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Tryndamere Build Guide by Yotta2r

Tryndamere - Truly OP ( 2k+ ELO, Solo Top)

By Yotta2r | Updated on March 9, 2012

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  • LoL Champion: Tryndamere
  • LoL Champion: Tryndamere
  • LoL Champion: Tryndamere
  • LoL Champion: Tryndamere
  • LoL Champion: Tryndamere


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Cleanse


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Introduction (READ THIS)

This page is more of a build, than a guide, and I wont go over the basics of Tryndamere. TBH I don't want to, so if you are a beginner, go check out some other guides before reading mine :)

Do not rate my build without trying it. If you do, I will downvote yours without trying too.
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Pros / Cons (of this guide)


- Very strong lategame.
- Very good escape.
- HIGH Sustain.
- 100% critical strike chance.

- Enemy target.
- Weak against ranged champions early game.
- Kill/ assist dependent guide (you simply wont afford these items "fast enough").
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Summoner Spells

My summoners spells are fairly easy to understand:

I really cant see any point not taking flash. If there is one spell that saves a champions life, its flash. And having the option to be able to go trough 2 walls, should make you VERY hard to get down.

Ghost is a REALLY good alternative, and I'm considering switching to it.

Now the next spell isn't used much on Tryndamere. And some people may scratch their heads, wondering if there really is any point having this, AND Quicksilver Sash. And my answer is YES, it absolutely is.
Quicksilver Sash is a item that people usually wont purchase early game, and they shouldn't. Tryndamere lacks too much to have to buy this item early, and by the time he buys it, he may already be shut down.
Another reason for having the option to remove debuffs twice, is it gives you a pretty decent chance to actually take a place in team fights, and not just get shut down (stunned) and die.
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I always start of with Vampiric Scepter. The main reason for this is that I don't wanna relay on critical strike chance, which is pretty low early game. Vanmpiric scepter makes Tryndamere┬┤s sustainability plain OP. Choosing this item, will help you stay in the lane for almost infinity, making it easy to get enough gold for Berserkers Graves.

Because Tryndamere need to get very close to the enemy to do any damage, Berserker Graves is my next choice. With this item, ganking is also easily done, which makes the rest of the guide more easy to follow.

Stacking only attack speed early isn't a good choice. Especially when you somewhat rely on Vampiric Scepter to keep you alive.
Therefor, my next item is BF Sword, giving me a pretty decent AD.

I then move over to Zeal and Infinity Edge, giving me even more attack damage and movement speed, but also critical strike chance and critical strike damage.

As I said when I talked about Summoners Spells; there really are a need for two debuff removers. Are you really gonna wait 210 seconds for the next time you are gonna attack?
Another reason why this item is well needed, is the magic resist, which makes Tryndamere somewhat less squishy, and less vulnerable to Thornmail.

Phantom Dancer is my last critical strike chance item, and at this point you will have 65% critical strike chance. But what most people don't realize/ ignore, is the fact that Tryndamere easily build up 35% critical strike chance with his fury, granting him in total 100% critical strike. And with x2 Bloodthirsters, there isn't really much point of healing with fury.

Now, stacking two Bloodthirsters, is something people will advice you not to do, and I somewhat agree, but it really depends on how your enemies are.

Anyway, because this is a fairly aggressive build, I don't see any better option than to give Tryndamere REALLY high lifesteal, stacked with amazing AD.

When you have stacked 42 creeps, you will end up with 50% lifesteal, AND 80(+120) more AD.
Great item to lower enemies armor. Highly recommended.


The Black Cleaver is an item I really dislike. I have seen a lot of guides that use this item, but it has no real value for a AD carry. When paying almost 3k gold, you should get some serious **** for it, and not just use up 1 slot.
Why people get The Black Cleaver, I don't know. It may be for the attack damage, but that's just stupid, when infinity edge deals 10 times more damage. It can also be for the utility (armor reduction), but then again, that's not a job for the carry. You also have to auto attack 3 times before it get its full effect, which is rubbish.
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There are those who choose not to live in one of the great city-states of Valoran. Instead, they live in remote locales, often as part of a nomad or barbarian tribe. While perils abound in these untamed lands, there is also great freedom in being removed from the politics of Valoran. Tryndamere was born a member of one of these barbarian tribes in northern Valoran. Even as a young boy, it was obvious that he would grow in martial prowess to become one of his clan's greatest warriors. However, as his clan moved south between the Howling Marsh and the Ironspike Mountains, they came across strangers in black garb, brandishing symbols of a beast's skull. Despite Tryndamere's pleas, his elder went out to speak with the strangers; they cut him down mercilessly. From there, they began to slaughter every man, woman, and child in the clan. Tryndamere, the sole survivor, hid under the bodies of his dead parents. Upon their bloodied corpses, he swore eternal vengeance on those who took his people from him - the assassins of Noxus.

To train himself, Tryndamere voluntarily served under all the great chieftains of the barbarian tribes, learning the ways of the barbarian warrior. Not only did this make him the man he needed to become in order to exact his revenge, it has also garnered him friends and allies among the most powerful barbarian leaders of Valoran. This recently allowed him to unite the barbarians into a single, powerful force - all under his command. Now he has joined the League of Legends to earn enough influence to find a permanent home for his people... and to slake his rage on the champions of his hated foes.

''The next true power will come from the far north, and it will involve Tryndamere - one way or another.'' -Graccus Mightstone, League Senior Political Scholar.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Yotta2r
Yotta2r Tryndamere Guide

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Tryndamere - Truly OP ( 2k+ ELO, Solo Top)