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Tryndamere Build Guide by JEFFY40HANDS

Tryndamere: The New King of The Jungle?(Main Updates Done)

Tryndamere: The New King of The Jungle?(Main Updates Done)

Updated on August 7, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author JEFFY40HANDS Build Guide By JEFFY40HANDS 35 25 211,295 Views 47 Comments
35 25 211,295 Views 47 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author JEFFY40HANDS Tryndamere Build Guide By JEFFY40HANDS Updated on August 7, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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UPDATE(S):10/23/10- Added some color and I attempted to make the ROUTE used for Jungle Tryn easier to read and understand. Also added an alternative starting set of items for people to try if they didn't want a Mini Razor. (Recommended by Apothesis) Also added the reasons why I decided to go the jungle route with Tryn. Added a Counter Jungler section to give ideas on how to shut the enemy down if they have a jungler.
11/20/10-Reworked the counter jungling section after finding that the purchase of 1 sight ward early game prevented me from using health pots effectively to sustain myself through early jungling. Also fixxed some grammatical errors and I plan to start adding pictures, possibly a map.
7/1/11: Re-worked masteries/runes/item order. Re organized creating sections for each "chapter"

INTRODUCTION:For any of you out there looking for a different way to play Tryndamere, this guide is for you. Within this guide I hope to give you readers an insight into a different way of playing Tryn. One that should have you pulling your hair out less.

MY CHOICE TO MAKE THE CRIT KING THE JUNGLE KING AS WELL:I started thinking about creating a Jungle Tryn Guide almost a year ago. I was tired of getting stuck laning against harass or sustain champs Rumble is a prime example, but to elaborate; any non melee champion, or non DPS melee champion to be more specific. Unless I had a support or a CCr in my lane it was and is a nightmare to lane with Tryn. I created this guide to solve that issue.
I generally play 5's and feel that Tryndamere is more suseptable to getting denied in 5's. 3's I can run around like a wild man and cut people down with little to no trouble. 5's is a different beast all together. Lane comps that can out range and out harass champions. Heads up players that gank with little trouble. Lack of communication in SoloQueue games. Jungle Tryn became my solution.
I had played jungle WW and jungle Olaf before. They were fun to play but I always had to B for mana and I was always uneasy trying to grab my blue golem buff because it was always an early game gamble refreshing it. I also felt they relied too heavily on the Blue Buff which meant losing it would make their jungle a bit more difficult. The reason I decided to try Tryn out in the jungle was to see if he could keep up with a standard jungler. The answer I found at the time was YES. He doesn't rely on mana to stay in the jungle. His mobility surpasses most other jungle champions with Spinning Slash. The route I chose is wolves-wraiths-duo golem-gank-get boots-restart wolves-wraiths-Red Buff-Duo Golem-Blue Buff for you or an AP/Support champ. The reason I chose this route is because it is the safest start and currently the only start Tryn can do without some serious leashing.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: The AS runes help get Fury stacked rather quickly. It is best to Stack Fury hustle over to Wraiths, Smite the Big one then spinning slash through. Once you have spinning slash you spin everwhere and it does solid damage to camps.
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Guide Overview (What's in here and what isn't)

What you will and won't find in this guide:

In depth strategy to playing Tryndamere
An unbeatable always useable build for every situation
Much in the way of information other than how to jungle and possible gank tips

Route used to level
Reasons for leveling certain skills
What levels to grab lizard or even golem
Why I decided to build a jungle guide
Reason for item build, rune build, masteries
Overview of Tryndamere's abilities
Reasons for summoner spells
Pros/Cons to jungling Tryn
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Pros/Cons Jungle Tryn

Pros for Jungle Tryn:
You avoid annoying lanes like an Irelia, Rumble, or Lanewhick solotop.
As well you don't run into the standard Support/AD Ranged Carry bot who should complete own you.

Cons for Jungle Tryn:
Lots of potential to screw it up if your team is having trouble solo laning.
You draw lots of attention with smite in your summoner spells and people may constantly be looking for you. (Or should be)
You are a safe jungler BUT you are extremely slow.
Tryndamere in general now requires at least 2-3 kills before 20 minutes to really hit his stride in mid and late game.
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Summoners/Masteries/Runes/Skill Sequence

Flash-Helps you close the distance between a target or helps you escape. Ghost can be beneficial for you. I just like flashing over walls when I need to. Smite-This will help you level with relitive ease. This summoner will also help secure much needed buffs or global objectives. SMITE IS NEEDED ON ANY JUNGLER.

