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League of Legends Build Guide Author Skyum

Tryndamere - The Immortal

Skyum Last updated on January 17, 2011
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Hi, and welcome to my Tryndamere guide!

Tryndamere is a squishy-eating beast. He is a nightmare to all squishy champions, and from time to time, even tanks! I will today show you how to play Tryndamere effectively, and be the dominating player on your team. You will soon be chopping your enemies, and be laughing throughout it all!

I will be focusing on high crit chance, therefore the rune choice. Having 28% crit chance at level 1 is insane, believe me. And I've seen people playing Tryndamere, who has no idea of what the concept of Tryndamere is. A lot of people wants to stay high health all the time, and is running away when having half HP bar. Now, if you are one of those people, don't even bother playing Tryndamere. The concept of Tryndamere is to rely on his passive + his undying rage, which will make you immortal for 6 seconds. This is your 6 seconds of "Hey there, Im'a **** you up - 100% crit chance!".

The lower health you have, a bigger threat you are to the enemies!

If you're a person, with a DEFENSIVE playing style, do NOT, and I repeat, do NOT pick Tryndamere. You have to be in the front harrasing constantly. Every single crit makes you closer to that kill! Okay, let's go on with my guide.

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As said before, I go for pure Malice runes. I know this might sound stupid, and a lot of people probably disagree by my choice, but I've tried it, and the crit chance is just way to important early game. With 8 stacks on your bloodlust, you will be able to crit your enemies for 30% of their total health, at level 1-4, so I'm not fooling around. Tried several runes with Tryndamere and these runes is by far the best I've tried. It gives so much potential early game.

I might aswell explain it to you: Tryndamere's passive with these runes will get his crit chance to over 50% at level ONE! This will make you a beast from the starting second, to the very last moment, when their nexus is getting destroyed completely. These runes is just to good, to ignore. Tryndamere is all about critting on people.

This is just my runes, you can pick your own of course, but this will give you a major advantage in early game.

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For masteries, I go 21-0-9. I like having those extra 5% xp, because it will usually get you to level 6, before the enemies in your lane. This gives you the possibility to tower dive, and be a threat to them at ALL times. Use it to your advantage. Well, the offense masteries is just a must. :-) they will give you 10% higher crit damage, and better attack speed. This will give you advantage early game, and at late game the 10% extra crit damage WILL help you. Another 80-100 damage isn't bad, just because of masteries. And then I put one in exhaust improvement, just because it will help you everytime you meet someone at a 1v1. You will get a kill, no doubt.

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Tryndamere is VERY item dependent. And my items both gives you critical chance + life steal, which is very, very good on Tryndamere, and his crits. So Executioners Calling is just GREAT for Tryndamere! :-D Crit chance + life steal; what more can we ask for?!

The berserker greaves gives you the speed you need, and who doesn't want another 25% attack speed?! These boots are just plain sick. And when you then get your first phantom dancer, you will be moving at around 440 speed, which is a killer-speed, and no one will be able to get away from you, when you're spamming your Mocking Shout, so they get slowed. The infinity edge makes your crits SO DAMN BEASTLY! You're tearing everyone apart with these item. Riot, I thank you for this epic item.

And a second phantom dancer to end your insanity. No one will be a threat to you, and you're just chopping people to pieces. And with the last bloodthirster, the lifesteal of yours is just a joke. You will be getting maximum health within 3-4 hits on minions.

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Skill Sequence

It's important to maximize your Q -as quickly as possible, as this will be your main ability, to get you kills. It gives your critical strikes higher damage, and your basic damage a great boost. So if possible, always get 8 stacks in this, before initiating a fight. At level 2 level take Eonce, as this will be both your engage ability, but also flee ability. You can even slash through almost any wall with this, which is a GREAT bonus for Tryndamere, if being focused while using your, just when you're trying to get away :-)

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Early game - level 1-5:
Start off by picking a pair of Brawling gloves + 2 health potions.
You will take Q as your first ability. Keep laning, and last-hitting as much as possible. You need the gold - trust me. At level 2 pick E once, so you can engage enemies, or get away with it. But ONLY take it once, since it's based on magic damage. We will be focusing on maxing our Blood Lust + Mocking Shout, as it gives you amazing abilities to kill multiple enemies in a matter of seconds.
When you have the gold for berserker greaves or/and executioners calling, recall back, and get those items, as they will give you an huge advantage.

With the summonerspells Exhaust and Ignite you can easily get a firstblood. What you do is, you will get level 2, or 3. If you have harrased them a little bit, so they have around 70% of their maximum health, let them push you a little bit back in your lane. Then, get your Blood Lust stacked 8 times, and get ready to kill! You will make the Spinning Slash to get behind them, and then start auto-attacking while popping exhaust + ignite. This will almost give you an instant kill. I get kills this way ALL the time. Just remember to active blood lust, if you're getting in trouble. It can easily save your ***. But when laning, ping the champion you're planning on to attack, so your lane-partner knows who to attack. You will almost be insured a kill this way! :-)

Mid game - level 6-11:
You should by now have zeal/phantom dancer, and getting close to a B.F. Sword, or have one. You will mainly be harassing with 8 stacks on your blood lust + spinning slash to get away. If you have the chance, go towerdive someone. When you've finished your infinity edge, you'll be an immortalt beast, and people will be hating on you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NEVER go for a kill, if you know it will kill you too. It won't pay off in any way. ONLY towerdive, if you know, that you will survive.

Late game - level 12-18:
You should now have gotten almost all of your items, and you WILL be a carry in ganks, since your damage output is just massive. And while the other team is probably focusing you, you'll just be like: "pff, gtfo b0bzz!" and you'll pop your ulti. While they'll be attacking you, your own team will be tearing them apart, and you crits will be skyhigh. This will easily give you an ace, since you can down squishies in less than ONE second. - Yes, ALWAYS focus squishies as Tryndamere. Unless you've chosen to buy a Last Whisper instead of the blood thirster. Then you can even tear tanks apart, without them noticing what happened, before they see a respawn timer at the left corner!

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Last words

Yes, that is about everything you need to know, to be a decent Tryndamere. Personally I'm tearing teams apart with this build, as it gives you amazing lane ability + great jungling ability, as soon as you get the Executioners Calling. But always be on the move, never stand still with a Tryndamere. Be an instant threat to the enemy team, and always make them fear the sword of Tryndamere. Be an offensive player, and let people know, that you're also here, and if they don't pay attention, you'll just chop them into pieces, and nomnomnom them with Cho'gath. (Jk)

I ask you to first vote, when you've tried this build, instead of just downvoting because you don't like the items, or the way I'm telling you to play him. I hope you guys can give me some constructive critism, and tell me what I can do different, and good advices.

Thanks for reading my guide/build, I hope you will have some AWESOME games with Tryndamere, the Immortal!