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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gabriellah

Turret or not Turret: A guide to turrets

Gabriellah Last updated on September 13, 2013
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Hello. Welcome to my guide on turrets.

A Turret, also called a Tower, is a heavy fortification that blocks the enemy's minion waves and champions' path to the Nexus. In order for a Champion to push forward and continue its assault into the enemies’ territory, the champion must destroy these turrets. Charging minions will not be able to pass any further up a lane until the turret closest to them is destroyed. Turrets do heavy damage to enemy units.
Definition taken from League of Legends Wiki.

In this guide, I'll be teaching you how to utilize your turrets properly, and how to deal with enemy turrets as well. This is my first guide, so please bear with me if it isn't as colorful, image packed, etc. I prefer to go for the content :D If you don't like what you read, please comment and tell me why. Vote what you think the guide deserves. Otherwise, thanks for reading :3
WOAH! Rising guide :D Idk if that's special or anything, but to me it is :D I started this guide to teach other newbies like me how to be a bit better, and it's great that the guide is actually helping other people :D Thank you so much for the constructive criticism all you guys said :3 It really matters. Thank you :D

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Basic Info about Turrets

Turrets deal increasing damage with each hit,so it's recommended not to stay too long in the range of an enemy turret.
Turrets target you at 1095 sight range, or 775 attack range. Familiarize yourself with how far this is by checking out when the turret will attack minions. Destroying a turret will grant XP and 150 gold to each member of the team. You can leave your minions to attack an almost dead turret, as last hitting a turret does not grant extra gold to you. Use the time wisely and farm some monsters in the jungle while waiting.(Note that Twisted Fate and Ashe will gain extra gold due to "Loaded Dice" and "HawkShot" respectively. Avarice Blade will also grant additional gold.)
Turrets count as terrain. Abilities that are effected by terrain are Poppy's heroic charge, Vayne's condemn, and Nautlis' dredge line. Use this effectively and you could condemn an enemy to a friendly turret, and wait for the free kill.
Damage to a turret is based on your base attack damage plus the higher of your bonus attack damage or 40% of your ability power. It is not affected by any kind of armor or magic penetration
Turrets lose 150 armor and magic resistance when enemy minions are in it's presence.
Damage from turrets are decreased by armor, which is why tanks can take several hits from turrets.
The fountain turret, or obelisk, is the most powerful turret. It protects the enemy spawn point, and will instantly kill you in 1 or 2 hits, even with full armor.
Inner turrets are invincible until the turrets before them are destroyed.
Outer turrets have 60 bonus armor at the start of the game, why decay after 4 minutes, and finish decaying an additional 4 minutes later.

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Attack Prioritization of Turrets

Turrets will attack anything within 1095 sight range/775 attack range, and continue attacking, unless the target walks out of range, dies, or becomes untargetable using spells or items. Turret aggro will always switch to you if you attack an enemy champion whilst near the turret. You can run away out of range to stop it from firing at you. The turret will then select a target based on the following list:

1. Closest targetable trap (Example: Shaco's Jack In the Box, Zyra's Rampant Growth)

2. Closest enemy pet (Example: Annie's Tibbers, Le Blanc's Mirror Image, Wukong's Decoy)

3. Closest enemy Siege/Super Minion

4. Closest enemy Melee minion

5. Closest enemy Caster minion

6. Closest enemy Champion

Based on the list, it is safe to attack the turret while the turret is attacking minions. Be careful not to attack a nearby enemy champion however, as this will draw turret aggro to you, and you'll suffer severe damage, which could lead to your death.

Based on the picture above, the turret is just 1 hit from killing the caster minion. There will be no other targets aside from Ashe, therefore the turret will start firing at Ashe.

