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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dallonrich

Tryndamere: The DPS Carry

dallonrich Last updated on March 28, 2011
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I request a few things before ever rating this guide:

First, please go TRY the build. I have had many people criticize my build even tho I am leading both teams in kills/assists. I've played MANY Tryndamere games and this combination is powerful.

Second, Many people have called Tryndamere an OP character. In the last several patches he has been nerfed and despite that I am still capable of dominating with Tryndamere. Realize, there is A LOT of skill involved when playing Tryndamere.

Finally, Understand that the key to being a dominating DPS carry is to have a strong beginning. Tryndamere is one of the hardest characters to start with. Thus, if you die a lot with Tryndamere realize that it is not the build. There is a reason Tryndamere is a difficult start character

Now that we've done that. Let us begin.

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Things to Remember

1. Tryndamere is EXTREMELY item dependant
2. Tryndamere is NOT a good farmer, ganker, or really champion in the early stages of the game
3. Tryndamere is a completely ITEM DEPENDANT champion
4. Tryndamere is an Auto Attack Character, use your abilities to get close.
5. Using a Spinning Slash/Auto-Attack combo will almost always give you the gank/last hit on minion

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Skill Set


This is a stacking ability. It stacks up to 8 stacks on each Critical Hit and/or death (these do also stack on minion/jungle creature kills).

Each stack will increase Tryndamere's attack by 5 and increases Critical Strike damage by 1.5/2.25/3/3.75/4.5% (both affects are per stack). Also, by pressing Q you can exchange the stacks for health (10/20/30/40/50 health per stack). This has no health cost and since it's cast upon yourself there is no need to list the range.

Using Bloodlust:
Bloodlust does increase your damage output significantly. Pushing your stacks to the edge can easily get you early ganks, especially for this particular rune set.
More importantly, Bloodlust is the key to becoming a destructive carry. Jungling to build Bloodlust stacks to bring back health will keep Tryndamere on the field longer and give him buffs for early ganks that most Tryndameres fail to get.
Finally, using Bloodlust at the end of using your Undying Rage increases your survivability thus preventing team ganks

Mocking Shout(W):

Mocking shout is an extremely important skill do to the fact that it is a slow and slightly reduces enemy physical damage.

Reduces enemy champion physical damage by 20/40/60/80/100
Will reduce enemy movement speed by 30/37.5/45/52.5/60%.
Length of Effect: 4 seconds
Cost: 25 Health (consistent through level 18)
Range: 400

Using Mocking Shout:
The slow affect on Mocking Shout only works when the champions are running AWAY from you. So it is important if you are trying to slow that they are not fighting you. Even more critically is when you are looking to prevent ganks get behind the enemy champions first and use this skill.

Spinning Slash (E):

Spinning Slash is as it sounds. You spin and slash the enemy. This is easily one of Tryndamere's best abilities. You can spin through walls, spin into fights, and a Spinning Slash + Flash Spell combo creates an unbeatable escape.

Commits: 40/90/140/185/240 Physical Damage (+1 Magic Damage) if Slashing enemies
Costs: 40/50/60/70/80 Health
Range: 25,000 (About the length of a Flash)
Passive: If Tryndamere Critical Strikes it reduces the CD of this ability by 2 Seconds

Using Spinning Slash:
Using Spinning Slash is easy yet complicated. The reason for starting with spinning slash is when you Spin Slash followed by a normal attack it gives you two attacks in one second (which is great for minion farming and last hitting champ kills).
Spinning Slash is also Tryndamere's only escape ability and is Critical for escaping (whether early or late game).
Finally, SPIN THROUGH WALLS. This creates unbelievable strategic position for Tryndamere and can make for some interesting ganks.
Obviously, use slash to chase champs. That's a no brainer

Undying Rage(R):

Simply put, for 5 seconds Tryndamere cannot die. This is a beautful power when champs focus you because all abilites are placed on you and you won't die.

Will give Tryndamere 4/6/8 Bloodlust Stacks when activated
Will not allow Tryndamere to die for 5 Seconds
Cost: N/A
Cooldown is reduced by each level (not sure of exact number)

Using Rage:
Many people call this an OP skill but any noob can use this but it takes a master not to die afterwards.
The key to using endless rage is to use it as late as possible (yes, sometimes lag is a ***** and kills you, get over it)
When escaping go to about 4 seconds and do a Spinning Slash escape and Bloodlust stack exchange. Generally you will escape if it is a team fight (and sometimes even if its not)
Otherwise, this is a very obvious skill. Anyone who's seen it knows how to use it

Battle Fury(Passive):

Tryndamere's Critical Chance increases as he becomes more wounded

Starts Tryndamere off with an additional 10% Critical Chance
Critical Chance increases by 4% per 10% of life removed

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This build has a strong focus around Critical Damage rather than Critical Chance (which is the popular use for Tryndamere)

Pure Critical Damage Runes give you an additional 46% Critical Damage to start with. This allows you to commit INSANE damage early game destroying almost 1/2 health on most characters which makes laning with a Crowd Control character allows for lane domination.

