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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tvgood4u

Twisted Fate: AP and Survivability

Tvgood4u Last updated on May 7, 2011
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Hello all, welcome to my AP Twisted Fate build that promotes survivability and great burst damage with Wild Cards. The full build promotes nearly 3000 HP, a milestone not able to be achieved by most people. Please forgive me for this is my first guide and I am free to all ideas that can help me. I have no idea how to make those smexy icons ._.

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Pros / Cons

Great Survivability
Very Good Pushing Power
Great Early Game Dominance
Great Burst Damage
Short Cooldowns
Nice CC

Targeted Alot
Difficult To Master
People Queue Dodged Because I Wanted To Play TF Before =(

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Summoner Spells

I would take Ghost and Flash. Twisted Fate is targeted a lot in Team Fights so you have to be able to run away. Ghost and Flash also give you the little pop you throw your gold card and devastate the enemy.

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For Runes, I use these

Magic Penetration Marks, Magic Pen can make your AP skills hit max damage in early levels and promote more damage later on.

Mana Regen Seals, Twisted Fate has a few mana problems early on and these will help him lane longer.

Cooldown Reduction Glyphs are ideal for almost all rune pages. Never a bad thing.

I use Ability Power Quints. AP builds need AP right?

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Usually what I do is start out with a Doran's Ring, 100 HP, 15 AP, and 5 MP regen every 5 seconds is too good to pass up.

For boots, I would usually go with Sorcerer's Shoes, Magic Penetration is great. Feel free to replace this with Mercury Treads if the enemy team is heavy on CC.

(Optional) If I am confident, I usually pick up a Mejai's Soulstealer. This badboy gives 8 AP per stack stacking up to 20 times, plus the base AP which is 20, it totals 180 AP. At 20 stacks it gives 15% Cooldown Reduction, very good for spamming your skills.

My third item would be sheen. This is pretty much the whole base of AP TF. Killer passive that doubles your damage after using a skill and note that TF's cooldowns are VERY short, this passive with stacked deck will destroy the enemy.

The Sheen will be upgraded into Lichbane, 80 AP, 7% movement speed and the same passive are essential to AP TF.

This is where the survivability comes in. As Twisted Fate, you tend to be targeted a lot. You have tons of CC and your opponent will dislike you. Rod of Ages is my favorite item here. 80 AP with 630 HP at 10 stacks is GODLY. You will suddenly have more bars of health over your head and it will be harder for them to kill you.

My second half of survivability is also part Utility. Rylai's Crystal Scepter is great. It is pretty much the AP counterpart to the Frozen Mallet. 500 HP and 80 AP is never bad. The passive synergizes with wild cards and gives your Pick a Card skill and little oomph to the CC.

By now you should have sold your Doran's Ring. Make a Rabadon's Deathcap to top the cake. 150 AP plus 30% of your Total AP will noticeably increase your damage and pushing power.

If you didn't bother to get Mejai's and the game lasts forever, I would personally pick up a void staff. 40% Magic Pen will make tanks feel you there.

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Early Game

During this time, you should go mid. Hold the lane and get last hits like anybody would do. Harass the enemy and prevent them from getting minion kills.

During this time, you should use blue card to last hit minions. Great Damage and MP Regen.

Use Wild Cards to kite the enemy. Wild Cards can hit about 100+ at rank two or three. The enemy will be harassed like crazy and your mana will pretty much never run out with blue card and mana regen runes.

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Mid Game

Mid Game for Twisted Fate begins the moment you hit level 6. Get your Stacked deck to 2 or 3. Lock in Gold Card and search for a gank. Destiny and Gate into the brush so they would not see you. Throw your gold card and stun the enemy. Your teammates should hop in and kill the enemy with you. After this, rinse and Repeat. Help your team destroy towers while maintaining your own lane. Make sure to gank frequently.

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Late Game

By the time late game begins, your wild cards should be able to destroy whole minion waves. Gate to the lanes and begin to push. Break towers for your team and you will be praised.

In Teamfights, repeatedly lock gold card and spam Wild Cards to chop down the enemy team. If you targeted, simply flash out and fight in the back. If the going gets tough, just gate away.

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AP TF is one of the best farmers in the game if not the best. Wild Cards can kill whole minion waves which give about 160 gold each. Pushing for your team is never a bad thing either.

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Well I find Twisted Fate a very fun champion. Very unique and not many good ones are out there. This guide shall give you the Damage to push effectively and HP to Survive in Team Fights. I will be updating this build frequently. Please Vote and pick a card.