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League of Legends Build Guide Author dedicateD

Tryndamere, the Crit King

dedicateD Last updated on November 27, 2010
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This is my second build/guide I've written. If theres a question, you can leave a comment or email me. Email will be at the bottom, in the last section.

This is a really long, in detail, guide to how I build and play my Tryndamere. To skip to a certain part, press CTRL+F and type in the bracket and number/name, ex: [Intro]. If enough people ask, I will redo the (Playstyle) section to show how to actually play her.


Rune Choice:
    [Item Order]
    [1.0] Extra Items
    [1.1] Avarice Blade
    [1.2] Executioner's Calling
    [1.3] Boots
    [1.4] Zeal (Phantom Dancer x 2)
    [1.5] Infinity Edge
    [1.6] The Black Cleaver x 3
    [1.7] Extra Items (elaborated)

This is only my second build and the first one where I will try to describe how I play Tryndamere. If I fail to talk about a key point, put a comment and I will fix it. If there is something you don't understand, I will try to the best of my knowledge to explain to you. Please don't comment saying you don't understand something if you havn't taken the time to thoroughly read this guide.

Okay, enough with the intro. Tryndamere was my first champion I ever got really into. I have adjusted this build over the course of more than 400 games (pre-season 1 of course, and adding final adjustments during season 1). You must remember that Tryndamere is a very defensive champion until level 6 and his ultimate, where all of his survivability is. Now, if you are experienced playing with Tryn, it should be easy to get early game kills, even before level 6, but only if you have a competent lane mate and you have an exit strategy. Your spin is the best way to both enter and exit a fight, and since the cooldown is reduced for every crit (you being the criting machine), you should be able to relatively spam it. If you are ever being chased, your spin can also get you through thin walls like in jungles or in their base, so it is an excellent way to "juke" an enemy player and get away safe. The best skill you have to stay in a lane is Bloodlust, though. I find that Bloodlust isn't very useful until around level 3 of it. I tend to max out this skill first because at level 5, you get a high bonus of crit damage and it heals for plenty. Last hitting minions and consuming Bloodlust stacks is a great way to heal yourself. Once you hit level 6, try to get in a team fight every time your ultimate is up.

Remember, in team fights, it is always excrutiatingly important to predetermine targets. Never attack the tank first, always aim for a squishy DPS/caster or an easy enemy support champion. You're a great help in team fights since if they focus you, you have 6 seconds of invulnerability so the rest of your team can attack without worrying too much, but if they choose to ignore you, you get to unleash massive damage to them. Also remember that your Mocking Shout ability isn't just to catch people running away. It has a massive damage debuff to enemy champions which could be the difference between your team dying or you coming out on top.

Crit damage all the way. Armor penetration can only do so much but an extra 45.51% crit damage with over 400 attack damage (that is roughly an extra 180-200 damage per crit) will do so much more.

[Item Order]
    Brawler's Gloves + 2 Healing Pots

    Turn Brawler's Gloves into Avarice Blade
    Brawler's Gloves or Vampiric Scepter
    Brawler's Gloves or Vampiric Scepter (which ever one you didn't buy)
    Turn into Executioner's Calling
    Boots of Speed (turn into either Tabi or Merc, depending on amount of CC's)
    Brawler's Glove
    Dagger (turn into Zeal)
    Pick Axe or Cloak of Agility
    Build Infinity Edge
    Cloak of Agility (turn into Phantom Dancer)
    Zeal (turn into 2nd Phantom Dancer)
    Sell boots (see [1.3])
    BF Sword or Long Sword (turn into The Black Cleaver)
    Sell Avarice Blade
    BF Sword or Long Sword (turn into 2nd Black Cleaver)
    Sell Executioner's Calling
    BF Sword (turn into either another Black Cleaver or Bloodthirster)

[1.0] Extra Items
Now, you might have noticed that there is a lot of selling and buying. You might also notice that this build seems impossible to complete, and yes, it is. Most games will end before or closely after you buy your 2nd Phantom Dancer. This build is only incase of those extremely long games that never seem to end. There are multiple variations you can make to this build depending on how it is going. For more information about this, see section [1.7]

[1.1] Avarice Blade
I used to hate the idea of getting a single Avarice Blade, let alone see the hundreds of Tryn's that buy up to 4 or 5 of these. They provide a moderate amount of crit chance, which is useful, and some gold. They provide no real use late game, as your crit chance should be maxed and the amount of gold is negligible. If you really want more, I would have to put my foot down on anymore than 2. Some other builds make this into a Yomumuu's Ghostblade, which is a nice item but simply does not fit the needs of this 2-swing deathbringing machine.

