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Twisted Fate Build Guide by xxxaidenlynnxxx

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xxxaidenlynnxxx

Twisted Fate-Death so Squishy

xxxaidenlynnxxx Last updated on September 29, 2011
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Ah, good ole annoying Twisted Fate, one of my all time favorite champions. At first glance he seems like an awful champion. You play him a few times and you realize that he is amazing. He is one of the squishiest ranged i have ever played, if he gets slowed or stunned by an enemy champion chances are your dead. Thus why his rage with his card throwing skill is decent, allowing you to hit some one from a good distance as to avoid being hit back.
Now if you want to know which lane to go into, either mid or lane with some one else depending on how well you play tf. If caitlyn the rifle sheriff girl is mid, you should avoid that if you are not pro as tf. Her high damage and long range will squash you like a despicable insect.

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As always i have stacked up on armor pen and attack speed. Why? because tf is amazing with armor pen and attack speed. He is one of the most amazing ranged people (in my oppinion) and benefits the most from attack speed. And since normally he does not pack that much aof a punch the armor pen will come in handy. Trust me.

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Now there are two really good ways to go with tf. You could either max out hi offense tree, or his utility with a blend of other trees specs. I personally use the utility tree as i think it helps him the most. As you all know tfs passive allows any one who kills anything an extra 2 gold. That isnt alot when you look at it but it helps a bunch, mix that with the utility trees gold boost and the item that builds ghostblade and you will be making money fairly quick. And we all know how money is awsome.

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Tf is very soft, easy to kill and hard to solo as. Well thats before items come into play.

Now this is the build you should buy in order:

Sword of the divine-Start off by buying a dagger. This will boost your attack speed more and allow farming to go by faster and help with lane control. Save up as much as you can after that and try to buy it outright. But if you are having trouble buy the other item needed to build it which is a crossbow. Once you have put points into your stacked deck, you deal a extra amount f magic damage every 4th attack. The same is with the sword of divine, except its gives you a 60% attack speed boost. yay attack speed :P

Boots of Swiftness- I never buy any pair of boots for tf except boots of swiftness. It is amazing when trying to run for your life from melee fighters or tanks. Also, once you are killin people left and right they will try and run from you. This is also another great thing of boots of swiftness. They make you fast :P.

Youmuus Ghostblade- This item only gives you a little boost for attack, but it also gives reduced cooldowns and armor pen, with a little touch of critical chance (i never really build for crits) and is all around a great item for twisted fate. This plus the armor pen runes will make you one heck of a beast.

Madreds Bloodrazor- I dont care who you are, this weapon is awesome on any ranged/melee character. This item will boost your attack speed further, give you a little bit of armor but make a big difference in your attacks. It may not boost your attack damage by much, but every hit takes 4% of the targets max health, dealing it as magic damage. So basically, im not sure though, it bypasses armor and magic resist to deal that 4% health dmg.

Blood Thirster- Even though tf is hybrid, it always benefits best to not worry about boosting his ap. I have seen many ap tfs fail all game, but attack power tfs usually rock your socks off. So i wouldnt worry about hextech gunblade with this guy. Blood thirster will give you that extra edge for putting out more health and healing yourself from some damage. Though tf tends to be so squishy that this little boost of life steal isnt enough to help survive when your being dived by a tank.

Black cleaver- The icing to our build, the last final touch. This boosts your attack speed, even though its only 30%, since you have already boosted your attack speed like crazy, this will actually boost it pretty high. Not to mention that extra 50 damage is appreciated.

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Skill Sequence

Now, the most important spell you have to activate, is your w. Now your ultimate helps alot as well, but not in battle when you have to focus. Your w allows you to pick from 3 cards that will float above your head. When ever you hit w again you get one of the cards, so timing is everything. Blue is great when your running low on mana. Hit some one with that and it will refund you mana equal to the damage you did. Also this is good against people with low magic resist. Red does small burst damage which is great on minions or when your running from 5 champs, because that burst also slows down what ever is in the aoe. Yell does bonus damage and stuns.

Yellow/Gold card will be your best friend. Early game you can draw people int your turret or traps and stun them, leaving them doomed. Also if you stun someone n the middle of a fight then they can not cast spells or move, or hit. This is the best card you have because the attack speed and damage you have stacked thus far will come into play when you throw yellow. Yellow will also give you time to run, or heal yourself with life steal while attacking.

Now tfs ultimate allows you to reveal all enemies on the map, even ones stealthed, and in the next few seconds allows you to teleport a decent distance. This is great for setting up ganks, getting past turrets to get last hits, and many other things. I have sometimes used it as a escape from doom. If you have enough health you can cast your ulti in a fight and tele away before you die, but be warned if you are stunned during tele it will fail.

So if in a fight this is how i would do it:
Auto attack, w=yellow, w=red, w=yellow, w=blue. thats if you have enough time before they run or you die. so basically stun, then slow them that way after stun they can not run very fast to escape then stun, then red, but if your mana is low stun then blue.

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Summoner Spells

Once again im bringing heal to the table. Now bring what ever you want, but if your in a team fight nad your not doing so well and neither is your team,and you know you are about to die, make yourself useful, heal your friends and hope for the best. I would also use flash or ghost. Ghost helps more when trying to get that last kill, but flash helps more during escape.

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So all in all, squishy but very deadly. His ability to tele behind an enemy with his ulti gives him the element of surprise. With boosted attack speed and damage you will drop people like ******ed flies. Just remember with tf if you get first hit, and are at a good distance your chances are much better. If you do not get first hit and you are to close to the enemy then you are most likely dead.

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Pros / Cons

high dps
great escape artist
great ganking skills
great debillitator
great support
great carrier when played well

super duper squishy
trying to build armor or survival items with tf makes him awful

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Team Work

Tf is great with team member. If laning with some one like gangplank, you will surely do well if you both play your champs well. In team fights his ability to stun and slow are a great asset, and his passive benefits the whole team. In the end he is just awesome.

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Farming is easy as tf. His boost in gold plus the the runes and masteries i chose will lead you down the path of moolah, as long as you do not go jungling. If you go jungling before tf is decent level you will die alot and fall behind. Jungling with tf is always a last resort. Just stay your lane, kill all minions that move and play smart and youll be rich in no time.