Also, with a Phantom Dancer/Infinity Edge + Your passive you are Critical Striking almost every attack towards later game so I find Critical Chance Runes to be Redundant.

Finally, because this build involves you getting Phantom Dancer BEFORE damage items (see items) the Critical Damage runes still allow you to gank even without something like an infinity edge.

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Avarice Blade: This is good for 2 reasons. First, the gold generation really makes a big difference due to the fact that Tryndamere is a fail farmer, ganker, and even champion in early game. Second, the additional Critical Chance is obvious. Tryndamere is a Critical Chance focused champion, thus the Avarice Blade.

+12% Critical Chance
Generated 5 Gold for 10 Seconds

Boots of Swiftness: I will admit I have only recently in the last 20 games or so started using this item. The additional speed on these make for miraculous ganks, escapes, saves, etc... and when combined with Phantom Dancer just amplify that affect. Surprisingly, these boots are amazing to use on Tryndamere.

+3 Movement Speed

Phantom Dancer: This is an amazing item and it baffles me that many other Tryndamere's don't bother to even buy this item until late game! This item gives additional movement speed, attack speed AND... CRITICAL CHANCE!!!! If you haven't figured it out by now, Tryndamere NEEDS critical chance. Many a game I have built to this point and still manage to carry the team to the point of the opposing team surrendering.

+55% Attack Speed
+30% Critical Chance
+15% Movement Speed

Infinity Edge: It doesn't matter who you are or how you play Tryndamere. If you aren't buying Infinity Edge then you aren't playing Tryndamere correctly, enough said. The additional Critical Chance is huge but more importantly, the additional Critical Damage AND Physical damage all amplify Tryndamere's abilities. This is a no duh. If anything you could take away from this, It would be BUY INFINITY EDGE DAMN IT!!!

+75 Attack Damage
+20% Critical Chance
Critical Attacks deal 250% instead of 200% *NOTE: When combined with runes you are doing almost 300%*

*NOTE: You no longer need to build Critical Chance at this point*

Stark's Fervor: Personally, I like to get the Vampiric Scepter earlier in the game thus making jungling easier (which keeps you on the field longer, as said above). This item gives additional attack speed and life steal as well as creates an aura of life steal for the team.

Rebuttal: Many have criticized by saying that Bloodthirster is a better choice at this point. I used to agree with this statement, however, there are 3 main reasons that this item is more preferable:
1. The additional attack speed creates a better chance at last hitting champions, minions, and jungling (thus increasing gold output)
2. Attack Speed increases the amount of life steal chances
3. Tryndamere is generally a selfish champion (as most carries are) and generally jumps in ganks and jumps out. I find that aura of life steal contributes more to the team giving better chances at winning team fights

+20% Attack Speed
Aura: Gives nearby allied Champions 20% Life Steal, 20% Attack Speed, and 30 Health Regen per 5. Reduces the Armor of nearby enemy champions by 20 *NOTE: When combined with Last Whisper creates very good armor penetration*

Last Whisper: Additional Attack damage and Armor Penetration to add to your auto attack. This adds tons more damage due to the fact that you get additional armor penetration, it's rather surprising.

+40 Attack Damage
+40% Armor Penetration

From here, I suggest leaving the final slot open for warding, oracle's, and other consumables that you may like (I'm a big fan of warding)

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Summoner Spells

Not real picky about these so I'll make it quick.

The most commonly used spells for Tryndamere are these:
The above are obvious. However I recommend the two above because the Spin/Flash combo creates an unbeatable escape. The additional slow with exhaust creates an auto gank when in a 1 v 1.

However, I would like to add...TELEPORT

My reasoning for this is later game Tryndamere is almost impossible to defeat 1 v 1. When you combine that with the fact that you are WARDING (see Ward Guide) then you can generally pick off stragglers and backdoor pushers with ease. Many have criticized me for this however many a game we have one purely for the fact that I was able to feed off of teleport ganks.

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Above is an in depth guide to building and choosing Tryndamere skills. I will now say that if you have played Tryndamere before then you have the information you need. Otherwise, I will go further in depth into actually gameplay and particular situations.

