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Twisted Fate Build Guide by unfitg0d0fwar

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League of Legends Build Guide Author unfitg0d0fwar

Twisted fate DPS build

unfitg0d0fwar Last updated on January 15, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Intro for Ad/Dps build

Twisted fate is a very viable Ad character, but without lifesteal he doesn't have much survivability. This build's aim is to combine an AD build but give it some marks into dps to have more survivability. Tf is considered a late game champion and with this build is stands out much more, not saying you won't do well with it early game but don't expect anything because of him being a late game champ.

This is possibly the only build that builds in probably an odd manner but it's for good reason.

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The way i have the runes setup is to kinda give tf an advantage for the build.It stays true to the build this way. It sacrifices practicality for an all in for just this build. The main focus is to get a massive amount of damage but also to get attack speed and some health because tf's health is rather low at end game.

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I went for a full 30 points into attack because it will help cooldown on exaust do more damage to minions for your farm, and you get lifesteal and some armor pen.

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Summoner Spells

I choose flash and exaust, really you could choose ignite depending on your playing style as they help stop incoming auto attack damage and lifesteal. Flash is the best spell to have because you can use it defensively and offensively to get out a yellow card.

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You typically want to start out with a vampiric scepter because it allows you to stay in lane for a much longer time than boots and pots plus you can build into is later game and still have the survivability carry over to later game.

-Beserker's greaves: you need these for their movement speed and also for the attack speed bonus

-Madred's: you need this item for 2 reasons; one you get attack speed and 2 you get damage, but as a bonus you get madred's passive which is great against tanks.

-Stark's: this item is used for its attack speed and also it builds from the vampiric scepter beginning game it also adds more lifesteal for better survivability.

-Black Cleaver:this item just like madred's adds attack speed and damage, but also like madre
s adds some armor penetration, which is why in the runes and masteries armor pen isn't necessary because of this item.

-Bloodthirster: this item is more of a late game item and adds to the survivability and damage that we are looking for in a dps build

-Infinity Edge: this is the last item even though this build is cheap late game once you get this with baron buff you will have about 385 attack damage

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Skill Sequence

Usually i take his q first depending on who you're laning against because it has a superior range to most ranged champs other wise get his e ability first if it is a melee champ because tf is ranged champ.

once you get all skills you're gonna want to max out his e first then get his w once then max out his q

for his ult you can use it to support or gank sometimes you can use it like clairvoyance and catch a lot of champs out of position and be able to kill them

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Tf is widely considered better to be AP i beg to differ simply because of how well he scales late game.

He has more survivability late game and hits like a truck, the only problem is that he has really low hp late game which is why having lifesteal late game is good because it counteracts his aweful hp. If you play this build remember its mean't to be a late game ad/dps carry nothing else, also he wrecks turrets and farms well late game when he has about 150 attack speed.