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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ireless

Turbokaiser - Never. Lose. Ever.

Ireless Last updated on April 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is my first champion build, and this is the build I usually use on Morde. It has served me to great effect, many instances of taking on the entire enemy team by myself late in the game (A fair fight imo) while my team destroys their base unmolested.

With this spec, you will want to solo lane, no ifs ands or buts, if your team has an Ezreal who wants to carry slap him in the face and troll him until he gives in to you iron (ohoho) will.

This particular Mordekaiser build is more based on the idea of... well. Slaying everything. As such it is a build that focuses both on raw offensive AP and the defense to keep the pain train moving.

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In The Mind of a Master of Metal

Early game, focus on on maxing out Siphon of Destruction asap, this is your ultimate tool in the termination of the enemy team as a whole. Early game mindset should be to focus on putting the fear of you into the hearts of whatever unlucky soul may be in the lane with you, mentally forming a barrier around your character, draw a line in your head around Morde, that is the kill zone, the enemy should never want to be there..

The main idea is to keep your adversary intimated of your presence, whenever they even barely cross that line, hit them with siphon, also use ignite every single time its off cd.. this will both deal lots of damge to the enemy over time, but it gives you 10 AP when its on CD! cause your specced for it! SWEET! When you feel that they have learned of your power and wont be pushing at you any time soon, thats when its time to take on your real early game objective, SLAY THE MINIONS! About 13 minion kills offers the same amount of gold as a hero kill, and lets face it, while the glory of slaying one of the enemy champions is definitely tempting, you are not yet at full power yet, you shall get those kills later when all those dead minions have offered you a hefty sum of currency to fuel your furious metallic rage.

If by some ungodly fail you somehow manage to make some sort of mistake that puts you on bad footing in the laning phase, the strategy is altered a little bit, just as you look like you should have, you have armor, and by god don't you forget it. Your shield bar is your best friend, this is why AP Mordekaisers double as tanks if used properly. The more spell damage, the more shield, the more shield, the longer you last, the more you (and your team) get to slap the inevitable losers around. Anyhoo, the main idea of your defensive strategy is to stay very close to their minions and save your Siphon of Destruction for the moment they decide to attack you, either with a ranged spell or whatever. If you hit a large clump of their minions with your Siphon, your shield bar will be full, absorbing most if not all of the attack. This is also where the hp regen of your first item kicks in, it will over time heal you of all your failures. If you have two already, all the better!

NOTE ABOUT CHILDREN OF THE GRAVE STRATEGY - if youre at half health and the enemy is only at 75% just use it, its a short cd all things considered, and that would more than even the playing field.

tl:dr - be scary, if you fail and get served use siphon of destruction right before they hit you. Then wait it out till your regen yields your salvation.

Around level 12 is the moment that will make or break the game for you, your spells are now at their peak of scaling power before you get the AP to ascend to god hood. This is when you should be your most offensive, really break their balls into pieces, undoubtedly by now all that minion farming has made you insane, use that insanity to do away with you poor, poor opponent(s). Get the kill -> Get the gold -> get more kills -> get an ungodly amount of gold -> team calls for you to get together for team fight, you scoff and take them to the enemy base which is already on fire with that enemy Vladimir everyone was complaining about sobbing in the fetal at spawn mumbling about THE METAL...

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Yeah, theyre expensive, but boy howdy, do they work.

Dodge works with the masteries in your defensive tree to make you a cool guy who doesnt afraid of anything.

Magic pen works wonders for your early game against that natural resist that champions have.

And cooldown for la piece de resistance, CHILDREN O DUH GRAEV. Cause 6 v 4 is best x v x.
and with your boots you will see that the utility tree cannot tempt you with its promises of cooldown reduction.

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The main idea of Force of Nature for me, is the nauseating amount of health regen it yields, especially as your cooldowns become decreased through gear and runes and what not, if you pump out siphon of destruction every cd its up, you will start harassing yourself more than the enemy can what with your shields and whatnot. The MR is just an amazing bonus. and the move speed is also godlike.

Between the speed from you boots and force of nature, you are a pretty fast chunk of spiked metal, between both those and the slowing capabilities on rylais, your presence would herald doom without chance of fleeing.

The moment that you get your deathcap with this build is the moment that seals the fate of the other team, this item will effectively double the AP that you had a moment ago.

Between the hourglass and the force of nature you've got some decent reduction to incoming damage of both physical and magical qualities. When your shield is also taken into consideration, and especially the health stealing qualities of your ult, GOOD LUCK ERRYBODY ELSE.

If the game is not ever by the time you get lichbane, that item will herald the ultimate doom upon the enemies souls, siphon of destruction - autoattack - mace of spades - auto attack, "YOUR TANK HAS BEEN SLAIN, FOOLS."

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The reason I dont take creeping death until its all that is left, is as such, you generate much more shield and damage from the other two skills, the slight armor and MR it gives are nice in a pinch endgame especially when all 5 of their champions are trying fruitlessly to kill you as they choke on giant shards of flying metal circling around your awesome hulking form... but i digress, earlygame the damage is where its at, and mace of spades and siphon are just amazing for it.

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In Closing

Destroy them all my fine metal fellows, and have fun! And let me know what you think perhaps.