Any other summoner spells I feel reduces your jungling effectiveness and possibly your overall survivability as Tryn. With smite as one of your Summoner Spells your ability to effectively escape relies on the choice between 2 spells. Flash or Ghost. Any other spell reduces the effectiveness of your Endless Rage and that 5 seconds you get to run away or stay in the fight and chase your target. If you have to pop ER and then try to run but get exhausted or slowed by an enemy ability how do you get out of range with a spell like Heal or Revive? Many times spinning blade+Flash has saved my life. You can use what you wish, however I STRONGLY recommend an escape spell like Ghost or Flash.

RUNE SET UP:Tryndamere is considered the Crit King. In order to have access to the crit chance you get from Tryn's revamped passive Battle Fury we get as much AS as we can. Flat armor will make your jungle with Tryn a lot smoother. Also means Vamp Scepter start is the optimal start. You should take the least amount of damage meaning you can get out and gank really early. ArP quints synergize with the ArP mastery meaning you should hit for true damage on jungle creeps early game.

MASTERY SET UP:Standard AD Jungle champ Mastery Tree. Rather than take improved exhaust (Apothesis's recommendation for a laning Tryndamere) We take improved smite for the bonus gold on kill.

With the new changes to Tryn maxing Blood Lust Blood Lust all the way is not beneficial anymore. Once you get 2 points in Blood Lust start maxxing Spinning Slash and then Mocking Shout. Spinning Slash gives more damage and will allow your jungling to be a lot smoother. Get at 6, 11, and 16 as always.
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Start Vamp Scepter-Aids in early jungling, synergizes with your Blood Lust rather effectively.
Zerker Greaves-to increase the rate at which you gain Fury.
Brutalizer-as a mid game buffer for damage and Crit Chance as well for the ArP.
Infinite Edge-is THE core item on any good Tryndamere build.
Finish Ghostblade- the active is amazing and it will decrease Tryn's ramp up time for gaining Fury.
Executioner's Call- Some people might question this option, but it's great considering the active and passive as well as the Crit Chance. It's also a lot cheaper than a blood thirster and gives a staggering amount of Life Steal comparatively to an unstacked BT.
-Atmas Impailer will make you a bit more durable especially against melee carrys like Xin. It should add ~40 damage end game because of Tryn's natural 2225 HP at 18.

I expect people to probably hit Infinite edge mid game and then it might be over. However I've had marathon games lasting ~1:30 hours. Not fun...

Theory Crafting:
Tryn's revamp has left him a bit weaker than he was. What do I mean by weaker? I mean his late game damage is not comparable to where it was, his late game heal is now 100HP less effective. His early game jungle is a tad slower because you don't crit as much and if you do crit you don't crit as hard.

The rule of thumb to me for itemizing Tryn follows this:
Damage>ATKS=CrC=Life Steal>CDR>Move Speed
Damage is always your number one stat, there is now a 3-way tie between Attak Speed, Crit Chance, and Life Steal. Why is this? Because CrC and AS both allow you to build Fury faster. Life steal is great for sustain, also gives you an edge early game against people without Spell Vamp or Life Steal.
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Jungling with Tryn

The basic Jungle Route I take is

2-Wraiths (SMite Blue one)
3-Duo Golem
5-Return to base or hold lane
After returning to base complete steps 1-4. Skip 5 as needed and continue on to:
6-Red Buff
7-Blue Buff

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Counter Jungling

Long Story short. You and your team need to buy wards. Place them at or near global objectives, this will act as a ward to keep your top, mid, and bot lanes safe WHILE giving you vision on the enemy jungler. As well you and your team need to capitalize on the information provided by wards.

The red spots on the map above are typical control wards. They provide sight up and down lanes, as well as give sight to areas like dragon and baron. Typically counter jungle wards are placed deeper into an opponent's jungle at their buffs.

To counter jungle effectively you'll need to at least ward enemy buffs. This will give you and your team much needed early game protection. Secondly you need to ward your own buffs at some point so you can catch an invasion.
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CLOSING:Questions or comments are appreciated. For a more in depth and WAY more advanced Tryndamere guide look for Apothesis' "Your Tryndamere Resource" it is currently one of the top rated/recommended guides on Mobafire and has plenty of details for new/experienced Tryn users. This guide is primarily for people who main Tryn and may want a different approach in a 5's game. Please feel free to vote me up and leave comments, if you don't like this guide please leave a comment as to why. Thank you for reading.
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Feel free to ask questions about the guide. I've got a lot of experience with Tryn this being probably my best guide (At least highest rated) out of all my builds I'd like comments as how I can improve my guide writing skills. I will try to keep this place updated regularly.

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