potions.

Try to stay on your side of the map when jungling, or your enemies are bound to find you and you die.

I like to start on bloodlust, and take the wraith camp first. If I lose over 250 health, I use a Health Potion and my bloodlust stacks. When I finish the wraith camp I usually have 4 or 5 stacks.

Afterward, go for the Golem camp. When one of the Golems gets to around 400 health, use Smite. Take on the other golem solo and then use a Health Potion.

By now you are at least level 2. Get Spinning Slash because Mocking Shout only decreases the movement speed and damage of enemy champions, therefore making it useless for junglers.

I Spinning Slash in, and take on the lizard. I don't take the blue buff first because I have no mana, making the only use for the blue buff is reduced cooldowns. Use Smite on the golem when he's 450 health, and then use your Bloodlust stacks and as many Health Potions as you need.

You also want to be constantly ganking other lanes, and helping out a lane if the enemy is pushing. This can get you many kills, and make sure to use Exhaust and Ignite when the enemy is trying to get away to ensure at least one kill.

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Team Work

For team fights, you want to be as useful as possible. You want to take as much damage as possible, so as soon as the fight erupts, Spinning Slash in, then attack the enemy dps, and activate your ultimate when low health. Be wary that your ultimate only lasts for 5 seconds, so around 3.5 seconds, Spinning Slash out, use your Bloodlust stacks, and hopefully you've taken down at LEAST 2 enemy champions. Don't coward out. If you're used to that, Tryndamere isn't a champion for you.

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Tryndamere is a hard carry. He can also last a lane for a VERY long time. He is godly at late game, loves to take damage, and loves to deal damage. No matter how you play him, make you get lots of critical damage and critical chance, along with armor penetration, lifesteal, and damage.

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I allow constrcutive critisims, and this is my first guide. Correct me on anything you'd like, as the build was founded by me, the jungling pattern I thought of myself, although others have probably thought of it before.

Lastly, thanks for reading, I tried really hard on this :)