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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author sorcerer5555

Tryndamere - The Undying

sorcerer5555 Last updated on August 31, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I'm going to start off by saying this is my first build, but i play Trynd a lot, and this build works EXTREMELY well for me.

Tons of Crit damage (as Trynd should be played)
Fast attack speed
Extremely hard to kill (dodge + a good timed ulti)
After full build, no need to go back to base, just creeping gets you back to full health by life steal and consuming your Bloodlust stacks

Early game, you're very easily harassed
Exhaust puts a damper on your damage output
Thornmail can cause you to hurt yourself pretty badly
Casters can beat you down fast, if you don't get your Undying Rage off.
Garren's ulti screws over timing your ulti correctly sometimes


I prefer to use Ghost and Exhaust, though Flash, Heal, Teleport, Cleanse, and Ignite are perfectly acceptable. Whatever you feel comfortable using is up to you.


I usually go 21/0/9 so i can get the full purpose of the Offense tree for him, then i the extra little bits of help in the Utility tree, but if you prefer Defensive, then be my guest.


You can get potions if you want depending on who you're fighting, like if it's a lot of ranged heroes you should, so you can withstand more harassment.

Getting the Brawler's Gloves first in the build will help you get crits, so then you can heal off your stacks of Bloodlust more often, to survive.

You don't have to get Berserker's Greaves, they are just the basic boots you should get if the opposing team doesn't have a lot of CC, if they do, go ahead and grab a Mercury's Treads (especially if you're facing Galio, his taunt won't last long enough if you have them to have you take damage, if you spin out of the circle once you can)

Once you get the Executioner's Calling, you'll have a lot more survivability in lane, since it gives 18% life steal, and it gives a ton of crit chance for the small amount it that costs. (I got turned onto this item by my friend who told me to try it, Gwill15) Though as for what the Passive does, that part is rather pointless in my opinion, and i very rarely activate the Active on it.
Note: Late game this item can be sold and replaced with another, better, life stealing item, like a Bloodthirster, since your Phantom Dancers will give you enough crit chance to suffice

As for the Infinity Edge, this is the core item in any Tryndamere build, if you don't have this as Tryndamere then somethings wrong -.-

The two Phantom Dancers are the icing on your Infinity Edge, they cause you to crit most all the time, plus the attack speed from them causes insane damage output

As for the last item in the build, i try and examine the problems that i'm having against the other team, For example, if there's a Jax that's really bothering me, i'll grab a Sword of the Divine, so he can't dodge my attacks. Or if there's someone like Rammus, who has tons of armor, i'll grab a Last Whisper or, if i'm fed enough, a Black Cleaver to obliterate him. There have been times where i've fought a team where everyone has mana so i would grab a Wit's End so i'm getting some mana burn in there to kill them faster. So just examine the opponents to choose an item to help destroy your opponents.


Early game is the most difficult time, if you get denied too much experience and/or gold, you will fall behind and possibly end up losing, so just try to run in and last hit a few creeps if you're being harassed too much, or at least stay within range of the creeps for experience.

Mid game you should start being able to run in and scare off the ranged people, you can spin into their range and beat them up so they'll run off to their own safety. Your main goal until you get your Infinity Edge is to stay alive, get some kills on creeps, and maybe a Hero kill here and there, just farm up gold until you have the Infinity Edge.

Late game is the point where there's a lot of ganking going on, Tryndamere is a great initiator, as he can spin into the opponents and use Mocking Shout to prevent them from getting away and/or reducing their attack damage so your team stays alive. Try to keep the Blessing of the Elder Lizard on at this point, so each time you strike them, they get slowed, so there's absolutely no escaping for them.

Just don't get confused, you're main goal in this game is not to get 5000 kills and 0 deaths, it's to push into their base, so don't hold out on them, just destroy turrets when you have the chance, and don't run off too early when doing so, your Undying Rage will prevent you from getting killed by the tower, sometimes a sacrifice of yourself is necessary to get the upperhand, just be sure you still have some teammates alive to keep up your base defense until you're ready for another push.

If you're team is ready to gank, you can initiate, so you get the attention of the opponents team. Spinning Slash in, and Mocking shout if there's a lot of melee, then pay attention to your health bar at the bottom of the screen (since it's easier to see) and put up Undying Rage when you're ready. You'll be taking the damage, and they won't be able to kill you, just Spinning Slash out when Undying Rage is almost up and consume your Bloodlust stacks, then run to safety and let your team mop up.


Bloodlust should be used to heal immediately once 8 stacks is hit, if you're low on health, you'll attack fast enough and crit most the time, so you can get right back up to 8 stacks quick. If you run into health problems early game, it would be wise to put as many points into this as possible, while having at least one point in all your other skills.

Mocking Shout isn't always just for keeping the opponents slowed, it's great for that, but it's also very nice to reduce melee hero's damage output on you. Just be sure you use it for the right situation.

Spinning Slash should be used to initiate, and occasionally finish off opponents so you can get them, and get away before you get counter attacked.

Undying Rage needs timing for effective use, if it's timed correctly, you'll be able to live long enough to kill the opponents, consume your bloodlust, and get away. It's hard to say when exactly to use it, it depends on how fast you're losing health, and what amount of health you're left with at the moment.