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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mr.Pinchy

Twisted Fate Got to Try

Mr.Pinchy Last updated on November 5, 2010
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My 3rd build already and this time it's Twisted fate's turn.

This is my ultimate Twisted Fate hybrid build.
It combines attack speed + ability power.

Summoner Spells:
Mostly i pick Ghost and Flash, but other combinations are possible to.
Flash is a good 1vs1 fight initiator, make sure you got your're gold stun card, Flash and then stun the enemy champion and start harassing/killing. It's also a good escape mechanism, like flashing through walls.
Second i often pick Ghost, for chasing / escaping, especially when you want to gank someone with Destiny and there running off.
Other possible spells are: Teleport, you might think isn't this a bit to much because TF can teleport already where he that aint true, the comination of having Teleport and Destiny let's you push turrets very well, gank champions or entering teamfights, but i only pick Teleport when no else or only 1 friendly champion in my team picks it. Ignite might come in handy to, i use it whenever i can, just keep harassing.

Rune Explanation:
Greater Mark of Magic Penetration for some magic penetration, you're hybrid so Wild Cards needs to do some damage.
Greater Seal of Mana, to let all you're mana problems disappear. Especially early game you may have some mana problems, but more of that in Ability Explanation.
Greater Glyph of Mana for even more mana, mainly so you don't have to recall that often early game, if you play safe and start with 1 Health Potion and use youre blue card to regain some mana everything should be fine.
Greater Quintessence of Health for some health to make you less squishy at start. 3 times this rune gives you almost +100 health.

Ability Explanation:
The Cardmaster's passive is Loaded Dice, it gives you 2 extra gold no matter what you kill.
Wild Cards will become an important spell late game, you throw 3 cards in different directions in front of you, dealing damage to anything that passes through, best of all is that it has a long range.
Pick A Card, this is a difficult ability to master, when you activate it once you can choose between three different cards, a red card: deals damage around the target, increases when you have more attack damage, but this isn't an attack damage build so it's not the most important card, although it's good minion farming at higher level. Blue card: Deals damage and restores the damage done back to twisted fate as mana, this will become you're most important spell early game, no more mana problems together with the +mana runes. Gold card: Deals half the base damage of the Blue and Red card and stuns you're target for up to 2 seconds.
Stacked Deck is a passive ability, every 4th attack deals additional damage, in addition upgrading this spell will increase you're attack speed by up to 30% and decreases cooldown by up to 15%.
Destiny is Twisted Fate's ultimate, good ultimate to gank, to ruin enemy ganks. It allows you to see enemy champions for up to 6 seconds, during that time you're able to teleport anywhere on the map.

Skill Secuence:
I start off with Wild Cards, just for some harassing, at level 2 pick Pick A Card, the best thing to do when you dont want to get out of mana and still want to harass is to throw Wild Cards first, and then pick the blue card from Pick A Card, keep repeating this on low level. You pick Stacked Deck on level 3, that's an option yes, but the best thing is to pick this ability when you're starting to get some attack speed, and that will be the boots so around level 4 - 6. After you got Destiny, only upgrade Wild Cards, then Pick A Card and after that Stacked Deck, ofcourse you pick Destiny on level 11 and 16.

Item Explanation:
Berserker's Greaves: more attack speed makes the passive of Stacked Deck more usefull, BUT if you're fighting against some tanky champions that bought some magic resistance, then i suggest you get Sorcerer's Shoes.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter: of course the health and AP on this item is nice, but whats also good is the passive, it let's you chase down enemy's very well. This is the first item you want to buy after the boots, mainly because of the extra health what makes you less squishy.
Guinsoo's Rageblade: Give's you some attack damage and ability power, after attacking 8 times with auto attack you're attack speed will increase by 32% and ability power by 30%.
Malady: this item is recently changed, before it had lifestealing, now it doesn't, instead it gives some ability power what makes it an excellent item for this build. Because of the passive Wild Cards will deal more damage when you auto attacked a champion a few times.
Hextech Gunblade:... i know, i know this item also has attack damage, but if i would make an attack damage build you would have seen B. F. Sword passing by. Attack damage is not the main reason that i buy this item, the spell vamp + lifestealing makes this item so important, ofcourse i agree the attack damage is still nice, but besides that Hextech Gunblade also gives you an impressivly 75 AP, and don't forget to activate the active.
Nashor's Tooth: this is gonna be you're last item, if you still got mana problems you might considering to buy this earlier, 25% cooldown reduction to spam Wild Cards even more.
Other Items:
Last Whisper: If you're fighting against champions that have alot of armor, only buy this for the armor penetration, attack speed is nice but only buy Last Whisper to shred you're opponent's armor.
Madred's Bloodrazor: Same as Last Whisper, only buy this because of the passive, if youre fighting against champions that have quite a high health pool...this is the solution.
Sword of the Divine: The passive of this item is the same as Twisted Fate's Stacked Deck, also if you activate this item you gain 30 armor penetration and you're attacks cannot be dodged, maybe you want this when you're fighting against Jax, or some other tanky champions who bought Ninja Tabi.

Play Style:
Twisted Fate is quite squishy so be carefull, Wild Cards has a long range...use it, don't go to far because you don't want to miss any xp.
Early Game:
Start with buying a Doran's Ring and 1 Health Potion.
I prefer to go solo mid, so if you're teammates agree then go ahead. Just harass you're opponent now and then and make sure you use the blue card from Pick A Card when possible. Normally i have around 1900 gold when i recall for the first time, sometimes more, sometimes a little less. Buy Berserker's Greaves and maybe Giant's Belt for Rylai's Crystal Scepter, after you got Berserker's Greaves you pick Stacked Deck the first time you level up.

Mid Game:
Teamfights become inevitable, dont use the red card from Pick A Card, it does some AoE damage and a slow effect but as TF you want to focus more on 1 champion, use the gold card instead for a 2 second stun and some damage. When enemy's champions are trying to escape, gank 'em with Destiny it requires some good coordination. Teleporting in bushes won't help, they can see you.

Late Game:
When you have more items, you auto attacks become more important, with some attack damage, high attack speed and around 300 AP you're a real hybrid. Wild Cards will do some serious damage. Keep in mind, when you have Teleport to push turrets, don't hesitate to use Destiny to destroy the last turret before you can totally vaporize their inhibitor. Stay cautious all the time, you have around 2500 health, and no armor, magic resistance what so ever. I suggest to replace Nashor's Tooth with Last Whisper or Madred's Bloodrazor if they got some good tanks.

Attack damage TF: Is a nice way to chop down enemy's quick, but you're ability's are a bit useless, they only thing that's important is you're auto attack.
Ability power TF: Is more fun the attack damage TF, but once you're ability's are on cooldown you're pretty much screwed, auto attacks won't do anything against enemy champions.
Hybrid TF: to be of the most fun champion build to play, this build makes you less squishy and a better survivor. If you like TF, try this build...i'm sure you like it.

comments and votes are much appreciated
Thanks for reading, check out my other builds to.