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League of Legends Build Guide Author SupaTweaker

Tryndamere's Best Build

SupaTweaker Last updated on March 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Chapter 1


This build is the best build you are ever going to get for Tryndamere, PERIOD! The only way to get the most out of Tryndamere's natural ability to gain crit chance when damaged is to have a monstrous crit damage output. In prolonged games or end game you should be dealing well over 1.2k DPS and still a huge amount even on tanks. I've used Tryndamere in many fights and situations as well many hours in practice games weeding out the best possible DPS and setup for this character. Tryndamere also has a ridiculous way to heal him self and makes for a perfect tower diving beast.


Going with a 24/0/6, 23/0/7(Ghost instead of ignite), 23(4)/3/4(3)(Again ghost vise versa and instead of perseverance, getting armor), there are four mastery builds you could use. Either use Ignite mastery which is great for those tower hugging fiends who just escape death by sword, or ghost for chasing down those speedy character. Although Perseverance is commonly used, extra armor is a bonus since Tryndamere lacks it. It's really preference at this point. If you are a very aggressive player I would suggest getting the armor mastery.

Some of you may ask, why get Archaic Knowledge? Well, it gives your spinning slash some extra zing, added damage always helps. Also doing 4 extra damage to minions is pointless since Tryndamere is a crit beast. 3% Cooldown reduction for quicker use of blood lust healing and spinning slash, also quicker use of undying rage which is vital for survival.


To start you are going to get blood lust, because of Tryndamere's body is squishy and vulnerable to getting attacked first this is the best skill for him to start with and level up to max first. At level 2 you should have spinning slash, great for getting away from a gank or chasing down early game. At level 5 you should have mocking shout, because at your next level you are going to want to start tower diving or getting into more fights with your undying rage. The reason you wouldn't level up spinning slash anymore at this point is that the damage it does is nothing compared to your crit damage EVER, therefore it is only useful for chasing and running. Level 6 Undying Rage of course.... Then we move onto getting your blood lust maxed, vital for survival as you will want to be able to heal as much as possible especially when Undying rage is about to come off. After max blood lust, Spinning slash is the next thing to level up, the more damage the better at this point, since mocking shout can't save you when you are being chased and it won't do damage. Once you've maxed spinning slash, you'll want to get the rest of your mocking shout of course, also at you should never forget to level up your undying rage at levels 6,11, and 16, each level gives you blood lust bonuses when you activate it. Healing can be vital for survival.


Tryndamere is highly relied on his ability to get blood lust from doing crits as well as dealing massive damage. The first items you're going to get is brawler's glove, this will give you your extra crit chance to start. Once you've made enough to get and avarice blade go back and get it as soon as possible. The second item you need to get are berserker's greave, these boots are essential for keeping up with your opponents movement speed and giving you added attack speed. You'll want to get your boots when you have a chance, always pay attention to how much money you have, it is important when using any character. The third and fourth items are avarice blades, much like the first one, as soon as you get the money get them, the extra crit plus the 5 gold you get per 10 seconds is important, it helps you sooner the sooner you get them. The next item you'll get is mainly dependant on your game, B.F. sword if you are racking in kills already, cloak of agility for the extra crit rate. If you got the B.F. get the cloak next, if you got the cloak get the B.F. then. You'll want to get Infinity Edge with those items. Afterwards you will get another B.F. sword. At this time your character should be dealing 700+ crits. The items you should have at this point should look like this (Avarice,Beserker,Avarice,Avarice,Infinity,B.F.) in that order. Once you get enough money get the blood thirster, once you have your blood thirster you will start becoming unkillable. With 800 - 1.2k crit damage and 15%-25% life steal based on your minion kills with the blood thirster, you are basically unkillable. Except of course if you get exhausted, boo. At this point you should be able solo or two person Baren Nasher. If the game prolongs the next item you'll want to get is a Zeal, or perhaps wait until you can afford Phantom dancers, than sell off an avarice blade to buy it. The last 2 items you can get in place of your avarice blades are more blood thirsters. There more the merrier. If you've racked in 25+ kills or prolonged to a 50+ minute game, you should end up with this as your final item arrangement (Blood,Berserk,Blood,Phantom,Infinity,Blood) With anywhere from 45%-75% life steal and dealing massive crit damage. Killing everyone within 1-3 hits. Baren Nasher never knew what hit him. =)

~Fighting Styles~

There are lots of ways to play Tryndamere, from aggressive to defensive, as well as farming.
Undying Rage Fighting
Getting into a one on one is where Tryndamere should never lose, given you and your opponent are around the same level and you have your blood lust and life saving skill Undying Rage. Healing from blood lust and then becoming unkillable through undying rage, one vs. one the only way to kill you is to exhaust and stun, stun, stun. Silence is useless when tryndamere can still use Undying rage. Enemies near their tower can be attacked once low health use undying rage to survive 3-4 tower shots, usually 6 seconds of time passes by then. If you enemies are at low health and they seek shelter from their towers, you can dive and kill with ease. Spinning out of tower range is also great after you've killed them. Exhaust them from getting away. Ghost or mocking shout to slow or catch up, ignite them if you have that instead, only if they have very low health.
Fleeing, and healing on the go!
Tryndamere has a knack for getting attacked first because of his squishy body, some great techniques to use while running for your life is to spin attack through walls, attack minions or monsters on the go, usually after you've gotten away from the chasing crowd. Using Undying Rage and fleeing with spin, heal just before it comes off and spin, spin, spin. You may be at low health but your life won't go past 1 when you spin. Exhaust melee characters, exhaust your chasers, who ever is closer and most likely to kill you exhaust them to get away if you have to.
Monster kill
Go for attack buffs, they beneifit in the extra DPS, at the same time wait for someone on your team to initiate fights or team fights, such as Warwick or Amumu, or any other initiate character, back them up, your should be able to slaughter them all easy if their attention is on another champ. Your high crit damage will slaughter them crazy. Penta kills are very possible with this character. Exhaust melee type characters ones attacking you or the tank in the team fight, remember your initiates survival = team survival since the majority of their focus will be on him. Use spinning slash through groups, only if their focus is not on you.
Bush checking
Tryndamer's Mocking shout is great for finding people who are invisible or in bushes, when your mocking shout skill lights up that means there is a champion nearby and within attacking range of you, not physically but ranged attacking range. Spinning slash through bushes is great for stirring up enemies, they go running as soon as you pop in on them unexpectingly doing damage, otherwise if they are in groups your dead. lol

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