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Items and Skills that affect turrets

Here are the list of attack modifiers that apply extra damage to turrets

Akali's Twin Disciplines

Blitzcrank's Power Fist

Darius's Crippling Strike

Diana's Moonsilver Blade

Garen's Decisive Strike

Hecarim's Devastating Charge

Jayce's Transform: Mercury Hammer

Leona's Shield of Daybreak

Master Yi's Double Strike

Nasus's Siphoning Strike

Nidalee's Takedown

Rengar's Savagery

Sejuani's Flail of the Northern Winds

Sivir's Ricochet

Shen's Ki Strike

Shyvana's Twin Bite

Sona's Power Chord

Talon's Noxian Diplomacy

Trundle's Chomp

Twisted Fate's Pick a Card

Volibear's Rolling Thunder

Wukong's Crushing Blow

Xin Zhao's Three Talon Strike

Ziggs's Short Fuse
And the items that damage turrets

Lich Bane


Trinity Force

Iceborn Gauntlet
The following abilities are also affected when attacking turrets

Draven's Spinning Axe

Graves's True Grit

Jax's Relentless Assault

Nunu's Visionary

Pantheon's Aegis Protection

Fiora's Duelist

Irelia's Hiten Style

Xin Zhao's Battle Cry

Taric's Imbue

Heimerdinger's passive heals turrets.

Janna's Eye of the Storm can protect turrets.

Meanwhile, check out the "Ohmwrecker" it's a legendary ap item, which grants you 350 health, 50 ap, +15 health and mana regen. But why is it mentioned in this guide?

Because of the Ohmwreckers active, in which it shuts down a turret for 2.5 seconds. Imaging the damage you could do on a turret with this, (though it has a 120 second cooldown) you could be using Fiora, and burst of speed the turret, sustaining minimal damage and bringing it close to death without the help of a minion wave. You should definitely check out ohmwrecker if you're the type to turret dive, since the active can shut down the turret and allow you to burst your enemy.

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Turret Diving

Okay. Now that we have the basics out of the way, let's move on to turret diving. Turret diving is "diving" or moving in suddenly into the turret's range to kill an enemy. This has to be executed properly, or you could be severely hurt, or killed. The key to turret diving is to look at yourself, and the enemy you are about to dive. Is your health low? Is the enemy health low? Does the enemy have cc? Do you have a gap closer? (A gap closer is a skill that will quickly close the gap, or quickly bring you to the enemy's location. Examples are Shyvana's SS, Garen's Q, basically anything that'll give you a speed boost) When you dive the turret, take into account your enemy's skills as well. Does the enemy have a hard CC (crowd control) spell that can slow or stun you? Examples of these are Lux's Q, Ashe's Q, Vayne's E, so on and so forth. These skills can possibly be your undoing. Remember, you are facing two enemy's when you turret dive. The turret, and your potential kill. You could be stunned, and absorb damage from the two units, and probably die.

Okay, Gab. I got it. CC, gap closers, what else yah got? Well, take a look at your champion and item set. Are you an ADC? A support? A tank? These will affect your decision, of course. Tanks, or champions with tons of health, are suited to tower dive as they can absorb a whole lot of damage from the turrets. Of course, tanks don't have as much damage as other roles, so they should be prepared to get hurt quite a bit if they don't know how to turret dive properly. AD carries have tons of damage, but pretty low on health. So it would be better if you finish off the target quickly, and get out of the range of the turret before sustaining too much damage. Remember, you can also use your skills to get out of the range of the turret quicker after securing the kill. (I've died one time too many to turrets that I could've escaped with the use of a skill.) Utilize your skill set and champion properly, and your turret dive will be successful.

Here are some situations when to turret dive and when not to.

When to Dive:

When the enemy is low on health, and you are high on health.
When you have a stun and you can take him on with only the turret inflicting damage on you.
When you have a team mate with you
When you have a team mate ganking from the opposite side of the turret
When you have a heal ability or a shield ability that can guarantee your escape
When the enemy is level gapped from your level
While the enemy is recalling
While minions are keeping the turret busy. At least this will prevent the turret from attacking you while you approach the enemy.

