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LeBlanc Build Guide by Rtucker108

TT LeBlanc

TT LeBlanc

Updated on January 7, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rtucker108 Build Guide By Rtucker108 5,276 Views 0 Comments
5,276 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Rtucker108 LeBlanc Build Guide By Rtucker108 Updated on January 7, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



Hello summoners. This is my first Guide or build I've ever put onto mobafire (or anything viewed by anyone that isnt me for that matter) and uhh yea this is the build i usually use for LeBlanc for the twisted treeline and just kind of wanted to share it for anyone who wanted to use it or for anyone who has comments (wether they be good or bad) as to how this build could be improved or tweaked.
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Pros / Cons

    Survivability near mid to late game if caught in the heat of the battle.
    Strong harassment from the very beginning.
    Champions such as Tryndamere are no longer an issue. (for me at least)

    Easy to run out of mana in early game stage if too aggressive with spells.
    If harassed too much early game, lack of minion kills makes it a slow build.
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Flash and distortion can be used in combo to perform double wall jumps.
    If ganked in top lane distortion can be used to get into the dragon area, and if chased (Such as Tryndamere's Spin or any champion using flash) cast it again to go back into the lane run a small ways down and use flash to escape to the red buff zone.

    If caught in the middle area distortion can be used to go through the teardrop shaped landmass surrounded by bushes then if needed flash can be used to safely get to your nexus area.

Casting Ethereal chains is always a good way to make sure other enemy champions can't catch up to you.

In Extreme Scenarios, don't forget that mimic can give you an extra distortion. (but if that is needed you may want to find some new teammates)
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Team Work

    Team Work is always important no matter what champion you play, but specifically for LeBlanc always try to avoid being the first person into the fight. (unless your trying to setup a trap)

    Make sure you know the kill order so you can nuke the biggest threat first.

    For quick ganking use distortion to go through the wall into the red lizard area (if your up top) or through that wall into the upper lane (if your in bottom) rather than wasting time running around since by the time you need that spell again the cooldown will probably be completed.

    Being a Lure is easy as LeBlanc (as long as the enemy isnt super alert) just have one or both of your teammates stand in a bush near the lanes access point and try to lure the enemy champion over to that area by seeming to be playing stupidly and appear to be an easy kill. Once the enemy comes at you use ethereal chains to slow them, distortion to get a little ways away from them if needed, then have your team move in as they become stunned.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rtucker108
Rtucker108 LeBlanc Guide
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TT LeBlanc

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