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Twisted Fate General Guide by 0blit3rate

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League of Legends Build Guide Author 0blit3rate

Twisted Fate - A Simple Beginners Guide

0blit3rate Last updated on January 11, 2012
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Hello, My name is 0blit3rate. As Twisted Fate being one of my most played and one of my favorite champions. I thought I would make my first guide about Twisted Fate, The Card Master. In this guide I will show you my way of playing Twisted Fate. This is a fairly basic guide. Please read on, and enjoy. I hope this helps you.

Change Log:

January, 11 2012: Changed Trinity Force to Frozen Mallet

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Pros / Cons

- He can dish out TONS of damage
- He has great late game power
- Good movement speed combined with Pick A Cards Gold Card allows you to chase down enemies easy
- Can solo most champions if played correctly
- Destiny (Ult) Allows you an easy escape

- Very squishy
- Not a good pusher
- No healing abilities

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Some Good Strategies

- A good strategy with Twisted Fate, Auto-Attack, instantly cast Wild Cards then Auto-Attack, this will allow for tons of damage with Wild Cards while getting the fast Auto-Attacks right off of casting Wild Cards.

- What many people don't know while facing Twisted Fate is that he has a stun, The Gold Card. If your opponent is coming off as a threat or is just outplaying you. Use pick a card and make sure you get the Gold Card, then the next card you throw at your enemy will stun them for a small amount of time, this will give you just enough time to use the Auto-Attack, Wild Cards, Auto-Attack.

- One of my Favorite Twisted Fate strategies. Using this strategy will confuse your target, allowing you to escape from almost any fight. It's very simple, His ult. Twisted Fates Ult allows you to teleport half way across the map, at any location you choose. Allowing you to flee from any fight.

- Now i'll cover ways to use Twisted Fates ult. It can be used for thing's other than escaping, for example, your enemy is running away, he has low health and You can't catch him. Just use Destiny (Ult)to teleport in front of him to ambush him and take him out.

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Twisted Fate is a great farmer, you can pick up a lot of gold. You will usually be hogging all the minion kills to yourself, due to your items giving you the attack speed/damage edge. Using the Wild Cards to hit a large minion wave will give you a large amount of gold over a small amount of time. Try to hit up mid, for the higher level and gold amount so you will be a threat to your enemies. Or try to play with a friend and just have them support you and let you farm. This is also a good strategy for farming. Also, you can get most of your items early on if you farm correctly.

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Team Fights

You usually will not be the carry as Twisted Fate, so in team fights you will usually want to stay in the back just dishing out damage. Trying to take down your enemies with your team as fast as you can. If you attempt to tank a team fight or just be too agressive, it usually won't work your way. You will most likely get taken down fast.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust - Using exhaust will let you chase down your enemies easier, making it much more difficult for them to escape. I recommend this for Twisted Fate.

Ghost - Using ghost is sometimes useful, but I would not recommend it. Considering Twisted Fates already fast movement speed allows you to chase down your enemies. Also Twisted Fate already has a great escaping strategy so there is really no need for this.

Ignite - Ignite is the one I recommend most, if they're running away at low health, or you just need that damage to help you win the fight. Overall this is my most favorited summoner spell for Twisted Fate.

Flash - Flash is a fairly decent spell for Twisted Fate, being able to teleport over walls or catch up to your target in a fairly easy way. Or if Destiny is on cooldown, this could be useful.

Overall: I spent a decent amount of time experimenting with twisted fate, and while using many different combinations of summoner spells. I found that Exhaust/Ignite combination was most useful. These are what I found work best for Twisted Fate.

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The Runes I have chosen work well with this built, covering a wide range that will support this build well. picking 3 flat damage quintessences making you deal a slightly larger amount of damage. Then choosing 9 Marks of Greater strength, all of which are largely increasing your Damage output. Then 9 Seals of flat attack speed just so you can put out that damage a bit faster. Then some health glyphs. Now your most likely wondering why health? I thought this was DPS. It is, this is the only health part of this whole build. You see, getting these health glyphs will help you more than you think. As I have mentioned, Twisted Fate is a very squishy champion. These health glyphs will allow you to be a bit more agressive.

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Item Purchases

I have chosen the items I have chose for a good reason. Berseker Greaves give you the attack speed, basically the only reasonable boots other than Boots of Swiftness, which you really don't need. Phantom Dancer for the attack speed you need early on in the game, and the critical strike chance, and movement speed. Now Madrids Bloodrazor is a great item, It carries both attack speed, and Damage. Which is what this build is all about. Same goes for The Black Cleaver, attack speed and high damage. Now Infinity Edge is going to give you A LOT of damage, along with critical strike. SIDENOTE: By the level of 18 your Twisted Fate will have 70% chance of hitting a critical strike. Now by the amount of damage he gives your critical strikes will hit for a lot. This item was Trinity Force before I changed it, I've changed it to a Frozen Mallet because, i've come to realize this build doesn't have as much durability as it needs to survive 1vs1, so i've given a frozen mallet because it gives you that little bit of damage, and 700 health! Which will help more than you think!

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Twisted Fate is in no way built to jungle. If you attempt to jungle early, you are basically committing suicide, but ganking on the other hand.. he is very much capable of. One very important thing about ganking to keep in mind about Twisted Fate is you should always make sure they don't know you're coming. Make sure you have your gold card prepared for combat before you get there, so your first attack will stun them. Then you can continue to dish out the damage.

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Unique Skills

Pick A Card: Pick A Card is a unique skill to master, try memorizing the color pattern, Knowing exactly when to stop the cycle of colors. If you master this, you will have a slow, a stun and a mana pot on your hands.

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Thank You

Thank you for reading my Twisted Fate guide, I hope it helps you. If you have the time I would really appreciate some feedback in the comments. Thank you and Goodluck on the battlefield summoners. I hope you read my next guide to come soon.


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