When not to turret dive

When you are low on health, and the enemy has higher health. Even if you are a hypercarry, this is not recommended. The chances of your death is too high, and the resulting death could lead to a level gap, which would be bad since you're the carry.
When the enemy has a hard CC such as a stun, and you're not confident you can take him on.
When the enemy has an approaching team mate. (WARDS SAVE LIVES)
When you are level 1. (You are a new born baby. Give it time, you'll grow up to be a turret diving maniac at higher levels.)
When you have a slow movement speed, with no gap closers or CCs.

Basically, be smart. Don't be aggressive too much, or you and your team mates will suffer from your stupidity. Don't be greedy either, be patient and wait for the perfect opportunity. Don't throw yourself into the turret range and not be able to land a hit on the opponent. That's stupid, and you'll lose a ton of health, since you gave the turret a free hit. (Also check out the section above for info about the "Ohmwrecker" an item that shuts down turrets for a while.)

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Turret Hugging

Here we can see 3 champions near an enemy champion. Note the one red champion. He's right next to his turret. That is called "turret hugging" the act where you stay close to your turret in order to have a backup in case a fight occurs. Turret hugging will give you an additional damage inputter, and will kill an enemy doubly fast.

As you can see, Sivir is hugging a friendly turret. Note Janna's level and Sivir's level. There is a huge level gap of 2 levels, and Janna's health is 3/4 full. Janna has the clear advantage here, since Sivir is just 1-2 hits from dying, and even though the turret is assisting Sivir, she has no hard CC to use on Janna, so Janna can easily net the kill. Also, the minions of Janna will move on to attack Sivir, in case Janna does die (which isn't likely) and probably kill Sivir for Janna. The situation is tipped in janna's favor.

Here are some factors to take into consideration on when to turret hug.

When the enemy is converging on your turret without any minions to protect it. Be careful with ranged champions, as they can harass you at a safe distance without threat of being hit by the turret.

When several opponents are coming to your location.

When you are low on health and holding the lane until a team mate arrives

While you are recalling. (Much better to recall in a bush next to a turret or a bit farther away from the turret, as enemy's can turret dive you.)

So yes, that concludes Turret Hugging. Of course, turret hugging won't always help you. Some enemy's are willing to die in exchange for your death, especially if you're a teemo. (Global taunt OP) Just take comfort in the fact that they could've prevented their death, but chose to ignore the threat and net the kill. Be sure to hit the opponent before you die though, or else the turret will get the kill and you will get no gold at all. Note that the more hits an enemy takes from a turret, the more health will be decreased. (First hit: 1 health, second hit: 3 health, so on and so forth.)

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Farming under enemy turrets

Whenever you push your lane to the enemy turret, be careful of how close you get to the turret. Never give free hits that you can avoid. Take note of the turrets range when it attacks your minions, and always be wary of how many minions you have left so that you can safely run away before running out of friendly minions. Farming enemy minions under turret is no easy job. The turret will add pressure and a time limit to how long you can farm, so don't be ashamed to run away if you feel threatened.

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Farming under friendly turrets

Farming under friendly turrets have their pros and cons. You may get XP faster, but the turrets obviously last hit minions a lot harder than you do. This can be frustrating, and lead to a loss of gold over time. However, you can prevent this by :

For Melee Minions- Wait for the turret to hit the minion twice, then auto attack it once.

For Caster Minions- Wait for a hit, then auto attack.

For Siege minions- Wait for the health to be as low as possible, then autoattack. Use a skill if you are uncertain about whether your autoattack can kill it or not.

Try staying near your turrets when you recall. It'll provide protection, and XP from killing minions while you are waiting for your recall to teleport you back to the fountain.

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Thanks for reading :D

So, that concludes my guide about turrets! If you think I missed any details about turrets that are important, then please don't hesitate to comment. Upvotes are appreciated, and if you wanna downvote, at least tell me why in the comments. This is my first guide, so. I'm no pro. I just have common sense. (Somewhat) So, kudos. Thanks for taking the time to read.


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