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League of Legends Build Guide Author kookajamo

Tryndamere - The King of the Jungle

kookajamo Last updated on May 25, 2011
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Tryndamere - The King of the Jungle.

PLEASE Read the guide and at least try the build BEFORE voting down. If you think something is wrong or could/should be changed, post a comment before you Vote down.

Hello and welcome to my guide on Tryndamere - The King of the Jungle. This guide is geared twords newer junglers and trynd players looking for a build to start out with and work from. This guide is in no means written for competitive, high ELO play, but anyone looking to try jungle trynd should be able to benefit. In this guide I'll be explaining all of my choices, and also giving counterparts to the choices.

Due to how every game is unique, I can't tell you exactly how to build to win the game, I can't guarantee you tons of pentakills or lanes stained with the blood of your enemies. This is just a recommended build, adapt it to beat the team you are against if you want to profit.

That being said, enjoy the guide and please remember to give feedback :).

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Pros / Cons.

-Reliable Jungle, good for starters.
-Not too rune Dependant unless you want to do some crazy ****.
-Can start ganking as early as you can get red, which can be anywhere from 1-4 depending on how you jungle.
-Ganks with red almost always end in a kill
-Very mobile
-Incredibly High damage
-Much more viable than lane Trynd

-Not as fast as some jungles, but still fast.
-Relies highly on having red buff for ganks.
-Easily shutdown in a gank or team fight with something as simple as exhaust.

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Jungling Route + Playstyle

There are plenty of places trynd can start off his jungle, whether it be at red buff with a leash, wraiths, or small golems. For the sake of this guide being geared twords newer Jungle Trynds, I'll give one of the easiest but effective routes.

You'll want to pick up a vamp scepter at the start. The life steal off of your amazingly high crits early on will be plenty to keep you healed. Get your Q first for bigger crits, more life steal and a heal.

Work your way over to double golem and wait for everyone to show in the lane BEFORE you begin your route to avoid being ganked. Once everyone is present in their lanes, begin attacking one of the golem. Get it's health to about 500 and then smite it, then finish off the remaining golem. Between your masteries, runes and passive you should have a fair amount of stacks of your Q, keep them and head over to Wraiths. E on top of the wraiths, making sure to hit as many as possible, and focus the big wraith down. If you are ever about to lose your Q stacks or need a quick heal, use your Q, but I recommend only using it to heal when your stacks are about to fall off. After focusing the big wraith, kill the smaller ones and move over to wolves, keeping as many stacks as possible. Bladespin in, kill the big wolf, and then the remaining smaller ones.

By now you should be level 3, and have two options on what you want to do. Scout out the lanes and see if anyone looks low enough for a quick gank. If you feel you have the health too (You should) and someone is low enough, tell your teamate to let them push up and be ready to gank. If not, go back to base to replenish your health and buy some items.

Once at base you should have enough to buy brawler's gloves, and if you got a kill and maybe a creep or two while in the ganked lane before going back, a dagger as well. Work your way back to double golem as they should of respawned or be very close to repswning. Smite one and kill it, then kill the other. Repeat the same path you just did. After, look around again for teamates in need of a gank or a vacant lane to go get some free health regen, gold and experience from. If you don't see any ganks, vacant lanes or are too low to do anything, just go back to base.

Turn your brawler's gloves into a zeal and if you got another gank or two off (Most of you will have) grab unupgraded boots as well. Go back again to the small golems, but this time do not use smite. Kill them, and move up to red. Beat down red, focusing the lizard buff first and make sure to use smite. After, the rest is up to you.

For the rest of the game after your first red, you can continue you to gank lanes constantly while jungling, push up lanes when able to, and be a force to be reckoned with. After you grab some kills and farm, grab a BF sword and upgrade your boots. Go get some more farm and turn your BF sword into an Infinity Edge, and upgrade your vamp to an Emblem of Valour. Turn your Valour into a Starks, Upgrade your zeal to a phantom dancer, and then if you have extra gold buy two Bloodthirsters.

You probably won't get to finish the entire build before the game is over unless you get amazingly fed, but you should get close. Refer to the items section further down for explanations and alternate choices.

This may sound stupid, but the main thing I see newer Trynds too is be afraid to pop their endless. If you're having trouble getting it off because you wait too late, use it a bit earlier. Eventually you will learn exactly when to pop it based on the champions you are against, and your own build/health pool, but it's always better to use it earlier then not at all.

Another thing you shouldn't do is pop your endless and then run away from a team fight, unless you have a damn good reason too. You build all damage and a lot of lifesteal items for a reason, you have 6 or so seconds to essentially beat the living **** out of their team with no threat to you before you die. Use these 6 seconds to turn the tide in team fights, you are at your strongest when you are at 1 health with endless on because of your passive, make use of it. You may not live through every team fight, but you will sure as hell do some of the largest damage out of your team. Don't believe me? Ask for your enemies death logs.