"This will be a slaughter"

Anyone notice similarities? ;) Go to league craft. It's pretty epic

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Pros / Cons

Auto Attack like a boss (almost 1000 Damage per attack at full build)
Endless Rage is amazing in team fights (eliminate 1-2 before any teammates take damage) and eliminates the need for health items.
Slow/Spin Combo: Some would call this "cheap" but it destroys most all champions in a 1 v 1 situation

Completely shut down by CC (crowd control) -> More often than not, CC makes your rage useless if you are unable to get away.
Painfully difficult to play early game (generally until level 6)
Burst Damage/Nukes (Kassadin, Annie, etc...) make your ultimate useless

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Here are some places to ward. This is by no means a full ward guide. But I cannot tell you how critical this is. I have won a minimum of 10-15 games purely due to the fact that I warded. If you want further information on warding, I recommend finding them on YouTube or other guides on the site (Most likely I will update this later).
The key to warding is to ward pinch points. Especially in jungles. Picking off stragglers can be the difference between victory and defeat. All I can really say is this... WARD!!!! It helps, I promise.

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In-Game Gameplay

I'm going to do my best to describe how I play Tryndamere. This is not necessarily the only way but this should give you an idea.

Early Game:
Harrass hard and as much as possible starting off with Brawlers gloves and two health potions. Push your life to the edge for the critical hits and whatever you do, scare the hell out of your opponents. The reason for this is because you need to dominate the lane so that you can farm and build bloodlust without issues, while at the same time being prepared to harass/gank.

I see many guides that recommend playing him conservatively until level 6 when you get Undying Rage. With the amount of damage output you have and the need to build Bloodlust stacks I recommend the opposite approach. The more aggressive you are (keep in mind that if you get ganked in your aggression you lose the lane and the enemies will target you) the more timid your opponents will be giving you time to rebuild health and gold. I will not deny this is very difficult, however, if done correctly, you have successfully done what other Tryndamere's generally do not do.

Now what happens if you fail to push the lane to your advantage? (Kog'Maw is an achilles heel to many people for lane domination). Well if you start with Spinning Slash and have Flash (still okay without it, but makes it easier) then you have enough ability to escape an early gank and go heal. From there just turret hug. Use your Spinning Slash/Attack combo to steal minion kills from the turret and when you get to level 6 generally you can start pushing outward more often.

*NOTE: Keep in mind that if you are indeed successfully dominating the lane, be prepared for the 3 v 2 gank. Thus, WARD!*

Mid Game: At this point you should be built up to, or almost done with Phantom Dancer and moving on to Infinity Edge. This is where Tryndamere gets fun, and is the most critical point in the game. Be sure to be using teamwork, lane with 1 or more people and get ganks (obvious strategy of course). At this point I like to run around the lanes and help push the turrets (or protect them, depending) and get the ganks on the stragglers. Without these ganks Tryndamere will be a lot slower to build up. A personal policy of mine is to NEVER go back in midgame until you have the money to buy a B.F. Sword. Stay on the field by jungling when your health gets low. This will keep your level ahead of the curve and give you gold.

When ganking mid game, persistence is the key. Spam your slow and spinning slash on the Champs who were dumb enough to go lane on their own and allow the Tryndamere sights to be placed on them. It only takes 2-3 ganks with no deaths to be a destructive Tryndamere carry for the rest of the game

Late Game: This is where most Tryndamere's mess up. They will 1 v 1 a champ and absolutely dominate them because of the amount of damage that they do. This creates overconfidence and many Tryndamere's think they are power rangers and try to 3 v 1 because they have Undying Rage. BAD!!

Play stragetically, pick off stragglers, and only enter the fight if you have methods to escape (without rage). At this point there's very few champions who can defeat you and so long as you dont become overly outnumbered, then you will dominate the other team. Combine that fact with ward strategies and you are raking in the ganks. Continue to support your pushers in laning and pushing turrets. You should be able to do some of this yourself since minions are now 1 hit for you

There you go. If you have any questions or have feedback, just comment.

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Team Work

I'll break it down in two parts:

Early Game: Lane with anyone with a stun. Not a slow, trap, or anything else. A STUN! The additional damage + 2 seconds gives you that time to Critical Hit. With a full rune page, and Masteries with additional 10% critical damage even ONE critical attack on a stunned champ will give you the gank for that lane.

I've also found that Jarvan is a great champion to lane with. However, for some reason, pushers are NOT good to lane with at the beginning. You NEED the opportunity to make ganks and harrass and also to farm the minions. Do whatever you can to avoid characters like Mordekaiser, Janna, etc.. in the beginning.

Mid/Late Game: I find that any character with a Pop-Up teamed with Tryndamere absolutely destroys the other team. I've played many a game with Janna and that duo absolutely CARRIES the team. Run and gank with these characters (if they aren't feeders... or Fishbacks*) then the game is yours.

*NOTE: Fishback = 3 Feeders*