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Tryndamere Build Guide by iIzApUnK

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author iIzApUnK

Tryndamere: The Wriggles Theory

iIzApUnK Last updated on April 13, 2012
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12/31/2011: Added Updates Tab
3/4/2012: Changed Summoner Spells, I tested out exhaust instead of ghost and it's just more beneficial to you and more importantly you're team.

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Hey there, you may be that person who has seen millions of guides saying that Tryndamere with wriggles is terrible. Those people are wrong, Wriggles on Tryndamere is a great combo because you get amazing sustain plus a free ward. It nearly removes the need for HP pots and thats extremely valuable. This is my second guide and I hope you enjoy reading it. I'm not claiming this to be the best way to play Tryndamere but its my way and I havent lost a single game that I have played with this build. Again I'm not an expert player but I feel that this build is the way to go as far as solo queue.

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First I want to talk about Trydamere. He is a great champion but extremely underrated. Low ELO cries OP, High ELO says he is terrible. Have you ever seen Voyboy play Tryndamere on top? While I'm not a fan of the guy he is a great Tryndamere and has proven that Tryndamere is great and for that I respect him.

High Damage
Good Carry
Can 1v1 almost any champ
He has a big sword

Susceptible to CC early
Low sustain without Wriggles (thats why I build it)

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Just look scroll over them and look at why I chose them. Its not hard to understand why I pick up the ones I do. But I shall explain. AD for early game last hitting. CritChance because thats what Trydamere revolves around. ArmorPen because it sucks when you can't kill an enemy with over 150 armor. Life Steal for a boost to your Wriggles. The Armor and MR for early and even late sustain depending on your lane.

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I pick up these runes because firstly they are great runes on any Tanky/DPS/Bruiser. The armor runes for the same reason you pick up the mastery. Armor and MR, same as mastery pick up. Attack Damage......SAME REASON AS THE MASTERY! These runes will make you a complete BOSS in lane and teamfights.

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Early Game/Laning Phase

Go top, dont be greedy for a kill because honestly you wont be able to do much early unless their stupid. Grab your tier 1 boots because that way you can jump around the map and totally kite early. Basically dont be stupid and you will get through just fine.

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Mid Game/Skirmishing

This part is a bit crucial because by now you should have your Madreds Razors if not your full Wriggles Lantern. You should have gone for at least one kill and hopefully gotten it. If your on blue side ward the enemy red buff. Red buff is a great boost for you mid and late game, grab it when you can. If nobody has gone for dragon then you should try and solo it, you can do it with your Wriggles easy.

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Late Game/TeamFighting and Winning

You should at this point be pubstomping and pretty much carrying. If winning convince your team to grab Baron because that way you will stomp even more.

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How to use Tryndamere's skills

Before I start this I want to thank summoner 64palms for giving me the idea to add this section in.

Q-Blood Lust: This should be used when your about a quarter hp. Use this almost like a heal bait.

W-Mocking Shout: Use when chasing, don't use it unless they have their backs to you because without the slow the skill is useless.

E-Spinning Slash: Use to initiate, run, and clear minion waves.<-(for farm)

R-Endless Rage: Use when your about to die....there isn't another use for it.

*note: Tryndamere is an AD champ and his abilities scale off of AD so you will be auto-attacking most of the time not using abilities.

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Lane Matchups

Nasus-Farm, farm, farm, and make sure that he doesnt harrass you to the point where your crippled cuz he is a pushover early.

Rumble-He likes his fire and harpoon, dont let him harrass too much. Farm because with your Wriggles you will basically be sustained all game.

Garen-He spins you spin past him and W. After his spin is done start auto attacking but keep farming.

Gangplank-Depending on the the build he is going for your gunna have a bit of trouble against this one. He has too much range on his Parley ability for you to harrass so ask for alot of ganks from jungle so you can deny this guy.

Udyr-Udyr is hard to drive out of lane so basically auto-attack him down early. (if he has tiger or bear then just back out)

Kayle-Kayle has alot of harass and its probably better if you dont pick Tryndamere if she is in the game. Pick Udyr or someone with more sustain instead.

Mordekaiser-Just burst down his shield and from then on you become numero uno HUEHUEHUE!

Jarvan-He has high damage early but you can still dominate mid game. Just make sure you move around alot (both lance attacks are good harass)

Teemo-You cant lane against him. His blind makes you useless and he has too high mobility.

Irelia-High damage early but falls of mid and late. Draw it out and you win.

Renekton-He will be hard to deal with early because his stun hits stupidly hard. Play smart then jump him when the time is right. (during a gank ^^)

If their is a lane matchup that you want me to cover please send me a pm and I will cover it in the guide.

Check out the link below for people Tryndamere counters or for people who counter Tryndamere.

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The Counter

I really wanted to add in a section like this because you never see anyone say how to counter their guide. That is because they don't want to admit that there is a counter. The counter isn't to the build but to the champ himself. Tryndamere has amazing lane dominance but only if you let him. If you put a Pirate/GP up top or someone with nice range and good cc. Tryndamere has to get in close to harass and even then he might not harass. Tryndamere needs a lot of farm to really dominate. I hope that this helps people understand that Tryndamere isnt OP as far as stats just items.

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This is the end of my guide. There isnt alot to say other than good luck. If this build doesnt work for you then dont down vote it because builds and champions in general are all personal preference. Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed it.