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Twisted Fate Build Guide by Quron

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Quron

Twisted Fate - Dps / Ap / Hybrid

Quron Last updated on July 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hey Summoners,

Welcome to my Twisted Fate guide. Please read my guide before giving negative comments or giving thumbs down.
Suggestions and advices are always welcome!! Please leave them below.
Thanks and have fun reading.


    Twisted Fate Dps Build
    Twisted Fate AP Build
    Twisted Fate Anti-tanks/Hybrid Build

To all the new players of Twisted Fate, these are just some of the many ways you can build your card-master. This is a build for somewhat experienced players but don't be afraid to give it a shot even if you are not familiar with Twisted Fate.

This build shall be all around pushing lanes, helping your teammates to push, being hard to catch,and being a pain in the *** for all your enemies.
(Isn't that what Twisted Fate is all about??)

I recommend this build if you have a good map-awareness.
But later on that subject.

Abbreviations used in this guide:
- AS: Attack speed
- LS: Life steal
- MS: Movement speed
- CR: Crit ratio
- MA: Map awareness

- WC: Wild Cards
- PaC: Pick a Card
- SD: Stacked Deck
- DY: Destiny

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Which Twisted Fate is the right one?

I really can't tell you which is the right one for you. You need to look for your deeper self.. (naaaah just kidding :p)

Here some info to help your decision:

If you are looking for a champ that hits fast, hard and kills fast, i recommend the Dps version.
(Icon 1)

Looking for high burst damage? Go and try the AP build
(Icon 2)

If you are looking for an all around champ with Ad and Ap, give Hybrid Twisted Fate a test run..
(Icon 3)

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Runes for Dps

At early game, Twisted Fate is a VERY squishy champion(So keep that in mind).

- For Marks and Quintessences I go with Armor Penetration

These are very important for your lifesteal combined with your damage output. More damage -> more lifesteal -> more laning and less dieing.

- For Seals I go Health/lvl runes.

You might wanna go Mana Regen/lvl but I recommend this only when you are going for Hybrid or an AP Twisted Fate.

- For Glyphs I take standerd for all Twisted Fate builds, flat Magic resist for more lane-staying and survivability.

I think it speaks for itself..

Runes for AP

- For Marks and Quintessences I go with Magic Penetration

You want to damage your enemy as hard as you can: Mag Pen help you with this.

- For Seals I go Health/lvl runes.

You might wanna go Mana Regen/lvl but I recommend this only when you are a machine gun of ability-using or don't want to waste time with blue cards.

- For Glyphs I take standerd runes for spellcasters: flat cooldown reduction or /lvl cooldown.

Runes for Anti-tank/Hybrid

- For Marks and Quintessences I go with flat attack speed

You want to damage your enemy tank as much as you can: Attack speed is very vital.

- For Seals I go Health/lvl runes.

You might wanna go Mana Regen/lvl but I recommend this only when you are a machine gun of ability-using or don't want to waste time with blue cards.

- For Glyphs I take standerd runes for spellcasters: flat cooldown reduction or /lvl cooldown.

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Dps build

- Increased attack speed

Because you want to damage all the time..

- Increased armor penetration

You want to damage as high as you can..

- Increased cooldown reduction

And you want to stun and teleport as much as you can..


- Increased Magic penetration

Because you want to damage as hard as you can..

- Reduced cooldowns

And you want to damage, stun and teleport as much as you can..


- Increased Armor and Magic penetration

Because you want to damage as hard as you can on Ad and Ap..

- Increased armor and mag res

You want to stay alive as long as possible to be helpfull to your team.

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Items Dps/Anti-tank

The following chapter is all situational and is different in every game.

Laning fase:
Like almost every DPS build, you want to start with a Dorean's blade.
If u want some extra AS you want to start off witha dagger and a health potion. A dagger is a good starting item because it can be build into a lot of items you were going to buy later like Sword of the Divine, Malady or a Zeal.

If you are your team's mid champ, you also might want to start off with vampire scepter for more lane-staying and survivability.

Why do you ask?
- Mid is a vital lane in pushing fase
- Leaving your lane gives your counter champion ganking possibilities or you just give your enemy some free farm.

!!!NOTE: The last 4 items are all optional in cause of your enemy team!!!

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Skill Sequence

I start off building up SD and PaC beacause these are your main tools in the game as a Dps Carry. SD doesn't give you just some AS, it also gives you extra damage for farming minions faster. You want to get lvl 2 as fast as possible so you can stun, slow and regenerate your mana by your wishes.

Keep your skillpoints away from WC as long as possible therefor you are a AD champ and WC only does Magical damage.

Remember: you can be very vital in your lane by stunning and slowing your enemies for your partner to get some kills early in the game. Don't worry you'll get yourself some kills later in the game.. :)

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells I take standerd chasing and escaping spells:

Ghost: Fate has a poor 450-500 running speed and this one here comes very handy when chasing or escaping champions.

Flash: Twisted has the element of surprise with destiny. Flash is a good replacement for your surprise attacks. It's also very handy for escaping from lost battles or escaping ultimates likeFiddlesticks orNunu or long range attacks fromNidalee orCaitlyn as you try to escape.

