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Tryndamere Build Guide by Pressure1337

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pressure1337

Tryndamere The Way to win every game

Pressure1337 Last updated on July 19, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello fellow League of Legends players, today I will go over Tryndamere, The Barbarian King.
Ok so in this guide I will show you:
• Spell Learning
• Masteries
• Runes
• Items
• Playstyle
• Positioning
• How to counter him

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Spell learning

So let’s start simply with his attacks, Tryndamere’s passive makes it so that the lower health he has the more crit chance he recives.

Tryndamere’s Q gives him passively more Attack Damage and grants him more Attack Damage if he is hurt. It’s active spell is that Tryndamere can heal himself for a fixed amount, this is increased by Ability Power.

Tryndamere’s W slows all enemies with their backs turned to Tryndamere and reduces the damage they deal for a couple of seconds.

Tryndamere’s E makes him spin around and it’s a skill-shot based attack, it can be used to catch up with enemies, to farm minion waves faster or to flee. It can be used as flash, if you’re running towards a wall that isn’t too big then you can target the skill-shot towards the wall and you will spin through it, the spell works like flash but you don’t need to place your cursor in any special place.

Tryndamere’s Ultimate is Undying Rage, which makes it so that his HP can’t go below 1 HP for 5 seconds, if perfectly timed this can be a deal braker to a kill or a death.

Ok so now that you know what his attacks do I will now teach you when to use them.

Q: Excellent spell for jungling, if you have run out of HP potions you can just wait for Q to refresh and just spam it until you have enough HP to keep on jungling.
It also works great in lanes, since you get more HP from the heal the more RAGE you have it’s easy to stay in lanes for a long while since you can kill a couple of minions then just heal yourself.

W: If you are in a 1v1 situation against for example Sion or Master Yi, or any other melee it’s a good idea to use W so that he does less damage to you.
When enemies are running it’s a good idea to use E to get closer to them and then W to slow them down. If you are in a teamfight using W can make you win or lose a teamfight, since everyone does less damage, try to use it when their team is bunched up and you can hit all of them, probably making less of your teammates dying.

E: This spell is great for early lane-ing. You can dominate a lane through just harassing your opponent with using E to get to him then just use a few basic attacks. This spell is your main spell when it comes to fleeing, you should try to use it over a wall so your enemies will have to either run around the wall making you make a clean escape or them flashing which is always good.

Ultimate: You should always be timing this ultimate carefully, if you time it right it can mean you gain a kill and escape death, timing it wrong can make you lose a kill and die instead. Ok so here’s my tip, if you’re in a 1v1 or in a team fight and you don’t really see how much HP you have, then look at the HP bar beneath your spells, when it’s reaching about 1/10th you should press R and keep on fighting. This spell is also great for pushing turrets, let the turret hit you and if the turret still has low Hp then continue to nuke it and then press R making you have 5 more seconds to nuke it probably taking it down.

Before I forget I wanted to mention how RAGE works for those of you who have never played a champion using RAGE. Ok so here is how it works, you get 5 rage for every attack you hit and 10 for every critical strike.

Now to which spell you should take at what level and so forth. At level 1 I recommend taking Spinning Slash so you can charge at the enemies or make a clean escape, but taking Q works fine aswell, you should take Q at level 1 if you are jungling at least.

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When it comes to Items, I will only show you the classic build since I barely ever play dominion. Ok so I start off with buying a simple pair of boots and 2 health potions but you can also buy Dorans Blade, and if you are jungling you just take the normal jungle items, cloth armor and 5 health potions.

Here’s how the progression goes but this isn’t a fixed guide, depending on what the enemies damage with.
Berserkes Greaves  Infinity Edge/Yomus Ghostblade  Phantom Dancer  Bloodthirster  Phantom Dancer  Bloodthirster

Meeting AP

Berserkes Greaves  Infinity Edge/Yomus Ghostblade  Phantom Dancer  Bloodthirster  Maw of Malmortius  Phantom Dancer (If the enemy team has 5 AP champions then consider buying Spirit Visage early on but very unlikely to meet 5 Ap champions.)

Meeting AD

Berseker’s Greaves  Yomus Ghostblade  Thornmail  Infinity Edge  Phantom Dancer  Bloodthirster

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I play Tryndamere as a Solo top in 3v3 and as regular laner in 5v5. I play him very aggressive, not afraid at all to tower dive because if his ultimate. You are a very strong pusher so take advantage of scaring your enemies, besides everyone hates to play against Tryndamere because of his ultimate so most people get scared once you start 1v1 people in lanes, and they’ll start to run, that’s where Tryndamere has his advantage, it’s impossible to run from Tryndamere, with his W slowing and his E to catch up with enemies he’s a very dangerous enemy which you should never turn your back to, it’s nearly always a better strategy to stay fighting than running if you know you’re going to die since otherwise he gets a kill without you even touching him while if you stay he will take loads of damage but probably survive because of his ultimate.
Tryndamere has exceptional ganking potentional in early jungling, because his E and W he really doesn’t need to buy any shoes.

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Positioning is a very important thing when playing Tryndamere, you will often have to camp a bush and wait till you can run out and spinning slash towards your target and immediately start nuking him.

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Countering Tryndamere

Tryndamere is easier to kill than what many thing, DOT’s (damage over time) are the most efficient way of killing him, when you hear a scream, he has activated his ultimate, most Tryndameres will stay and fight for a 2-3 seconds then spinning slash away and start to run, so wait 1-2 seconds then put a DOT on him, if you don’t have a dot, try putting a CC ( Crowd Controll, such as stuns, fears, taunts etc) on him and he probably won’t make it out alive, using Ignite is always a very usefull tool when fighting Tryndamere, most Tryndameres will use their Ultimate then spinning slash away and then use Q to get away safe, putting Ignite on them will make his life tick and make his heal only heal for half of it, ensuring a kill in most cases. In pretty much any case when fighting tryndamere, it’s always good to buy thornmail, making him damage less and 30% of the damage he deals to you will be reflected on him. NOTE it is a Unique Passive, so don’t buy several thornmails just because you think it will reflect more.

Personal Thoughts about Tryndamere: Great jungler and Solo top laner, doesn’t need nerf. People you say he’s OP just don’t know how to counter him, he’s good but not OP. People who say he’s OP, go buy him yourself and we’ll see how good you do the first 10 matches, not so easy after all. Most people think he is so easy to play, but most new players find him hard to play and many people don’t like him because he requires quite a lot of timing.

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Hope this helped you play Tryndamere come visit my youtube channel if you did for more League of Legends