Videos and Screen shots to be added soon.

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For my runes I choose Crit chance Reds, Armor Yellows, Attack Speed blues and Crit chance quints. With this rune build and my masteries and passive, I start out with a nice amount of crit to keep me alive longer in the jungle, and gives my early game damage a nice boost. The attack speed blues are always nice, and the armor is also nice for taking less damage in the jungle.

Crit Damage Vs Crit Chance Runes:
-Personally, I think crit chance runes have more to bring to the table. With crit chance runes, you can be more help to your team early game because you crit a lot more in the jungle, giving you those needed Q stacks faster, stopping your Q from dropping between jungle packs and giving you a good bit more live steal because of more 8 stack crits. Crit chance also lets you buy less crit items and still have close to 100% crit chance. You want to get your crit from items, runes and masteries to about 50%, because alot of your damage is while you have zero health in Endless, which gives you 50% bonus crit from your passive. This means any crit over 50% is essentially wasted, so you should try not to go over too much, but being a bit over isn't essentially bad.

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There is really only one good set of masteries I would use for Jungle Trynd unless you are doing something special with your style.

20/0/10 gives you the most benefit out of any build. You get improved exhaust and smite, both great talents. You get Crit chance, attack speed, Attack damage, Armor Pen, increased minion damage, and a large portion of bonus crit damage from your first 20 points, and Reduced time dead, increased health regen, increased experience gain and Buff duration from your last 10 points.

The reason behind this build is the deep crit damage talent in the offensive tree is very strong on trynd, as well as almost every other talent in the tree. 10 points into utility gives you much needed buff duration and experience gain increases, taken by almost every jungler. I shouldn't have to tell you why 15% more increased buff duration is stronger than 5% damage.

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Again, due to the fact that each game is unique, I can't give you a build that will work in 100% of games, but the build I listed is pretty viable for any jungle trynd. I'll provide a brief explanation of my choices as well as some alternatives.

Starting with a vamp is almost necessary as it keeps you in the jungle a lot longer than a cloth armor and some health pots will, plus it builds into one of your items late game so it isn't wasted gold. I buy my zeal first because the zeal gives nice stats and some movement speed (Roughly 30 without boots). I buy regular boots next, but then choose not to upgrade them until later because reg boots + a zeal keeps you moving almost as fast as someone with a type of movement speed 2 boots. This also allows you to build your BF sword and damage earlier, helping with ganks and getting farmed faster. An Infinity Edge is standard on almost any trynd build, 50% increased crit damage is a big deal. A starks is nice, it buffs your AD carries as well as giving you nice lifesteal and attack speed. Phantom dancers give 3 stats any trynd should love, crit, attack speed and movement speed. Even after the dodge nerf, I still find this a more viable choice over a ghostblade. Bloodthirsters are self explanatory, a large amount of damage + life steal, and the ability to stack these to give more damage and more life steal while jungling and lane farming makes them an obvious choice.

Some other good items for this build are:

-Cloak and dagger. You don't buy merc treads, and the tenacity is nice against heavy CC teams that will focus you, and lock you down while you are endlessed.

-Black cleaver. If they are stacking armor, it gives a nice 45 armor reduc for you + some bonus AS and AD.

-Ghostblade. While I find a PD to be better, a ghostblade is still a great item.

-Executioners Calling. If the team has a healer/support like Taric, soraka or Nid, or a mundo, and you don't have any ignites or want to make sure you get the kills, this item is a great pick.

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Summoner Spells

Smite, Smite, Smite. I don't know how many times I've had to argue with people who thought jungling without smite is better than with it. Smite means faster jungle times, easier counter jungling, and easy buff and dragon/baron steals. Any jungle who doesn't pick this up is just gimping themselves and their team.

As for your second spell, I choose exhaust because it helps you get those early game ganks when things seem uncertain. It also lets you lock down someone later game for a few seconds.

While exhaust may not be your personal favorite, you can really choose almost anything for your secondary spell. Ghost is nice because it lets you be more mobile then you already are, and close the gaps for ganks.

Flash, while not super viable, will let you get in and out faster, and go through walls for jukes, but your E already can do that. I don't recommended picking this up.

Ignite. The damage is nice, but your trynd, you don't need more damage. Plus, since executioners calling is such a nice item for trynd stat wise, It's better to get that than ignite to shut down a healer or regen such as mundo Ult.

Cleanse. After the nerf, this is just lackluster.

Heal. While this spell is really just a crutch for noobs, getting heal your first time in the jungle as a crutch to lean on when you get low isn't a terrible idea, but it 100% is not the way to go if you know what you're doing. Anyways, practice games are what you use for trying jungle routes ;).

I won't list the rest because they are just plain Yuck.

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I hope you enjoyed this guide. As it is my first guide, all criticism is welcome. If you think the guide is dumb, please try it in game before you rate it down, or post a comment on why you think something is dumb and at least let me respond before you vote down.