[1.2] Executioner's Calling
This also is a good source of early game crit chance. It also has the perfect amount of lifesteal to always keep you in the lane. The bonus is also very useful against any gank or fight, since many teams use a healer (such as Alistar, Soraka, or Taric). You might have read that I end up selling this. I sell it basically at end game, since fights won't last long enough for this lifesteal to help much and the added damage you can get from a better item is much more worth it. Also, the crit chance is not needed since your passive and 2 Phantom Dancers should be enough (keep in mind the Infinity Edge too!)

[1.3] Boots
Boots are needed for any champion to do well... for a while. Mercury Treads if their team is heavy CC and Tabi its mostly phys. dps. Now, late game, when you can afford a 2nd Phantom Dancer, you no longer need shoes for movement speed, and the added benefits of another Phantom Dancer (crit chance, attack speed, dodge, movement speed) surpass any shoes.

[1.4] Zeal (Phantom Dancer x 2)
I always buy atleast the Brawler's Glove part before finishing my boots. If you feel like it, you can complete the Zeal before level 2 boots (always get Boots of Speed first though). I wait until after Infinity Edge to finish the first Phantom Dancer since I value more damage over a little bit faster attack speed. I finish first and either start on 2nd (buying a Zeal) or finish both Phantom Dancers before moving on to more DPS. This will allow for maximum crit chance and an extremely high attack speed. At this point you can even sell back the shoes for a tiny bit of gold.

[1.5] Infinity Edge
This is your ultimate weapon. It has everything you need and no Tryndamere is considered to be a champion without it. The item should be self-explainitory, more attack damage + more crit damage + higher chance of critting = you laughing over the dead bodies of the other team. Always get this before finishing your first Phantom Dancer. Until you have this item, the game is just warmup.

[1.6] Black Cleaver x 3
Now, there isn't really any chance you can get past the first, maybe second Black Cleaver, but it is always nice to know you can. Yes, you will need to sell the Avarice Blade and Executioner's Calling to fit these into your build, but it will be well worth it to see people drop in 2 hits. I have included rough estimates using this website and the official LoL website to show how much damage you can do per swing with good conditions:

Level 5 Bloodlust has a crit damage multiplier of 4.5%. You can get 8 stacks of this so 4.5 per stack * 8 stacks = 36. +295 [runes, IE, etc] = 331% crit damage. After all the masteries, runes, and Infinity Edge, you should end with around 331% crit damage. With ~91% crit chance at full health (passive will fill the rest) and base damage of 448 (including elixer of fortitude) and 3 extra damage per stack with 8 stacks gets you a total of 472 base attack damage, but every strike is a crit.

Now for the real math.
472 * 3.31 (critdmg%) = 1562.32 with the first hit having an extra armor penetration of 36 and every hit after being 60 armor pen. (this debuff helps allies too). Keep in mind, also, that you have 2 Phantom Dancers, meaning extreme attack speed.

This will down any squishy in a matter of 1 to 2 hits, 3 if they are lucky. Tanks might take a couple more swings, but in this build, you should be able to kill atleast 2-3 enemies as long as you aren't heavily CC'd and you can get your ultimate off in time.

[1.7] Extra Items (eleborated)
Now people might see that there is no lifesteal and Bloodlust might not be enough to support you late game. If needed, you can substitute a Black Cleaver for Blood Thirster. I decided not to show since you lose all the attack and lifesteal bonus on death. Don't misundersand that I think Blood Thirster isn't good for Tryn because it is an excellent item, I would use personally, but this build is for pure damage in crits. Also, if you are dying too quick to use your ult, you can buy a Guardian Angel, so you can go into a fight, care free, and just whack at people. When they use all their cooldowns to kill you, you can come back and just press R as quick as possible and get a free 6 seconds of murdering.

Well, thank you for spending the time to read this guide. If you need any further explanation of any item or reasoning, leave a comment or email me at