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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lokirobe


Lokirobe Last updated on April 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Tryndamere is a meele and very dependent on crits and stupid little feeders who go out alone and feed your entire team to win, he should try and max out hes blood lust first and he should be played with pure skill and not ment to be used as a noob.
he has a moderate HP and does NOT need mana. he should be very OP if you follow this build correctly and greatly, this biuld is what i recomend for beggingers.

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The runes i chose arnt the BEST and people tend to over look it and ignore what the runes are becuz most people think runes are usless, well they are usless unless your a pro and know how and what runes are played with. you can combine your own runes or just get PUR AD runes it doesnt matter unless you play like a G6 and win.

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items that will work well with tryndamere are infinity edge, phantom dancers and bloodthirsters, theses items are great on a tryndamere but he still needs some lifesteal and he needs some MORE move speed too, the items i got were:

1. ninja tabis for a good chance to block eminmies and for move spoeed, he needs it in case he gets into a team fight with ENDLESS rage on,

2. executioners calling in begging game to get AND stay in lane for a longer time and to at least get a few kills while your there, you should be levle 10 before going back to bas for the next items

3. next you should consider ANOTHER executioners calling or you can go for a youmoos for chassing and more kills, but if you go for the executioners calling you should stay in lane and farm and probly get a few kills

4. next you get a starks ferror for itz life steal and attack speed, tryndamere needs attack speed after his first 3 items since he didnt get the beserker greaves. once you get this you should be at least level 15 and should be well into ganking other lanes rather than staying in one lane the whole time,

5. next you should get a phantom dancer for movement speed, crit and attack speed, YOU MUST get this item at this level becouase this is the level where people go MAD and when people starts to RAGE and you can join with an ENDLESS one,

6. the verry last item is.... of course the infinity edge, he is usless or lame without it, he is verry dependent on his crits and will need this item despreatlky, or you can get a bloodthirster if you have alot of DPS on the opponentz team,if they have lots of tanks get this item,

7. this is just for very LONG games and you will need it for everything, the ELEXIRS!!!

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the skill sequence i chose were pretty random but just try and max out bloodlust first so you can stay in lane faster and longer that you opponent, and that also means that you will be higher leve than them too, once youve maxxed out bloodlust go for the spinning thing, most people tell you to max out that one first, but PLEASE dont it will mess up the biuld. get your ult whenever you can, and when you low, press it and bloodlust your way out plus spinn.

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I usualy go with flash and exaghst, but since im playing tryndamere i go with ignite becouse he will have a hard time chassing without his phantom dancer as a first item, so first you try and kill the opponent but when they start running exghst them hit them a few times then ignite them or use the exxecutiuoners calling to kill this or chase them with a you moos.

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this is one of the best biulds ever but in first sight it may look lame and bad cuz he doesnt have 100% crit chance, well that true but 95 percent is GOOD as 100.

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in ranked you should play VERY smart and since you can play ranked, you should be smart, so you should start out by going on the side lanes and not miding, he should play it safe and even when you have endless,

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if you happen to decide to jungle with a tryndamere......... your SO DUMB, but if you want to try, he should jungle like a WW play it safe and dont get your self killed by a wraith, he should start out with bloodlust if you deciede to jungle, then he should also have difernt items like madred BLOODrazors and some armour as well, but it will be harder for you to kill alot

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farming is the best way to get gold, thats why you farm alot, if your one of those people who dont know what farmiong means, well it mean you trying to get as much minion kills as possible, and collecting a SHET load of gold, tryndamere should farm easily with the executioners calling and youmoos and he should get at least 200 last hits per game.

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if you happen to be getting 10 kills within 10 minuest them you should get as much phantom dancers as possible, NOOOO IM JOKING!!! just try and WIN! thats all you do if you get fed in early game.