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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vave

Twisted Fate: Cheating Death

Vave Last updated on January 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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I recently picked up TF again and with the nerf to TF's attack speed several months ago, I find that my previously used AD build to be quite subpar. I hit hard, sure, but that doesn't mean anything if I hit hard every second, but still die near instantly if even somewhat focused. But with an attack speed build, I found that I could hit somewhat hard twice every second and end up doing more damage then the DPS build and with the increase in use of tanky champs, Bloodrazor has become a much better item.

Why Should I Play Twisted Fate?

-Twisted Fate is one of the 2 characters who utilizes a global teleport to anywhere and his is much faster in comparison to the other (Pantheon).
-His ganking potential and map control abilities are enormous.
-He's one of the few characters who can constantly spam stuns.
-Is able to hit the CD reduction cap without any items thanks to his innate CD reduction from Stacked Deck.
-One of the most efficient backdoors in the game.
-Can turn 2v2s into 2v3s quickly.

-His DPS output, depending on the opponent, is often times weaker than dedicated DPS such as Ashe, MF, Tristana, etc.
-He is rather squishy and can be brought down fast if focused.
-Locking in Gold Card on the fly can be hard in the midst of a battle.
-His only escape ability, aside from Flash, is his ultimate.



Simple, you're aiming to get the most out of your masteries. A 15% cooldown reduction to your summoner spells is MASSIVE in comparison to a measly 5% damage. Also points in improved Flash so we could use it more and Utility in order to keep Red/Blue buff as long as possible, as it's possible to hit the CD Reduction cap on TF without utilizing any CD reduction items.


I'm utilizing a general set-up for Twisted Fate. Magic Pen Reds in order to utilize Bloodrazor, Sword of the Divine, and Stacked Deck's proc to the fullest, flat CD Reduction Blues in so I can hit the CD cap easier, and Health Quints/Dodge Seals in order to make early game much easier.

Summoner Spells

Teleport may seem redundant because of Destiny, but it allows you to jump back into action during the laning phase and beyond, while also making you the most mobile champion in the game. Going bot and pushing all the way, teleporting to top to push, Destiny back to bot, etc.

Flash is extremely powerful on Twisted Fate. Allowing you escape that gank early game, catch up to a fleeing champion in order to Gold Card, positioning yourself better during Team Fights, dodging that Nidalee Spear or Blitz Pull that would've killed you, etc. The possibilities are nearly endless with this spell.

Item Explanations

Berserker Greaves - People frequently look down on these boots simply because they give attack speed, while every other boot gives stats that, more or less, aren't present on other items. But what they don't realize is TF needs all the attack speed he could get for as low as possible. Getting Mercury Treads isn't going to save you from a 5-man gank. Sorcerer's Boots do allow you to hit harder, but at the cost of hitting less AND having to buy more items in order to make up for the attack speed difference.

Madred's Bloodrazor - Very powerful item and what allows you to hit hard. With the remnants of the tanky meta still roaming around, you're going to find yourself fighting guys with huge amounts of health. The innate attack speed and armor aren't too shabby either.

Sword of the Divine - Hurts a lot when combined with your proc, plus massive amounts of attack speed. Always good. Getting this proc and 2.0 attack speed basically translates to an extra 255 damage every 2 seconds.

Last Whisper - We're going to be auto-attacking, so we might as well buff up our auto-attack damage as high as we can for as cheap as possible and this is the best option for that.

The game should end by this point, but if you're still playing, feel free to pick up the following:

Banshee's Veil - Incredible item that will save your behind many times. 100% immunity to abilities every 30 seconds is almost mandatory on someone as squishy as TF. Also helps when 1v1ing mages.

Frozen Mallet - Gives massive health and a constant slow. There's almost no champion that will escape you once you obtain this.

Black Cleaver - Nullify their armor further. Hit harder. Self-explanatory.

Actually Playing TF

To start off, let someone else mid. Contrary to popular belief, TF is a weak mid in comparison to champs like MF, Ashe, or Trist. If possible, take a lane with someone who has a stun. Taric, Kennen, Sion, Panth, etc. are all good lane partners.

Start out with a Doran's Shield and Health Pot. You're going to find that you're extremely squishy and Doran's Shield will help out a lot with the constant harassment going on during the laning phase. For this portion of the game, your Stacked Deck proc will hurt, so try to harass your opponents with it as much as possible. Gold Card whenever you see any opportunities arise. Laning with someone who has a decent stun at this level, like Sion or Pantheon, will almost always net you first blood. Once you hit level 6, always be aware for any team skirmishes going on and jump in while locking in Gold Card.

Heading into midgame but before you get Madreds, you will notice a drop in your damage. This is when you are at your weakest. Avoid fights as often as possible and farm up. Dragon and jungle as often as possible. If team fights occur, just spam Gold Card on high priority targets. Once you obtain Madreds and Sword, you will be far more powerful and contribute loads of single-target damage to team fights. Ask your team to get Red Buff and top yourself off with Elixirs. You should hit the attack speed cap or be very close to it. People WILL underestimate you 1v1, but throw a Gold Card at them and watch as they try to run away while you throw a bajillion cards at them.

Lategame will be affected by how you utilize Destiny. Using it while they're down one champ while pushing to gank that one in the jungle or when they are all mia to check Baron are good examples. Push as hard as possible, as you'll be extremely mobile and almost immune to ganks due to Destiny and Teleport. Ignore what people say and backdoor if possible. You're one of the best champions for doing so.

I Love These Guys!

If you get a chance, lane with these guys. It will make your experience early game that much better.

Sion, Pantheon, anyone with a stun and nuke - These guys will almost guarantee first blood. A double stun to the enemy team's squishy is devastating and will injure them greatly, if not outright kill them.

Taric - A slightly weaker laning partner due to his lack of damage, but his heal and stun will allow you to lane pretty much forever.

Shen - Turning any fight from 2v2 into a 2v4 is hilarious. His taunt will also set up for early game ganks and harassment much easier.



-Learn how to lock in Gold Card. This sets the difference between good and bad TFs.
-Before going ganking or interfering with fights, always lock in Gold Card.
-Remember you have Sword of the Divine when fighting Jax.
-Always Destiny to where you think the enemy team will run away, in order to block them off.
-Don't be afraid to waste Destiny if the entire enemy team has been mia for a bit.


-You never want to be the first one into a team fight, or even the second, or third. In fact, attempt to go in last. This will ensure the enemy team will be too disorganized or spread to focus you down.
-Spam Gold Card. A lot.
-Don't spam Wild Card. It will drain your mana extremely fast. Only use it if it's life/death.


-Push hard and push fast.
-Remember, you have Destiny and Teleport if things go south.
-You're extremely mobile. Use it to your advantage. Carry around wards and place them in key locations or spots you could tele to later to push.


This is just my personal preference on playing TF. Obviously, it won't work for everyone. I won't say that this is any better than playing him AD or AP, this is just an alternative for anyone who wants to play him in a different way.