Other spells u might want to use:
(in order of frequency)

Teleport: backdooring and switching lanes at lightspeed
Clarivoyance: Checking for possible ganks, throwing your Wild Cards and map awareness
Cleanse: For escaping your enemies.
Heal & Clarity: You want your teammates to stay alive with everything you can. So heal and clarity are good for supporting your team.

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Pros / Cons

- Very flexible champion
- Global teleport with global Clarivoyance
- A lot of CC with stuns and slows
- Self-Mana Regeneration
- Major damage output(if played well)

- VERY Squishy, one of the Most Squishy Champions in the game
- Usually focused
- Weak against heavy Burst/CC teams

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Team Work

Twisted Fate is a very squishy champion, tough he is a great initiator. All you need is one little mistake from one single enemy. Stun your enemy with your Gold Card, and before you know, he has been disappeared from your mini-map.

During teamfights, u want to hit them all or focus on one single target. Therefor you need to have a Red Card or a Gold Card for each way. Your Red Card will do good AoE damage while your enemies are slowed, making it very hard for low health champions to escape your full speed team.

While focussing on one specific enemy, or finishing off the last remains of what your enemy team used to be, use your Gold Card for the stun and your team will get an easy ace

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Unique Skills

Twited Fate is just one massive unique skill. I'll explain hes skills together with some tips and tricks i've learned by playing him.

Second Sight

Twisted fate and hes allies recieve an additional 2 gold per kill

Twisted Fate's passive is a great gold bonus for your team when farming minions & jungling. The extra cash comes in very handy so you can out-buy your enemy team in items. Use this extra money for something the whole team has an advantage from:


Wild Cards:

- Far range attack for last hitting
- Great for farming minions
- Multiple targets

Pick a Card:

Blue card

    Good magic damage
    Mana regeneration

Red Card

Used for:
    Chasing an enemy or let your team catch up
    Clearing waves and farming minions
    AOE damage in theam fights

Gold Card

Used for:
    Chasing an enemy
    Prevention of hit/death
    Stunning and disabling

Stacked Deck

    Extra magic damage
    Additional attack speed
    Reducing your cooldowns


    Ganking of course
    Map awareness with global clairvoyance
    Switching lanes at high speed
    Discovering possible gankers
    Escaping OP enemies
    Catching up with enemies like
Blitzcrank, Miss Fortune, ...
Discovering escaped enemies

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Twisted Fate has some awesome farming skills.
->-> Basic attacks

Most of the time, when you are clearing large minion waves, you usually combine Pick a Card(Red Card) with Wild cards to maximize your damage output. After that, it's just last hitting and collecting the cash.. ("\($.$)/")

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Zone Control and Warding

Zone Control

Zone control is very important, but because not a lot of people know what it is or how to use it in your advantage. Thats why I learned a lot from this video. It's surely the effort to watch it.


Warding is very important, I would say even more improtant than knowing zone control. Warding is a very under-used aspect of the game. I know some of you are warding the map every game, but because not a lot of people know what it is or how to use it in your advantage of winning the game. Underneath you can see all the thypical warding spots. this are also the spots where you will get ganked or where you will place your wards to prevent getting ganked.

You can easely your map-awareness by:
- Placing wards
- Calling Misses ASAP
- Know your team's possiblities
- Jungler presence
- Etc.

As you can see there are 18 wards(+2) placed on the usual ganking spots. This can be extended by warding the sides of the river in mid lane for possible misses of the top and bot lane. Warding increases your map awareness and of course, gives you more zone control.

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Work in Progress: Laning Partners

Here will come some of the less good/good/great laning partners for Twisted Fate

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What can Twisted Fate do?

This is an example of the skills to survive with Twisted Fate.
(The last kill was kind of lucky)

Conclusion: ALWAYS got a Gold Card ready..

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Conclusion: Protect your team by protecting yourself..

ALWAYS got a Gold Card ready..

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Tips 'n Tricks

Wild cards have a really long range: u can harras under turret or get last hit of an enemy.

Blue card does extra Mag Dmg with high AP

Use your yellow card to cancel ultimates of:

Fiddlesticks (canceled)
Nunu (cancel no damage done)
Malzahar (Interupted)
Galio (cancel no damage done)
Janna (stops blowing)
Katarina (ultimate stops)
Shen (he will stay at his position
Vayne (she will stay visible)
Urgot (stunned after switch)

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My experiences

Top Achievements:
- 11 buildings destroyed (9 by backdooring)
- Largest Killing Spree: 15
- Multikills: 1 Penta and 2 quadra's
- Best KDR: 20/3/6

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Guide Log


    Edited the item purchase of DPS
    Added additional info to "Tips 'n Tricks"

    Tips 'n Tricks

    Twisted Fate Ap Build
    Twisted Fate Anti-tank/hybrid build

    "Zone Control and Warding"
    "What can Twisted Fate do?"

Made the(temporary) finishing touches

Created the Guide

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What shall I add later?

I will try to get some footage of:

    Laning fase
    Taking the mid lane
    Tips and tricks
    How to increase your map awareness by warding
    Many more

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Ending Note

This guide isn't a long one. This is a guide for players who are seeking another way of playing Fate. I added my way. Fate really twists the fate of the game at your hand if used correctly, however I see many people failing to play a succesfull Twisted Fate.