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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dandy

Tryndamere Win Build

Dandy Last updated on October 26, 2010
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Now I know that this build probably won't compare to the great Tryndamere Resource guide,but this is the build I use and created myself,and I would like to say that it still works pretty well.

First off let's start with the Summoner Spells.
Exhaust:Great for chasing when your Mocking Shout is on cd or when you are fighting another champion 1 on 1 and need that little boost.
Flash:Great for getting away when your Spinning Slash is on cd and,once again,chasing.
Substitute Spells:
Heal-This works too if you want a last second save from dps spells or when you lose the hp you gained from activating Bloodlust.Reason why I don't use this spell on Tryndamere is whenever I run away at low hp,I pop into the jungle to kill some minions for my Bloodlust HP and life steal from Executioner's Calling.
Ghost-Very good for chasing.May even match up with flash on this build,but most of the time,enemies will try to run around obstacles and walls to lose you.This is why I like to keep Flash after I use Spinning Slash to get past 1 wall.
Cleanse-I admit,this skill is a life saver on many of my champions,but here is my logic.After using Undying Rage at low hp,good players will spam CC on you to ensure you do not make much out of your ultimate(A lot of the time,slow cc)Once you use Cleanse,they will still have about 2 seconds to catch up.This may not seem like much,but you'd be surprised how much can happen in 2 seconds in this game.

Items:I like to build up some crit before I make my Infinity Edge,so I get a Berserker's Greaves for speed and AS.Next I get my two crit items to help with I.E.,Avarice Blade and Executioner's Calling for the crit and life steal.When I make my I.E. next,here is the order I get it in--->Cloak of Agility,B.F. Sword,Pickaxe,I.E.After I get the I.E. I turn my Avarice Blade into a Youmuu's Ghost Blade for more crit and an added active.Use it often.When all that is done,I go for Last Whisper for the great AS and for the Armor Pen,not to mention the low cost of just 1965 gold.I end with the Phantom Dancer for the awesome crit,speed,AS,and dodge,which has good synergy with the Nimbleness mastery. :D

*Not only does Undying Rage keep you alive at 1 hp,but it also give you Bloodlust Stacks.After killing an enemy while in rage,or running away with rage,use Bloodlust to heal yourself to make it that much harder to kill you.
*As I mentioned earlier,when I'm at low hp,I like to hop into the jungle to heal up instead of wasting about 20 or 30 seconds to get back to where I was.If you are at low hp,chances are,your crit rate is really high,which means faster bloodlust stacks.Plus,you have the Life Steals from executioner's Calling to help with the healing.Another thing with this trick,make sure your hp isn't so low that a minion will kill you -.- and make sure your jungle is clear of enemy champions.
*If you want to make the most of your Undying Rage,activate Youmuu's active effect for lower killing time and more running time.

Hope this guide will be better than my previous ****ty guides and as aways,Rate/Comment/Tell me your scores.Best of luck to the people who you this guide :D